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Astrological Encounters: ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Cast Zodiac Signs Revealed

Love is said to be blind but stars tell a different story.



Astrological Encounters: ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Cast Zodiac Signs Revealed

Love Is Blind season 4 has utterly captivated us with its rollercoaster of emotions, heartwarming connections, and a whirlwind of romantic endeavors.

As we watched four (technically five, if you count a dramatic breakup and partner-switching) couples get engaged, one question lingers: can these star-crossed lovers withstand the cosmic test of time? Enter astrology to unravel the mysteries of love.

Now, a flurry of marriage proposals later, the binge-worthy emotional triage of the latest season has brought us to a critical juncture with five couples, each navigating their unique journey through love’s labyrinthine passages after the season’s end.

So, join us as we dive deep into the astral realm, examining the celestial signatures of our favorite Love Is Blind cast members to see if the stars hold the key to their romantic destinies. 

Zodiac signs of ‘Love is Blind’ Season 4 cast

Amber Wilder: A resilient Capricorn

Wilder is a bold and straightforward Capricorn who wastes no time cutting to the chase. A sea goat with unwavering determination, she pulls no punches and tolerates no foolishness, especially from those enigmatic Libras.

Amber Wilder was a part of the main cast in 'Love Is Blind'

Amber Wilder was a part of the main cast in ‘Love Is Blind’ (Source: Distractify)

When faced with the charms of brooding Peden, her response embodies every person who has experienced heartbreak and rejection. With a steely resolve, she refuses to sugarcoat her emotions, declaring, “I don’t like empty platitudes.… ” 

It’s a moment of raw honesty that resonates deeply with anyone who’s ever faced a similar situation. Amidst the tears and emotional turmoil, she stands tall as a resilient Capricorn queen.

Bliss Poureetezadi: A relationship-oriented Libra

In the enchanting realm of the Love Is Blind Season 4 cast, we encountered Poureetezadi, a relationship-oriented Libra born on September 30.

Bliss Poureetezadi tied the knot with Zack Goytowski while they were on the show

Bliss Poureetezadi tied the knot with Zack Goytowski while they were on the show (Source: PEOPLE)

With her sweet demeanor and cupcake-baking skills, she exudes the signature qualities of an apex Libra – her doe-eyed charm and an innate ability to draw animals to her fingertips, akin to a Disney princess. 

Her endearing nature naturally garnered support and affection from viewers, making her an instant favorite. As a Libra, she thrived in the pursuit of harmony and beauty.

Brett Brown: A Scorpio with piercing intensity

Brown is a signature Scorpio, known for his penetrating side-eye and intense aura. For Scorpios, vulnerability doesn’t come easy, and his emotional guardedness justifies the depth of his feelings. 

During the heart-revealing conversations, it’s no surprise that he would feel heated and emotionally invested when Pennywell appears to be casually napping through his heartfelt confessions.

Brett Brown is a design director

Brett Brown is a design director (Source: Women’s Health)

Scorpios do nothing casually or without conviction, and Brown embodies this trait wholeheartedly. His emotions run deep, and he expects the same commitment and sincerity from his partner.

As the first to propose, he exhibited the classic assertiveness of a Scorpio. Once he sets his sights on a goal or a connection, he pursues it with resolute determination. 

Chelsea Griffin: The true Taurus

In the captivating ensemble of Love Is Blind Season 4 cast, the unwavering presence of Griffin, a true Taurus, showcased her unapologetically embracing the qualities that define her zodiac sign.

Her self-description as “loyal AF” shows her steadfast and devoted nature, setting her apart as the most consistently kind woman amidst the lively interactions in the women’s quarters.

Chelsea Griffin works as Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

Chelsea Griffin works as Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist (Source: PEOPLE)

Her connection to the physical body and the senses is prominent as a Taurus. Her occupation as a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, focusing on the throat, aligns beautifully with her zodiac’s ruling body part. 

