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A Look at Josh Segarra and Wife Brace Rice’s Married Life



A Look At Josh Segarra And Wife Brace Rice’s Married Life

Josh Segarra is well-known for playing the role of Adrian Chase / Prometheus in Arrow and Damien Sanchez in AJ and the Queen. In addition, he has gained prominence for his performance in other television shows like The Electric Company, Drama Queenz, Sirens, Chicago P.D., Orange Is the New Black, FBI, The Moodys, and The Other Two.

The talented American actor has also portrayed the role of Emilio Estefan in On Your Feet, a hit Broadway musical. Some of his other stage credits include the musicals Lysistrata Jones and Dogfight.

As for his film credits, he has appeared in movies like The Ministers, Bronx Warrants, Overboard, First One In, Christmas on the Square, and Night School. Segarra is currently playing the role of Pug in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, a Disney+ show based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show began airing on August 18, 2022.

Josh Segarra’s married life explored

Coming over to Segarra’s personal life, the actor has been married to Brace Rice. As of this writing, the couple has been in a marital bond for more than seven years.

The actor always believed in a theory about finding a partner: “Your crazy has to match their crazy. We’re all crazy. We all have our things that make us special, make us nerdy. You just find the other person where their crazy matches your crazy. All of a sudden, you find somebody else and the things that they think make them nerdy, you think make them cool.”

And his craziness matched someone else’s when the then 24-year-old Segarra met Rice while attending a mutual friend’s birthday party. Speaking with Parade in 2016, he said, “I met her on a Monday and tried to get her to grab a drink with me. But she didn’t have time until Saturday afternoon.”

“At the time, I was teaching spin. So I said, ‘let’s go to lunch but I have a spin class at 11:30.’ She said, ‘OK. I love spin.’ And I replied, ‘You can come if you want.’ She later told me that she was thinking, if he shows up playing musical theater tunes, wearing a full spandex suit, I am not going to lunch after.”

He continued, “And I thought, if this girl comes and dies, she can’t even make it 15 minutes, I’m not going to lunch. Because I’m an active dude and love working out. We laugh now. She showed up, was gorgeous, and killed the class. I played the music I love — a little hip-hop, a little party music.”

After that, they went on a lunch date, which was fantastic, and have since been inseparable. As their togetherness continued, the two decided to take a further step in their relationship and shared the wedding vows on October 17, 2014, at the Carillon Beach Resort in Panama City.

Josh Segarra and his wife Brace Rice
Josh Segarra and his wife, Brace Rice (Source: Twitter)

Since they got married, their bond has become stronger than ever. Similarly, their shared love for several things made things even easier. While dating, they discovered they enjoyed Mexican food, musical theaters, hip-hop, and a little party music.

Furthermore, both of them have an immense love for sports. He told Parade, “We love talking about it together. She loves learning more about sports and the personalities behind the guys. Our TV is always on ESPN and Sports Center.”

As he went on, he said that several women worldwide might despise him just because all he watches is sports. Thankfully, he found the right partner who doesn’t hate his love for sports but shares the same passion and enjoys watching sports together.

Josh Segarra and Brace Rice share two children

Not only are Segarra and Rice a wonderful couple, but they are also excellent parents to two adorable children. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Gus Maine Segarra, on September 30, 2016.

The actor made the happy announcement via Instagram by sharing a picture and the loveliest message. He wrote, “Gus Maine Segarra, I met you on Sep. 30th at 7:40 am. I immediately fell in love with you. But I’ve been thinking about you since I was a kid. I’ve had dreams about you. And I know for certain your Momma has, too.”

“Papi, you’re more perfect than we ever could have imagined. You’ve already changed our lives. Sorry we keep staring at you, we just can’t believe we finally got to meet you. You’ve just made me and your Momma the luckiest parents in the whole world. We are so proud of you. We love you Gus,” he added.

The married couple welcomed their second child, a son named Hank Rice Segarra, on January 8, 2020. After the Segarra family expanded, the actor told People, “My wife is my superhero. She’s our Wonder Woman. The way she loves makes me fall in love with her more and more every day.”

