Alexandra Benjamin Krosney is an actress and voice actor from the United States. During the first season of the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, she played Kristin Baxter.

Recastings of Last Man Standing have a long history. According to USA Today, the Tim Allen-starring sitcom was quite popular with viewers, spanning nine seasons and even surviving an ABC cancellation until Fox jumped in and took it up. 

Nevertheless, there were several instances throughout the program where characters must be replaced with different performers for various reasons.

On June 11, 2012, news broke that Krosney had been removed from the sitcom for unspecified reasons. Krosney appeared on the 24 episodes of the first season before she was replaced from season 2 forward, and Amanda Fuller replaced Krosney to play the character. 

What could have been the reason for Krosney to leave such a role? Read along to know. 

Rumors said Alexandra Krosney left the show due to her boyfriend

When Krosney quit Last Man Standing in 2012, rumors circulated that she did so because of her boyfriend. When it was discovered that the actress had actually been fired owing to “creative disagreements,” the rumors were eventually proven false.

After knowing that she didn’t even have a boyfriend then, it was confirmed that the actress leaving the show had nothing to do with her boyfriend or anything personal. In fact, the show makers had other reasons to replace the actress. 

Alexandra Krosney was replaced for creative reasons

According to an exclusive 2012 Closer Weekly report, Krosney was replaced in the role of Kristin Baxter for creative reasons. 

The age difference between Kristin and her son Boyd in Season 2 was very noticeable. ABC allegedly said at the time that the age change allowed them to change the family dynamic on the show.

Fuller, who would continue to portray Kristin for the rest of the series, took over for Krosney. Over time, Fuller assimilated into the Last Man Standing universe, but she acknowledged that some fans were upset by the reshaping.

Although fans may periodically bring up the casting change, the show moved on. However, many fans expressed their disappointment on social media. 

“It’ll never happen, but I’d LOVE to see the original Kristin and Mandy, Alexandra Krosney and Molly Ephraim, brought back for this last season… Especially Krosney. I still adore her in Season 1,” one fan tweeted.

In 2012, another fan tweeted, “I hate it when they recast characters on TV shows! Replacing Alexandra Krosney on #LastManStanding was NOT a good idea! #NotHappy.”

Some fans were so upset and rude that they turned on the new Kristin, aka Fuller. 

“Everyone has their set mind of what that character is. They’ve already met them and got used to them. You have to earn the audience’s love and respect, and that can be a process sometimes. It’s a hard thing to do, but for the sake of the show and the love of the work, it’s totally worth it,” Fuller told Hidden Remote.

“You have to take everything with a grain of salt and try your best, hoping they aren’t too harsh to you, which they can be,” the actress remarked. 

“We live in the age of social media, when everyone has a voice and isn’t afraid to use it. Cyberbullying and other improper actions are prevalent. I’ve had enough of practice with it.”

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