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Regal Charm: Vanessa Kirby’s Princess Margaret and Smoking

Vanessa Kirby smoked up to 60 herbal cigarettes a day in ‘The Crown.’



Regal Charm: Vanessa Kirby’s Princess Margaret and Smoking

In the illustrious world of The Crown,  Vanessa Kirby‘s portrayal of Princess Margaret reigns supreme. Her exceptional performance in the hit Netflix series has garnered widespread acclaim, catapulting her into the realm of revered and talented actresses. 

With a deft touch, Kirby effortlessly captures the multifaceted essence of Princess Margaret. From the outset, it becomes evident that her depiction of the Princess is a mesmerizing ode to aesthetics. 

Among the myriad elements that define her captivating allure, smoking emerges as an enchanting trademark. While her sister, Queen Elizabeth, epitomizes strict refinement and unwavering discipline, Princess Margaret embodies an entirely different persona. 

She exudes the epitome of 20th-century beauty and sophistication, and her constant smoking adds a dash of enigmatic allure to her character.  

We explore how smoking becomes a defining feature of her appearance, reflecting her rebellion against convention and her free-spirited nature.

Smoking helped Vanessa Kirby get into character on ‘The Crown’

While going through the intricate process of getting into character for her role as Princess Margaret on The Crown, Kirby found an unexpected ally in the art of smoking. 

As she slipped into the shoes of this royal figure, she discovered that lighting a cigarette had a transformative effect, instantly connecting her to the essence of the Princess. It was a powerful catalyst, enabling her to embody the persona effortlessly.

Yet, while it played a vital role in channeling Margaret’s persona, Kirby faced a more profound challenge in capturing the complexities of the character. Finding the wellspring of anger and pain beneath the surface was demanding. 

As she sought to infuse authenticity into her portrayal, she realized that Margaret’s anger was deeply intertwined with her internal wounds – a tapestry of fear, insecurity, and pain that shaped her identity.

Transitioning from one season to another brought forth its own set of hurdles. She acknowledged that her portrayal evolved, reflecting the progression of the character’s life and experiences. 

Does Vanessa Kirby smoke in real life?

In acting, authenticity is critical, and Kirby is no stranger to immersing herself in the roles she portrays. Regarding her iconic portrayal of Princess Margaret in The Crown, the character’s constant smoking becomes an integral part of her persona.

However, in real life, Kirby does not smoke. To maintain the authenticity of her character while safeguarding her own health, she turned to an age-old technique employed by many actors in period pieces – herbal cigarettes.

Vanessa Kirby is famous for her appearance in 'The Crown'

Vanessa Kirby is famous for her appearance in ‘The Crown’ (Source: Screen Rant)

In the 1950s setting of The Crown, cigarettes did not have filters, resulting in a potent and harsh experience even with herbal alternatives.

She admits that while the herbal cigarettes were used, they still posed a considerable challenge due to their strength and the constant presence of herbs in her mouth. 

To make the experience more bearable, the production team experimented with different herbal flavors, attempting to ease the process for the actress.

Sharing the smoking burden with the help of Mark, the head of props, became a saving grace for the actress. By having someone else light the cigarettes, she managed to ease the strain, ensuring the authenticity of her portrayal without sacrificing her well-being entirely. 

However, as the smoking scenes persisted, she and her prop counterpart wheezed in the corner by the end of it all.

Vanessa Kirby had a dangerous time with cigarettes on set

Behind the captivating allure of Kirby’s portrayal of Princess Margaret in the period drama, The Crown lies a tale of challenges and mishaps that came with the territory of her character’s smoking habit. 

Speaking candidly to Laura Brodnik, the British actress revealed her trials and tribulations while juggling her role as the elegant Princess and her natural clumsiness on set.

Princess Margaret’s character exudes excellent elegance and poise, an intricate dance for Kirby.  The contrast between the character’s grace and the actress’s inherent clumsiness led the cast and crew to affectionately call her “Bambi.”

Vanessa Kirby portrayed Princess Margaret in two seasons of 'The Crown'

Vanessa Kirby portrayed Princess Margaret in two seasons of ‘The Crown’ (Source: IndieWire)

Kirby’s commitment to authenticity in portraying the Princess included smoking around 60 herbal cigarettes daily. While these herbal alternatives provided a healthier option, the smoking scenes were not without difficulties. 