With a duet sealing the deal on her love with Kwame, she channeled her Taurean energy into a delightful and harmonious expression of affection.

Irina Solomonova: The unapologetic Scorpio

The formidable presence of Solomonova in Love Is Blind, a true Scorpio with an indomitable spirit. Born on November 15, her Scorpio nature shines through, commanding attention with her intense and unrelenting aura.

As a Scorpio, she possesses a depth of emotions and self-awareness that leaves a lasting impression. When asked about the advice she would give her future partner, she offers a candid cautionary note, “buckle up for the emotional roller coaster of your life.”

Irina Solomonova played the role of a villain in 'Love is Blind'

Irina Solomonova played the role of a villain in ‘Love is Blind’ (Source: PEOPLE)

With her self-awareness to the max, Solomonova embraces the inherent intensity of her zodiac sign with fearless honesty. Acknowledging her “deep heart” and “vicious tendencies,” her Scorpio traits are on full display.

She embodies the high and low qualities of this fixed water sign, exemplifying the strength and determination characteristic of Scorpios. Her emotions run deep, and she navigates life’s ups and downs with unwavering intensity.

Jackie Bonds: The soft-hearted Capricon queen

Bonds is formidable on the show, a true Capricorn queen who came in with unwavering determination and later revealed a heart of gold. 

Describing herself as being on “the accelerated program” when it comes to finding love, her determination to succeed and conquer is unmistakable. 

Jackie Bonds had a mental breakdown while filming for 'Love is Blind'

Jackie Bonds had a mental breakdown while filming for ‘Love is Blind’ (Source: Us Weekly)

As a Capricorn, she carries the sign’s inherent drive to achieve and attain her goals, making her entrance into the world of romance a testament to her ambitious spirit.

Behind her steely exterior lies a vulnerability that stems from her upbringing by strict and punishing parents, who discouraged emotional openness. 

Bonds find her perfect match in Virgo Glaze’s cosmic symphony of elements and modalities. Both Earth signs nurture each other’s grounded and practical nature, forming a stable foundation for their relationship.

Josh Demas: The street-fighting Gemini

Demas is a true Gemini with a penchant for street fighting and trash-talking. Governed by Mercury, the planet of communication, poetry, and plotting, he fully showcases the traits of his sun sign as a top-notch talker and a master of verbal wit.

As a Gemini, his dynamic personality reflects the mutable nature of his zodiac sign. He sees the world in shades of grey, embracing the complexity of life rather than adhering to black-and-white notions of right and wrong.

Josh Demas and Jackie Bonds talking during 'Love Is Blind'

Josh Demas and Jackie Bonds talking during ‘Love Is Blind’ (Source: The List)

True to his Gemini archetype, his love for the thrill of the game shines through. While he may appear smitten, his mutable air sign’s nature means he is more captivated by the excitement and challenges of the experience than solely by the person involved. 

This characteristic helps explain Demas’ post-proposal plea for Bonds to reconsider. With the heart of a true Gemini, he lives for the moment of a mic drop, where a well-timed and impactful statement can dramatically shift the course of events.

Alex Kwame Owusu Ansah Appiah Junior: The energetic Aries

Kwame is a long-time Aries bachelor searching for a love that matches his boundless energy. A true Aries, he lives and loves in the proverbial fast lane, and finding a partner who can keep up with his spirited acceleration proves to be a thrilling challenge.

As an Aries, he exudes a stimulating and dynamic energy, always ready to seize opportunities and dive headfirst into new experiences.

Kwame got married to Chelsea Griffin at the end of season 4

Kwame got married to Chelsea Griffin at the end of season 4 (Source: PEOPLE)

When faced with the revelation that Lussier wanted to explore other connections, Kwame’s voice and vibe shifted, reflecting the typical Aries response to uncertainty and emotional challenges. 

Fortunately, fate smiled upon Kwame, granting him a second chance at love with the sweet and grounded Griffin.

