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How Old Is Kirsten Titus? Everything about the TikTok Star



How Old Is Kirsten Titus? Everything about the TikTok Star

Kirsten Titus is an uprising internet star who came into the limelight through her comedic rants and other content on TikTok. On that platform, she goes by the username of pepperonimuffin.

With the help of those videos, she has managed to garner more than 7.9 million followers and 749.2 million likes on her TikTok handle. Additionally, she boasts over 831,000 followers on her Instagram handle.

How old is Kirsten Titus?

As of this writing, Titus is 24 years of age, but she will turn 25 later this month. Born in 1997, she celebrates her birthday every year on September 29.

The TikTok star was born and raised in the suburbs of Hawaii. And as per her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Libra. She is an American by nationality and Hawaiian by ethnicity. It’s also been reported that she is half White and half Filipino-Japanse-Korean.

As for the question of “Is Kirsten Titus a Mormon?” the answer is yes. Besides, on May 19, 2019, she mentioned via an Instagram post that she lived in Las Vegas for 18 months and “served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

The other part of her caption read, “I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’ve seen it change the lives of those around me, and I’ve seen it change my own. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity I had to share His love everyday for year and a half.”

Kirsten Titus’ family: parents and siblings

Titus is quite private about her family life and hasn’t shared much about her parents. Nonetheless, it has been reported that her father is an American and her mother, a kindergarten teacher, is an Asian.

Apart from her parents, she has two siblings; a brother named Jacob Titus and a younger sister named Erika Titus. While her younger sister is also an internet star, little is known about her brother.

Kristen Titus and her younger sister Erika Titus at the premiere of Disney and Pixar's 'Turning Red'

Kristen Titus and her younger sister Erika Titus at the premiere of Disney and Pixar’s ‘Turning Red’ (Photo: Instagram)

Still, some reports say that he graduated from the University of Florida. As for Kirsten’s education, she initially went to Utah Valley University before transferring to Brigham Young University in her sophomore year. 

On December 29, 2021, she announced her graduation via Instagram and wrote, “I GRADUATED!!! Bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a double minor in Psychology and Non-profit Management. What do I plan on doing with this degree? Absolutely nothing.”

How tall is Kirsten Titus?

Titus reportedly stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches or 1.67 meters and weighs around 50 kg or 116 lbs. Similarly, her body measurements are 38-25-36 inches, and her shoe size is 5 (US).

Kirsten Titus once broke up with her boyfriend via Spotify

When the social media star studied at Brigham Young University, she met her now-former boyfriend, Wyatt Hall. The duo eventually connected and began dating.

However, their relationship was short-term, and they broke up after a while. And Titus parted ways with Hall by creating a Spotify playlist with different songs from different artists.

The songs she chose were ‘I Am’ ‘Kinda Lovin’ ‘Someone Else’ ‘But’ ‘We Can Still Be Friends.’ Her choice of breaking up with her partner was even featured by BuzzFeed featured on April 9, 2017.

As for who she was “kinda loving someone else,” the details about that are yet to be disclosed. Furthermore, whether or not she is currently dating a boyfriend is also unknown, and she might be single.

How much is Kirsten Titus’ net worth?

Many of Titus’ fans already know about her status as a well-established internet star, thanks to her TikTok and YouTube videos. Due to that, she often collaborates with multiple brands. In addition, she has her merch line, which further supports her financially.

But many might not know about her other profession. As per her LinkedIn profile, she has been working as a part-time live graphics operator at BYU Broadcasting since August 2019.

Similarly, she has previously served in different positions at other companies, such as Village Capital, BYU Museum of Art, and Kinetic Productions Hawaii. That said, it must be sure that she has been earning well to support her fashionable lifestyle.

So, what’s her net worth? Per reports, Titus has accumulated a healthy net worth of around $1 million. And considering her growth, the figures might increase in the upcoming years.

Kirsten Titus’ flashing picture on her Instagram story briefed

A couple of months ago, on April 23, 2022, Titus went to the Coachella Music Festival alongside her friends. And like everyone else, she was having a blast while enjoying the whole vibe of the festival.

Kirsten Titus posing for a picture at the 2022 Coachella Music Festival

Kirsten Titus posing for a picture at the 2022 Coachella Music Festival (Photo: Instagram)

But it seemed she enjoyed it quite a bit more, which resulted in her taking to her Instagram story to share a picture in which her privates were flashed. After that, fans filled her Instagram DMs, and when Titus realized what happened, she deleted that story.

