American streamer and cosplayer Emiru is well-known for her Twitch channel, where she streams League of Legends and cosplays.

She was in a relationship with professional league of legends player Dyrus. Emiru and Dyrus started dating in 2016 and seemed happy in love. But that seems to have changed as the two have gone separate ways.

Emiru clarified in a YouTube video by Enebo that they have already broken up. In the video, she discussed her breakup and stated that she and Dyrus are still on good terms.

She also said, “I do not have hard feelings for Dyrus, nor do I hate or is mad at him. I do not think he is mad at me too. I was drained for a long time, and it was hard.”

Previously, on May 1, 2020, Dyrus took to Twitter to reveal what was happening between him and his girlfriend. In the tweet, he said he wanted to be open about his relationship. He also talked about how he had emotionally hurt his girlfriend, almost causing them to break up.

He went on to say that his girlfriend had given their relationship a second chance and that he was also seeking therapy. Furthermore, he apologized for his actions and begged for forgiveness. As a gentleman, he also apologized to everyone. 

Emiru and Dyrus’s relationship timeline

As mentioned above, Emiru and Dyrus started dating in June 2016. As they are both streamers, they can be seen playing games together and featuring each other on their respective channels. They also shared pictures of themselves on their social media accounts.

On Valentine’s Day in 2017, Emiru tweeted a beautiful photo of herself and Dyrus and thanked him for always loving and supporting her. On the same day, Dyrus posted a screenshot of his girlfriend’s tweet to Instagram with the caption, “I love you.”

Likewise, Dyrus shared a photo of himself with Emiru on August 30, 2018. People notice their height difference after seeing the post. One user commented on the post, “Wait, is she that short, or is dyrus the [explicit] jolly green giant?”

Twitch streamer Emiru with her ex-boyfriend Dyrus

Twitch streamer Emiru with her ex-boyfriend Dyrus (Photo: Instagram)

Dyrus last shared a photo with his girlfriend on June 21, 2019. He posted an animated image of them kissing. In the post’s caption, he mentioned his partner and revealed they had been together for three years.

Moreover, despite the couple having already broken up, Dyrus has not removed any photos of them from Instgaram. Emiru, on the other hand, had deleted all images related to her now-former boyfriend from her social media platform.

Emiru reveals creepy messages from Twitch streamers

During the Noodle Shop Podcast, the OTK trio discussed how the Twitch community had become more accepting of people of different races and genders. Emiru, on the other hand, disagreed with the statement, saying, “There’s some bad that happened to me.”

Emiri stated that she began streaming on Twitch at 17 when she was in high school. Several large male streamers found her, who were much older than her. They used to make fun of grooming her and picking her up from school. 

The streamer also mentioned that people would call her a slut and make adult jokes. However, she did not reveal the identity of the abuser, but both Rich Cambell and Tectone agree that her story was awful and hope the platform improves so that things like this do not happen again.

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