The star of HGTV’s Home Town, Ben Napier, is a woodworker, author, and entrepreneur with a degree in history who embraces a passion for preserving and renovating historic homes. He grew up with three siblings. 

His parents were both ministers, and he was also a minister. He was laurel’s First United Methodist Church’s youth minister. He resigned in 2014 to hone his woodworking skills and focus on his businesses with Erin, Laurel Mercantile Co., and Scotsman General Store.

His father, Wayne Napier, is a pastor who retired from his church in July 2017. Similarly, Ben’s mother, Bennie Napier, is an accomplished seamstress. Ben got his name from his mother.

Ben once admitted on Instagram that he comes from a family that doesn’t prioritize health until it’s essential. As a result, his father underwent emergency bypass surgery one month before his 60th birthday in 2014. Ben has since begun to prioritize his and his family’s health.

In an Instagram post for Father’s Day, Ben referred to his father as his first style icon, the first person who taught him how to build something, the man who gave him his first tools, and his favorite preacher.  

Additionally, Ben shared a throwback picture taken with his mother on Mother’s Day, saying that his mother is the woman who taught her a little bit about a lot of things in his life. Along with Ben’s parents, he is also close with his three siblings.

3. Jesse Napier

Jesse Napier is Ben’s younger brother. Ben’s sister-in-law Erin has previously described Jesse as a crazy polite gentleman on her blog. Jesse graduated from Jones County Junior College in 2018 with an associate’s degree in business administration and management. 

Likewise, he worked as a shop foreman for his brother’s Laurel Mercantile Company before becoming an account executive at Eagle Transportation LLC.

After leaving those jobs, Jesse worked as a carpentry associate for RTR Media before landing his current position as a shipping coordinator at Morgan Brothers Millwork.

2. Tom Napier

Ben’s second-oldest brother, Tom Napier, is undoubtedly the one with whom he spends the least time. The brothers spend less time together due to their hectic schedules, not because of a family feud or drama. Nonetheless, they regularly speak on the phone.

Moreover, Tom was described as the hot-tempered, unbearded Napier brother on the Erin blog. He was also an early riser who aspired to see the world from behind the wheel of a Peterbilt.

1. Sam Napier

Ben has an older brother named Sam Napier, who graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, where he studied mathematics and psychology. Later, he enrolled at the University of Southern Alabama, earning a master of science in pure mathematics in 2006.

Ben Napier with his three brothers Jesse, Tom, and Sam Napier

Ben Napier with his three brothers Jesse, Tom, and Sam. (Source: Instagram)

After completing his education, Sam continued to spend a significant amount of time in classes as a Math professor, passing on his knowledge to the next generation.

He had been married to Lyn Napier for over 20 years, but Lyn was diagnosed with Lupus. Sam also has two daughters, whom he adores and who supported Lyn throughout her illness.

Despite leading a fairly private life, Sam received a special birthday shout-out from Ben on Instagram in October 2021. He wrote, “Do you know what today is? Uncle Sam’s birthday has arrived!! My only older sibling. It also looks good in our flannel. Wish him a happy birthday!”

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