In the flashing picture, she was wearing a short miniskirt that intently exposed her thighs from the side. But in the photo she posted on her story, she had revealed more than she intended, possibly due to a wardrobe malfunction.

A couple of days after that incident, she posted a TikTok video with the overlay text, “show you and show your last mistake.” The last mistake she showed was her wardrobe malfunction, but the exposed privates were covered up in the video.

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Brian Kleinschmidt’s Wikipedia: Age, Tattoo and Net Worth

Brian Kleinschmidt is working on renovating and creating a home with his lovely wife, Mika Kleinschmidt.



Brian Kleinschmidt’s Wikipedia: Age, Tattoo and Net Worth

Brian Kleinschmidt is a professional builder and developer from Tampa Bay. He is mostly known for his appearance in HGTV’s reality show 100 Day Dream Home, where he partners with his wife, Mika Kleinschmidt, to build their client’s perfect homes.

Together, the couple are real estate experts who have been showing some impressive work in 100 days or less. The show has aired for a total of four seasons with great reviews.

Since there is no Wikipedia account dedicated to Brian, let us serve this article as one. Find out all you need to know about him in this article.

How old is Brian Kleinschmidt?

Kleinschmidt was born on 30 April 1982 in Tampa, Florida, making him 39 years of age. Growing up in a major business city in Florida, he was exposed to a dynamic environment that fueled his entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.

Brian Kleinschmidt with his wife Mika Kleinschmidt

Brian Kleinschmidt with his wife Mika Kleinschmidt (Source: Instagram)

He is the son of father Kevin Kleinschmidt and mother Ellen Kleinschmidt, whose previous professions are currently unknown. Coming from a privileged background, he received a quality education, attending a private school for his early years of learning.

As he advanced in his education, Brian’s curiosity and passion for learning led him to pursue higher studies at the University of Central Florida.

Brian Kleinschmidt has a high combined net worth

Brian’s net worth cannot be differentiated from his wife, Mika, as they venture together on the journey of building homes for many. They have made significant strides in the world of home construction and reality television, leading to a combined net worth of $1.5 million.

One of the sources of income for Brian and his wife is their reality program, where they showcase their expertise in building homes within tight timeframes.

The show highlights their ability to complete construction projects in 100 days or less, which has garnered them a loyal following and increased their popularity.

In addition to their television earnings, the couple also generates income through commissions earned from constructing houses for their clients.

As their popularity continues to grow, it is reasonable to expect that Brian and his wife Mika’s net worth will increase in the future.

Professional builder Brian Kleinschmidt tattoos

In addition to his successful career, Kleinschmidt possesses striking physical features that add to his overall appeal.

Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet and 3 inches, he commands attention with his tall stature, exuding confidence and a commanding presence.

Brian Kleinschmidt mentions he wanted a HGTV tattoo

Brian Kleinschmidt mentions he wanted an HGTV tattoo (Source: Instagram)

His captivating appearance is further enhanced by his distinct features. With his mesmerizing brown eyes combined with his brown hair, he accentuates his charm and charisma to fans.

While there is no mention of tattoos at present, his fans are intrigued by the possibility of him adding some ink to his body. His physical presence undoubtedly complements his thriving career and amplifies his overall appeal to fans and admirers alike.

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Cleo Rose Elliot Wikipedia: Know Everything from Net Worth to Relationships

Cleo Rose Elliot is a professional actress and musician whose initial cause of fame was her high-profile parents.



Cleo Rose Elliot Wikipedia: Know Everything from Net Worth to Relationships

Cleo Rose Elliot is a popular American actress and musician. However, she is mostly known due to her celebrity parents, Sam Elliot and Katherine Ross.

Both her parents are veteran actors who are renowned in Hollywood and have an impressive portfolio. Although she has an established career, she doesn’t have a Wikipedia account dedicated to her.

Well, this article will serve as her personal Wikipedia as we discover her personal and professional life. Let us find out more about her achievements, including her net worth and personal life.

Cleo Rose Elliot’s Wikipedia

Elliot was born with the full name Cleo Rose Elliot on September 17, 1984, in Malibu, California, United States. As discussed previously, she was born in a very established household of actors.

Her father, Sam, is a professional actor who has been working in the entertainment scene since 1966. His recent appearances include the musical drama A Star is Born and the American drama miniseries 1883.