Marshall Glaze: The Subversive Virgo

Glaze is a true and steady Virgo whose communication skills set him apart as an apex and class-A communicator. 

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication known for their articulate and precise expression. Glaze fully embraces this aspect of his zodiac sign, fearlessly speaking his heart cleanly and accurately.

Marshall Glaze is a marketing manager

Marshall Glaze is a marketing manager (Source: Dexerto)

Bullied for his emotionality but undeterred in his bright-eyed hopefulness, he embodies the resilience of his earth sign. As a Virgo, he is solid and grounded, weathering challenges with poise and determination.

 His ability to communicate openly and honestly makes him a true master of expression, sincerely capturing the hearts of those around him.

Micah Lussier: A Pisces full of escapism and emotion

Lussier is a March-born Pisces sun with a name that exudes androgynous charm. Ruled by Neptune, the dreamy daddy planet of escape and imagination, Pisces people possess a unique blend of perception and intuition, capable of embracing callings of creativity.

In her journey, we witness glimpses of the latter aspect of Pisces as she exhibits mean girl antics, playing with the emotions of others without regard for their feelings.

Micah Lussier and Paul  Owusu Ansah Appiah Junior pictured together

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden pictured together (Source: Glamour)

Her expressions peppered with “like,” “maybe,” and “Oh my god” highlight possible escapism, where she seeks to avoid confronting her own emotions and the complexity of her interactions.

Her relationship with Kwame becomes a focal point of her escapism, as she engages in reckless behavior fueled by tequila and impulsive decisions. The contrast between her dreamy Piscean nature and her escapism creates a complex and intriguing journey.

Paul Peden: A conflict-averse Libra

Peden is a nature-loving and conflict-averse Libra. As a Libra, he is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, aesthetics, and the great outdoors, perfectly aligning with his affinity for nature and his smooth, affable charm.

With a self-effacing and amiable demeanor, he shows the quintessential traits of a Libra. He is a smooth talker who navigates social situations with grace and diplomacy.

Paul Peden is a environmental scientist

Paul Peden is an environmental scientist (Source: Netflix Life)

However, despite their proclaimed desire for peace, Libras often find themselves entangled in drama or love triangles. This irony is not lost on Peden as he navigates his romantic journey in the series. 

The tendency to avoid conflict and hard truths becomes apparent when Peden struggles to break up with Amber in a kind and straightforward manner.

Tiffany Pennywell: Roll with the punches, Sagittarius

Pennywell has a vivacious presence on Love Is Blind as an optimistic and commitment-averse Sagittarius. As a Sagittarius, she exudes a spirit of adventure and freedom, embracing the art of rolling with the punches and living life to the fullest.

A natural hype woman, she brings fun, hilarity, and boundless joy to her interactions, acting as the lighthearted counterbalance to the more severe and committed Brown. 

Tiffany Pennywell is a client lead recruiter

Tiffany Pennywell is a client lead recruiter (Source: MEAWW)

Her optimistic and adventurous nature complements Brown’s desire for an ideal woman who is “successful, independent, and fearless,” the holy trinity of the Sagittarius spirit, and traits that she effortlessly embodies.

Beyond astrology, the dynamic between her and Brown instills faith and hope. Their complementary energies create a sense of harmony and ease, making them a couple with a high potential for a fulfilling connection.

Zack Goytowski: A instigating Aries

Goytowski is an instigating Aries who sets the tone for the season with a bold lie about being an exotic dancer. A true Aries, he embodies the traits of an action-oriented and justice-motivated warrior, unafraid of taking risks and standing his ground.

With a love for jiu-jitsu and an earnest, heavily trolled capella serenade, he demonstrates his penchant for warrior-like pursuits and moments of jest and creativity.

Zack Goytowski is a criminal defense attorney

Zack Goytowski is a criminal defense attorney (Source: Dexerto)

Aries people are known for their bold and adventurous nature, unafraid to take on new challenges and make their mark on the world.