Holding anything burning in her hand posed a considerable challenge for the actress, leading to unintended consequences such as accidental dress burnings and mishaps.

The costume department often found themselves on high alert, dealing with the aftermath of her smoking scenes. Between spilling things on her elegant gowns and the potential risk of burnt dresses, quick and desperate overnight dry cleaning became a recurring necessity.

This blend of challenges and triumphs contributes to the magnetic allure of her performance, making her portrayal a memorable and beloved aspect of the acclaimed period drama.

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Yasmin Finney Talks about Her Experiences before Surgery and Shares Passport Pictures

Yasmin Finney discusses her life-changing journey leading up to surgery.



Yasmin Finney Talks about Her Experiences before Surgery and Shares Passport Pictures

Yasmin Finney got noticed by many through her role in the hit LGBTQ+ Netflix series Heartstopper. Being a part of the community herself, this series always has a special place in her heart.

Finney has always been open about being a trans woman and has shared her journey on social media accounts.

Through her social media presence, she always tries to help young trans people to speak out for themselves and has shared every detail about her transition, including surgery and governmental procedures.

Are you curious to know what Finney looked like before the surgery? Let’s find out all details about her transgender before and after her journey.

Yasmin Finney before surgery details

Although Finney advocates for all transgender and shares her experiences, she has left out the details of a significant portion of her life before surgery.

Since she experienced gender dysphoria at a young age, it is understandable she doesn’t want to share much about how she looked before.

On May 17, 2021, she took the courage to share very wonderful news with her fans. She had changed her gender from male to female on her passport and posted before and after pictures with the caption ‘new passport who dis?’

Yasmin Finney's before and after picture of her passport

Yasmin Finney’s before and after picture of her passport (Source: Instagram)

The picture shows there are not many changes in the facial features of Finney except for the fact that she had shorter hair in the past.

In an interview with Daily Mail, she mentioned that she performed surgery before she went to college. She stated, ‘Everything was changed before I hit college. Change it on your passport, change your gender, get diagnosed with gender dysphoria.’

Reports do state that Finney had a very active TikTok account, where she shared all about her transitions and experiences as a black transwoman. However, there is no such TikTok account as of currently and she only manages her Instagram account at the moment.

Yasmin Finney talks about finding her sexuality

During her interview with ELLE magazine, Finney mentioned that she always knew that she was feminine since young. During her elementary years, she was hanging out with the girls, so she had that natural aura.

She also shared her dating stance during the interview. The guys she went out with were not intimidated by her and she didn’t have any bad experience in dating.

Finney feels very thankful for Heartstopper, that got her fame while representing all her fellow trans people. However, she did say she wants to broaden her career scope and hopes to get non-trans roles.

While she was young, she was greatly inspired by Laverne Cox and Pose, and they made her courageous to come out and pursue her career as an actress.

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Lama Hasan’s Significant Face Changes Bring Rumors about Face Surgery

Lama Hasan has raised face surgery speculations among her viewers due to a sudden change in appearance.



Lama Hasan’s Significant Face Changes Bring Rumors about Face Surgery

You’ll see Lama Hasan a lot if you follow the ABC News or the BBC News channels. She is a professional British Journalist who has contributed to these channels since May 2010.

Hasan is a public figure that appears on television a lot. So it is obvious that fans notice even the slightest bit of change in her facial features.

As such, there have been several reports of her changing face in the media. Let us find out if it is due to face surgery or not.

Did Lama Hasan have face surgery?

Fans have been buzzing with speculation about Hasan’s recent facial transformation. Observant followers have noticed a notable difference in her appearance, leading them to believe that she may have undergone facial surgery, specifically facelifts.

This rumor quickly spread, and numerous media outlets added her name to the growing list of celebrities suspected of having facelift procedures. When comparing her past and present photographs, it becomes evident that her face has undergone a significant change.

Lama Hasan's before and after picture

Lama Hasan’s before and after picture (Source: ABC News)

However, no official confirmation has been provided by the reporter or any reliable source regarding the alleged surgical procedure. The exact cause of the striking transformation remains unknown, although many fans continue to attribute it to potential face surgery.

