Danica Dow is the former cast member of Vanderpump Rules, who initially joined the reality show along with other SUR staff members Charli Burnett and Brett Caprioni. 

Dow is the restaurant’s youngest assistant manager in West Hollywood, California. However, she finds it difficult to separate her personal and professional lives because she works with all her friends and ex-boyfriend.

The SUR assistant manager has 28.7k followers and 123 posts on her Instagram account. She usually posts photos of herself in various designer outfits and poses. She recently celebrated her 28th birthday with her friends and shared the pictures on Instagram.

Danica Dow in ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Dow has appeared on Vanderpump Rules since season eight, which aired from January to June 2020. She had a complicated relationship with Brett Willis. Willis was not featured on the show, but he was on set because he works at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant.

The SUR assistant manager claimed Willis was threatening her and stalking her, but her ex-boyfriend told a different story. According to The Blast, Willis filed legal documents alleging that Dow was abusive to him throughout their relationship.

Danica Dow is accused of choking ex-boyfriend Brett Willis.

Danica Dow is accused of choking ex-boyfriend Brett Willis. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, cast members witnessed Dow’s violent behavior during filming. The SUR assistant manager was also seen pushing her ex-boyfriend. Dow’s previous behavior led many viewers to believe that the recent allegations were true.

And perhaps that was one of the reasons why Dow wasn’t a part of Vanderpump Rules season 9. However, as this reason isn’t confirmed, why did Dow leave the Bravo TV show?

Why Danica Dow left Vanderpump Rules? 

According to TMZ, Dow has left the show. She has not stated why she left the show, but it was likely due to her toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Following the completion of filming, a series of dramatic events occurred off-screen.

According to The Blast, Dow has been granted a temporary restraining order against Willis. She claimed in legal documents that “when I wasn’t home, they broke into my house, and he used scissors to cut all of my clothes in my closet and left threatening notes.”

Likewise, she asked the judge to order Willis to stay 100 yards away from her, her home, and her vehicle, citing his history of being physically and verbally abusive and having threatened her multiple times previously. Dow also requested that the order be processed as soon as possible for her safety.

What is Danica Dow doing now? 

According to Dow’s LinkedIn, she left SUR in March 2021 after nearly three years at the restaurant. She is now an event sales manager for the Boujis Group. 

As of 2022, Dow has a new home and has officially left West Hollywood. On October 12, 2022, she took to her Instagram handle to upload a picture of herself hanging out in a doorway while wearing a matching tie-dye outfit in shades of blue, purple, and green.

The SUR assistant manager captioned the photo, “She’s a valley girl again. I’m looking forward to this new chapter,” along with a house emoji.

Following the post, one user asked if she had moved to which Dow replied, “yes from West Hollywood to the Valley! Only 15 minutes apart.” 

More on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Vanderpump Rules is known for its explosive relationship drama, with the first season revealing a complicated four-person cheating situation involving betrayal, BFFs, and a lot of back and forth.

The subsequent seasons have kept the tension high, adding various new, hot young things, including fan favorite Lala Kent, keeping things interesting. The show has a total of nine seasons now, with it being renewed for a tenth season in May 2022.

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