However, Aries folk can also make rash and regrettable decisions. Goytowski’s initial choice of mean girl Solomonova over the sweet and ick-resistant Poureetezadi reminds him of this aspect of his zodiac sign.

As we follow his journey, we witness the dynamic spirit of an Aries, unafraid to embrace his authentic self and take bold steps in his pursuit of love.

Aayushree Chaulagain is a part of the content writing team at GB Issue. She has previously worked on various blogs writing content on celebrities, sports, and relationships. Although it may seem a little mainstream, she loves books.

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How Much Is Hovik Keuchkerian’s Net Worth? Look At His Career

Hovik Keuchkerian’s fascinating performances and comedic prowess helped him make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.



How Much Is Hovik Keuchkerian's Net Worth? Look At His Career

penn state jersey deion sanders jersey brandon aiyuk jersey OSU Jerseys custom football jerseys justin jefferson lsu jersey johnny manziel jersey colleges in new jersey brock purdy jersey florida jersey oregon football jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey florida jersey ohio state jersey College Football Jerseys s://gbissue.comjustin jefferson lsu jersey johnny manziel jersey penn state jersey deuce vaughn jersey Florida state seminars jerseys justin jefferson lsu jersey brandon aiyuk jersey colleges in new jersey florida jersey custom football jerseys johnny manziel jersey OSU Jerseys rowan university new jersey ohio state jersey justin jefferson lsu jersey /tag/Hovik-Keuchkerian/” target=”_blank” data-type=”link” data-id=”” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Hovik Keuchkerian, born November 14, 1972, is a Spanish artist with a diverse career in acting, stand-up comedy, and boxing. His fascinating performances and comedic prowess helped him make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

With his multifaceted talents, diverse background, and impressive work, Hovik Keuchkerian has secured a prominent place in the entertainment industry and continues to captivate audiences worldwide. 

This article delves into his net worth, exploring the financial rewards accompanying his successful career. We also highlight some of his most recognized roles, showcasing the breadth of his talent and his impact on the industry.

Hovik Keuchkerian’s net worth and career

Keuchkerian has amassed an impressive net worth of around $3 million through his multifaceted career in entertainment. His financial success stems from his diverse talents as an actor, stand-up comedian, and former boxer.

His acting career has been a significant contributor to his wealth. He has appeared in numerous films and television series. His impressive filmography spans film and television, showcasing his acting versatility.

Some of his most notable acting roles include Pedro in the 2013 film Scorpion in Love, for which he received a Goya Award nomination for Best New Actor and Bogotá in the popular crime drama series Money Heist (2019-2021). 

Hovik Keuchkerian is a talented Spanish artist

Hovik Keuchkerian is a talented Spanish artist (Source: X)

In addition to these roles, he has appeared in films such as Toro (2016), Assassin’s Creed (2016), The Man Who Killed Don Quixote(2018), 4 latas (2019), Rainbow (2022), and Un amor (2023).

On the small screen, he has had notable roles in series like Hispania, la leyenda (2010-2011), Isabel (2013), El ministerio del tiempo (2015), The Night Manager (2016), Snatch (2018), The Head (2022), and the upcoming Reina Roja (2024).

In addition to his acting endeavors, his background as a former boxer and his transition to stand-up comedy contributed to his financial success. He was a two-time Spanish Heavyweight Champion before pursuing a career in comedy and writing. 

His comedic talents and published works, including four books, have further expanded his reach and earning potential.

Hovik Keuchkerian in ‘Assasin’s Creed’

Keuchkerian, the talented Armenian-Spanish actor, is best known for portraying the formidable character Ojeda in the 2016 film adaptation of the popular video game franchise Assassin’s Creed.

In the movie, he brought to life the ruthless Templar commander, Ojeda, who served as the right-hand man to the Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada during the Spanish Inquisition.