Cleo Rose Elliot in her punk rock era, flaunting her purple hair

Cleo Rose Elliot in her punk rock era, flaunting her purple hair (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, her mother, Katharine, is also a veteran, working in the industry since 1962. She is mostly known for her role as Francesca in the soap opera The Colbys.

The actress has four other step-fathers due to her mother’s previous four marriages. She is the only child in the family and doesn’t have any siblings.

With her parents being from an acting background, she has been interested in acting since young. She also took acting lessons early in her life.

Cleo Rose Elliot has experienced a downfall in her career and net worth

Following the controversy of her stabbing her mother with scissors in a fit of rage, Elliot’s career has been in a steady decline. Previously she had a net worth of about $1.5 million, which she earned from her successful career as a singer and actress.

Her solo song No More Lies was a hit, which gave her a new name besides being the daughter of successful actors. However, following the controversy, she has had a few gigs, making her net worth decline to less than a million.

Although her strenuous relationship with her mother is now stabilizing, we cannot say the same for her career. However, we do see her from time to time making red-carpet appearances.

Cleo Rose Elliot doesn’t have a husband but is in a happy relationship

Elliot is currently in a relationship with actor, comedian, and musician Jacob Rosenbaum. The exact date of the start of their relationship is unknown, but their pictures are dated back to 2022.

The couple is happily in love and often posts pictures of themselves, wishing each other birthdays and going on dates together.

Cleo Rose Elliot with her boyfriend Jacob Rosenbaum

Cleo Rose Elliot with her boyfriend Jacob Rosenbaum (Source: Instagram)

Previously, Elliot was in a great relationship with Randy Christopher Bates, a professional cyclist. The couple were very public about their relationship since the start in 2013.

They were also engaged in 2018 and were preparing for marriage. But something went wrong in the relationship, causing them to break up.

American actress/musician Cleo Rose Elliot has an impressive height

The daughter of the iconic Hollywood couple Sam and Katharine stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches. In addition to her noteworthy height, she possesses other distinctive features that contribute to her overall appeal.

She has beautiful blonde hair that frames her face, giving her a radiant and youthful look. Her stunning brown eyes also bear a striking resemblance to her famous father, Sam, known for his rugged charm and legendary acting career.

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Aya Tanjali’s Young Age Isn’t Stopping Her from Road to Fame

Aya Tanjali has already got tremendous accomplishments at such a young age.



Aya Tanjali’s Young Age Isn't Stopping Her from Road to Fame

Aya Tanjali is a social media personality with huge followers all over social media. Be it Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, she is everywhere, with a huge following.

Tanjali has been able to reach such great heights online at a very young age. She is greatly popular for her relatable yet comedic content.

Her quirky and comedic nature draws more and more people to know more about her. Let us find out more about the internet personality’s personal life.

How old is Aya Tanjali?

Tanjali celebrates her birthday on April 25 every year. As per age, the internet personality is currently running 16 years old.

Aya Tanjali celebrating her sixteenth birthday

Aya Tanjali celebrating her sixteenth birthday (Source: Instagram)

She posted about her 16th birthday bash on Instagram, which confirms she was born in the year 2007. This makes it even more surprising how she has risen to her fame at such a young age.

Aya Tanjali’s parents are away from social media

Although Tanjali’s life is filled with the glitz and glamour of social media, her parents are quite the opposite. They do not have any traces of social media presence, and we do not know much about them.

Although some personal details, like their names, are unknown, reports state that her parents are from a well-settled Christian household. The social media personality was born in Austin, Texas, which makes her American.

As per sources, Tanjali’s ethnicity is African-American, which could mean one of her parents belongs to African descent. Furthermore, there is also no information about her siblings on the internet.

 Aya Tanjali’s height is less than 5 feet

Tanjali is known for her unique appearance, and one aspect that often captures people’s attention is her height. At the moment, she stands at a petite 4 feet 11 inches (1.52 meters).

However, she is just 16 years old, and her height is subject to change as she goes through the natural growth process during her teenage years. In addition to her height, she weighs approximately 47 kilograms (103 lbs.)

While her physical attributes, like her height and weight, are notable, her overall appearance is often accentuated by her beautiful brown eyes and black hair. However, despite her unique appearance, she has faced some controversy due to her seemingly adult-like demeanor, causing concern among her fans.

The incident of her celebrating her 15th birthday in a club raised eyebrows and led to questions about her maturity level and the circumstances surrounding the event. Regardless, as she continues to grow and mature, both physically and personally, it will be interesting to see how her appearance and public image evolve.

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