We’ve all heard that 7 people in the world look alike. Well, for Timothy Olyphant, one of his look-alikes was right in his work industry. 

The actor has found his doppelganger within Hollywood, and the amount of times they get mistaken for each other is just out of imagination. And no, the Hollywood stars aren’t related.

Olyphant is often mistaken to be actor Josh Duhamel and vice versa. Of course, Duhamel is the attractive actor best known for his roles in the Transformers films and his time spent with his ex-wife Fergie.

At the same time, Olyphant is best known for his work on the TV shows Justified and Deadwood and his role as Drew Barrymore’s zombie husband on Santa Clarita Diet

Now that both actors are in their 50s and sporting a substantial amount of DILF gray in their hair, fans noticed that they resemble one another quite a bit.

Timothy Olyphant’s mother mistook Josh Duhamel for her own son on a Christmas card

Olyphant, who is five years Duhamel’s senior, and his countryman have such a similar appearance that at one time, not even his mother could tell them apart! The actor shared in an interview with Conan O’Brien that he knows these fan emotions. 

The 53-year-old described how he once had his doppelganger pose for a photo with his family and then used it to fool his mother in response to the question of how frequently he was mistaken for Duhamel.

The actor said, “He did my family Christmas card. He posed with my family, and we sent it out as my [christmas card], yeah!” 

“We’re at the Dodger Stadium for a charity event, and there he is! And we’ve never met. Anyway, I say, ‘Hey, my whole family is here. Would you take a picture with them?’ And he very kindly obliged,” he continued. 

Olyphant continued by describing how his mother proudly hung the photograph on the refrigerator without realizing it was Duhamel standing with her son’s family.

Timothy Olyphant’s brother had to reveal to their mother that he was not her son

“So all I know is, right around the holidays, my brother calls me from my mom’s place,” the actor continued in the interview.

“He says ‘I’m here at mom’s. And your Christmas card’s on the refrigerator with all the holiday cards. And mom’s saying, ‘Doesn’t everyone look great?”

Olyphant’s brother finally told their mother that the person on the card was someone else. To which she responded, “I thought he looked taller!”

It’s not only his family member that thinks they look alike. Many fans worldwide have posted on social media about how the two actors look so much like each other. 

“It’s getting kind of hard to tell josh Duhamel and timothy Olyphant apart and I’m a little mad about it. Can we discuss?” one user wrote on Twitter. 

Furthermore, a lot of other fans also showed similar responses. Olyphant and Duhamel grew close due to that interaction, even if they only communicated through annual holiday card exchanges.

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