His Ojeda was imposing on-screen, exuding a sense of danger and power. With his stern demeanor and unwavering loyalty to the Templar cause, Ojeda was a force to be reckoned with, willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve his goals. 

Keuchkerian’s portrayal perfectly captured the character’s hatred for the Assassins and his relentless pursuit of the mighty Apple of Eden artifact.

Hovik Keuchkerian as Ojeda in 'Assain's Creed'

Hovik Keuchkerian as Ojeda in ‘Assain’s Creed’ (Source: Yakimankagbu)

Ojeda’s fierce determination and combat prowess are displayed throughout the film. Keuchkerian showcased his skills as an actor, effortlessly transitioning between intense action sequences and tense dialogue. 

His ability to convey Ojeda’s ruthlessness and physical strength made him a formidable opponent for the film’s protagonist, Aguilar de Nerha.

His portrayal of Ojeda was visually striking and provided depth and nuance to the character. His unwavering devotion to the Templar cause was evident in every frame, making Ojeda a compelling antagonist who posed a significant threat to the Assassins. 

Through portraying Ojeda in Assassin’s Creed, Keuchkerian demonstrated his ability to embody a formidable and imposing character, showcasing his acting range and commitment to delivering a memorable performance. 

His work in the film contributed to the overall success of the Assassin’s Creed adaptation. Further, it solidified his reputation as a talented and respected actor in the industry.

Hovik Keuchkerian was also in ‘Money Heist’

Keuchkerian portrays the character Bogotá in the popular Spanish series Money Heist. Bogotá is introduced in season 3 as one of the recruits for the heist on the Bank of Spain. 

As an experienced welder, Bogotá plays a vital role in helping melt down the gold held in the bank’s reserve. His specialized skills successfully enabled the team to extract gold from the flooded underground vault. 

Bogotá also develops a romantic connection with Nairobi throughout the heist. He falls in love with her feisty personality. He shows his caring side by looking after her when she gets seriously injured. 

Hovick Keuchkerian as Bogotá in 'Money Heist'

Hovick Keuchkerian as Bogotá in ‘Money Heist’ (Source: Radio Times)

Their relationship provides some touching moments amidst the chaos of the heist. In addition to his importance to the plot, Bogotá adds diversity and flair to the show’s ensemble cast. As an older member of the gang, he brings wisdom and experience. 

His globetrotting backstory, with seven children worldwide, gives him a worldly perspective. Keuchkerian’s acting helps make Bogotá likable despite his criminal activities. He portrays the character as tough yet charming, principled yet flawed. 

Bogotá earns respect through his essential contributions and genuine care for his teammates. Keuchkerian’s nuanced performance as this complex character is an asset to Money Heist and helps explain the show’s widespread popularity.

Hovik Keuchkerian’s upcoming movie ‘Reina Roja’

Keuchkerian is set to co-star in the new Spanish thriller series Reina Roja, based on the novel by Juan Gómez-Jurado.

 He will play the role of Jon Gutiérrez, a police inspector tasked with investigating the murder of a wealthy family’s son and the kidnapping of their daughter.

His character is described as a Basque homosexual, allowing Keuchkerian to showcase his versatility as an actor.

The series follows Gutiérrez as he teams up with an eccentric genius named Antonia Scott, played by Vicky Luengo, to crack the complicated case. Their unlikely partnership will be a central focus of the show’s drama and mystery.

The series has an intriguing premise, high production value, and a stellar cast. Keuchkerian’s previous experience on the hit show Money Heist demonstrated his acting chops and ability to bring depth to complex characters. 

As Gutiérrez, he will share the spotlight with Luengo and navigate tense police procedural plotlines. The series’ February 2024 premiere on Amazon Prime is highly anticipated following Keuchkerian’s breakout fame on Netflix.