Without official confirmation or a statement from Hasan herself, it is impossible to definitively state whether she has indeed undergone facial surgery.

Hasan has reported some major news stories

Hasan’s career as a reporter is distinguished by her involvement in covering significant news stories that have captured global attention. Her notable achievements include reporting on major events such as Pope John Paul II’s funeral, Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, and the Arab world’s reaction to the Second Gulf War.

Through her reporting, she has demonstrated a commitment to delivering accurate and insightful coverage of these pivotal moments in history. As a journalist, she brings her unique style to her reporting.

One distinctive characteristic that sets her apart is her habit of tilting her head to the side while delivering her reports. This individual touch adds a personal flair to her presentations and has become recognizable to her viewers.

Lama Hasan turns 40 this August

Born on August 14, 1983, in an undisclosed location in London, Hasan is a renowned reporter who has gained recognition for her television appearances. While her professional accomplishments and reporting skills have been widely acknowledged, details about her personal life remain well hidden from public view.

Information regarding Hasan’s parents and siblings is currently unavailable, as she maintains a level of privacy regarding her family background. Despite her visibility in the media, she has managed to keep personal details tightly guarded.

Regarding her marital status, there are rumors and speculations online suggesting that she may have been married at some point, but concrete information about her relationship status remains elusive. However, her Instagram bio mentions the caption ‘mama to one sweet boy‘, which suggests she has a son.

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Cillian Murphy’s Gay Rumors and Relationship with Partner

Cillian Murphy, the star of ‘Peaky Blinders,’ has been surrounded by gay rumors.



Cillian Murphy’s Gay Rumors and Relationship with Partner

Peaky Blinders was one of the most successful series on Netflix due to its captivating story. Peaky Blinders fan or not, you will recognize Cillian Murphy.

Murphy is also known for starring in A Quiet Place II, a horror sequel to the same name. His roles and wonderful acting have made him one of the most followed actors in Hollywood.

With much interest in the actor’s life, his sexuality and personal life are also in question. Many gay rumors are going around, let us find out if these rumors are true or not in this article.

Is Cillian Murphy gay?

Although many rumors are going around stating Murphy is gay, these rumors are just baseless and have no grounds.

The actor hasn’t come out as gay, and there isn’t much information about his sexuality on the internet.

Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders (Source: Instagram)

Therefore, we strongly believe the actor isn’t gay. However, these rumors must have been going around due to his role as a transgender woman in the comedy-drama Breakfast on Pluto.

This shows his excellence and versatility as an actor but never reflects what he is as a person.

Cillian Murphy is a happily married man

Despite the rumors suggesting that Murphy is gay, his marriage to his wife, Yvonne McGuiness, provides strong evidence to refute those claims.

Murphy and McGuiness have been happily married since 2004, demonstrating a committed and loving relationship that spans over a decade.

The couple’s journey began in the 1990s when they met and started dating. Their connection deepened over time, leading them to take the important step of getting married in 2004.

Cillian Murphy with wife Yvonne McGuiness

Cillian Murphy with wife Yvonne McGuiness (Source: People)

Furthermore, Murphy and McGuiness have built a family together, with the joy of raising two sons. Their first son, Malachy, was born in 2005, followed by the birth of their second son, Aran, in 2007.

While he may be a renowned actor with significant fame and success, he has consciously chosen to keep his private life out of the public eye.

This decision to maintain privacy regarding his personal affairs is a common approach taken by many celebrities who value their family life and prefer to separate it from their public persona.

Cillian Murphy is also linked with another woman, Emily Blunt

Despite rumors suggesting a romantic relationship between Murphy and American actress Emily Blunt, the evidence points to them being nothing more than work colleagues.

The two actors met through their shared work on the upcoming biographical movie Oppenheimer, where they portray a married couple on screen.

Their proximity and camaraderie can be attributed to their professional collaboration rather than a personal romantic involvement. Although they are husband and wife in the reel, they both are happy in their real life with their partners.

Murphy is happily married to McGuiness and has a wonderful family adding two kids. Similarly, Blunt has been in a lovely relationship with her husband, John Krasinski and has two kids together.

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