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The Best Anime to Watch on Netflix in 2023



The Best Anime to Watch on Netflix in 2023

Anime is something that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but the people who watch it regularly know how amazing anime is. The best part about animes is that they have a very captivating storyline, something that you wouldn’t see in any show that the United States or any other country would have to offer.

You can watch anime on Netflix as well, but before that, you need to make sure that your internet is fast enough to stream all your favorite anime without any lag. 

For that matter, we would suggest that you consider looking at Spectrum Internet Packages so that not only could you get a superfast, reliable internet connection but you can also make sure that it is in your budget and save money down the line as well. 

Coming back to anime, here are some of the best anime that we think you should watch on Netflix as soon as you get the chance. Make sure that you read all the way to the end of the article. 


If you are into something that is centered on fantasy and adventure, then InuYasha is the kind of anime that you shouldn’t miss out on. The show is about a boy called Gon Freecss who finds out that his father (who he thought was a girl from Tokyo) and his father is transported back in time to feudal Japan and there she is tasked to battle an evil half-demon called Naraku so that it isn’t able to put together an ancient sacred Shikon Jewel with the help of a lesser evil half-demon called InuYasha. 

What sets InuYasha apart from other half-demons is that it is funny, romantic, and has a lively personality. The best part is that the show only has four seasons that you can watch easily on Netflix. Be sure to watch the show as soon as you can!


This is for the ones that just love animals. Aggretsuko is set in modern-day Japan that is inhabited by adorable talking animals but the show depicts that the everyday life of these animals is anything but cute.

After a burnout, in order to wind down from her office job, our protagonist who is a Red Panda called Retsuko spends most of her nights at a karaoke bar as she sings the night away with heavy metal songs. The show is very relatable in the sense that Retsuko has to deal with her annoying coworkers every day and the superiors that suck the life out of her until she can find a work-life balance, find love, happiness, and everything else necessary in life. 


Pluto is another anime that you shouldn’t miss out on. It is set in the same universe as Astro Boy and Pluto tells the story about the murder of a heroic robot called Montblanc, who took part in the 39th Asian War.

Things start to get darker when a war veteran and Europol detective called Gesicht starts investigating the murder of the war hero and as he gets deeper into his investigation, he finds out that there is a deep-rooted plot with a conspiracy against all robots that took part in said war.

The show revolves around the theme of a crime drama and science fiction, all the more reason to watch the anime as soon as you can. Whenever you get the time, you should definitely watch Pluto. 

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

This anime is among the most popular anime of 2023. The show is about a youth called Tanjiro who joins the Demon Slayer Corps to take revenge on the demons that killed his family. All the while he also intends on helping his sister Nezuko as she becomes a demon in the process. Demon Slayer shows how Tanjiro has his own style and skills when it comes to slaying demons and he also has a shift in his perspective as he tries to see the good side to demons as well. 

This show too has a very captivating storyline and it is the kind of anime that you should not miss out on in any case. Even if this is your first anime, it is the sort that will definitely get you hooked on anime and their brilliance. 

One Piece

Provided that One Piece now has a live-action show as well, you should definitely watch the anime first. The show is about a boy called Monkey D. Luffy as he sails with his crew of people who wear straw hats so that they can look for the famous treasure called One Piece. Once he does so, Luffy intends to become the king of Pirates.

The show also has a comedic take, which makes it pretty interesting to watch. The show is the perfect blend of action and comedy, making it definitely worth your while. The show has a balance of male and female characters, proving that Pirates don’t necessarily have to be male. 

Wrapping Up

Anime is something that would definitely keep you hooked when you have nothing else to watch. So, this is high time that you start watching anime so that you can see how brilliant they are and how amazing their story is.

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Jasmine Orlando’s Biography – Who Is the Famous TikTok Star?

Jasmine Orlando suffers form a condition known as Bell’s Palsy which affects her facial muscles.



Jasmine Orlando’s Biography- Who Is the Famous TikTok Star?

Jasmine Orlando, an American TikTok sensation, primarily posts traditional lip-syncing and reaction content on the platform. With over one million followers and around 60 million likes, she has also established a strong presence on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

On Instagram, her main account is ‘@shorty_bae_12,’ while she uses the name Vanessa Queen on Facebook. Additionally, she also has a YouTube channel named Jasmine Orlando2, boasting over seven thousand subscribers and around two hundred thousand total views. 

Orlando has been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, an unexpected episode of facial muscle weakness or paralysis without a clear explanation. But this has not stopped Orlando from creating amazing lip-syncing videos. 

Jasmine Orlando’s real name is Vanessa 

Orlando, born on November 8, 2002, in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota, United States, goes by the real name Vanessa. She is currently 21 years old. 

Details about her parents are limited. There is no information about their names and other details. In the early days of her TikTok journey, her younger brother contributed some of his TikTok videos to her page. She attended Spring Lake Park High School, as mentioned by Famous Birthdays. 

She used the Snapchat username ‘jasminth’ and can be found on Facebook under Vanessa Queen. 

Jasmine Orlando’s Presence on TikTok and other social media 

As a highly renowned and verified TikTok user, Orlando specializes in creating content, primarily lip-syncing and reaction videos. Notably, she has gained recognition for her skillful dance performances set to popular tracks and other interesting and fun videos she makes with her brother and friends. 

As of late 2023, the creator has shared approximately three thousand clips on the platform. She has gained around 1.6 million followers on the platform and has over 62 million likes. Additionally, Orlando is recognized on TikTok as Shawty Bae.

Orlando made her first post on her primary Instagram account in June 2019. Since then, she has shared several hundred photos and videos on the platform, amassing a following of over 150 thousand.

Her posts encompass a variety of content, including selfies, images showcasing her merchandise, and snapshots of her other social media profiles. Additionally, she utilizes her Instagram to endorse fellow social media personalities.

For backup, the social media star maintains another account with the username ‘@shortybae2002,’ boasting a follower count exceeding nine thousand. Moreover, she manages a dedicated spam page, ‘@shortybae12spam,’ with just over two thousand followers.

Having established her YouTube channel in July 2019, Jasmine has uploaded various videos where she delves into her personal life and discusses topics of interest. Her very first video, titled ‘Edit someone did for me jasmine Orlando,’ was posted in August 2019. 

However, it’s worth noting that her YouTube channel hasn’t reached the same level of popularity as her TikTok page.

Does Jasmine Orlando have a boyfriend?

As mentioned in Dating Celebs in 2023, Orlando is possibly single and has not been engaged or married before. There are no records of past relationships for Orlando, and she is not currently dating anyone, according to the available information. 

Jasmine Orlando (Source: Instagram)

Jasmine Orlando (Source: Instagram)

Some sources, like The Famous People, have mentioned that she is known to have a spouse or ex-spouse named Yahir Almanza. They have two children named Jose and Yahir. Additionally, in October 2019, Jasmine revealed her bisexuality to her fans through a YouTube video.

However, this information has no supporting backups, and there is a possibility that the TikToker is keeping her relationships and dating life private and doesn’t want to discuss it openly. 

Jasmine Orlando’s height 

Details regarding Orlando’s body measurements, including her height, weight, chest size, waist size, hip size, and bicep size, are currently unavailable. Additionally, she possesses brown eyes. 

It’s noteworthy that Orlando has been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a condition that leads to a loss of control over the affected facial muscles. Shawty Bae openly discusses her battle with Bell’s palsy and spreads awareness about her condition. 

Throughout her journey, she has engaged in collaborations with various influencers. However, for most of her personal life, Orlando remains discreet about it, keeping it largely private.

What is Jasmine Orlando’s net worth?

Orlando’s primary source of income comes from TikTok, and as of 2023, she has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

In addition to her earnings from social media, she also generates income through her merchandise.

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