“Her boys have her back from now till the end of time. A man is blessed because of the family he has, and I am a very blessed man,” he added.

Josh Segarra celebrating his birthday with his children

Josh Segarra celebrating his birthday with his children (Photo: Instagram)

Before his second child was born, Segarra had talked to People about his excitement and eagerness to see his eldest son’s reaction to being a big brother. He said, “I love that guy to death and he makes me and my wife really, really proud. So with this next little guy coming along, I’m just excited to laugh at the times [Gus] gets frustrated.”

“He’s an only child now — his world revolves around him. So I’m really stoked to watch him get pissed. I’m excited to watch him have to share with his baby brother,” Segarra jokingly said with light laughter.

In the end, the 36-year-old Longwood native boasted about his wife and said, “I love my wife to death. I have so much respect for her, and our love has grown over these years.” Segarra concluded by saying he cannot wait to see what his second child will bring to them because it’s such a fun adventure.

Nischal hails from a beautiful city named Kathmandu in Nepal. He is also a huge fan of the NBA as he dreams to witness at least one NBA game in his life.

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Carlos Sainz Jr. And His Girlfriend Isabel Hernaez Have Been Dating for Six Years

Carlos Sainz Jr. won the 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix.



Carlos Sainz Jr. And His Girlfriend Isabel Hernaez Have Been Dating for Six Years

Carlos Sainz Jr.’s girlfriend, Isabel Hernaez, is a journalist and host of the Esta de Moda podcast. Esta de Moda is a Spanish word whose meaning is ‘It’s in fashion.’

The podcast is of two friends and journalists, @isahernaez and @aricascon, who meet up every Monday to talk about the latest in the fashion industry.

Sainz Jr. has always stated that his girlfriend has played a huge part in the success of his career to date. If you want to know more interesting things about her and how they met, please keep engaging with the article till the end.

Who are Carlos Sainz Jr. girlfriend Isabel Hernaez?

Sainz Jr. and Hernaez first announced their relationship around 2017, but it is unclear when they exactly first met with each other. They might have been dating for a few months to a year before becoming official.

Carlos Sainz with his girlfriend

Carlos Sainz with his girlfriend. (Credit: Instagram)

She has been the core support in his life. She works as the Press officer for the very popular Victoria Collection and has also appeared as a model for several brands and companies.

Furthermore, she has also started to push her career as an Instagram model and brand ambassador, which might be ideal for her as she has a stunning face and figure.

Carlos Sainz Jr.’s girlfriend is also a podcast host

Apart from being a press release officer and model, Hernaez has a huge obsession with listening to podcasts and also hosting one. She has her fashion-related podcast, which is titled Esta de Moda.

The fashion podcast is in the Spanish language and is generally for European and South American audiences, where she talks about her passion for fashion shows, models, and more.

Sometimes she also talks about her personal life in the podcast but does not like to reveal much about her relationship with the sensational Formula 1 driver.

Does Carlos Sainz Jr. and Isabel Hernaez have kids?

The couple has been dating for over five years, but at this time, they are not married and also do not have kids. Currently, they are only focusing on their respective careers, and when they have time, they enjoy each other’s company.

They are normally busy in each other’s careers and also provide support in moving, traveling, and having tough schedules, so it is quite understandable why they are taking things slow.

When they are not busy, they are often hanging out on vacation, and lately, they were filmed enjoying their holiday on the stunning beach in Mallorca, Spain.

Since they are still in their 20s, they still have time to settle in with their careers and then look forward to starting their own families when the time is right.

Has Carlos Sainz Jr. dated someone else other than Hernaez?

Sainj Jr. has been dating Spanish model and PR officer Hernaez since 2017. However, before that, there is no information on his dating history or relationship.

However, we can point out that he is a very private person who does not like to share much about his personal life, so if he might have dated someone, he might have kept it private.

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Who Is Jocelyn Shelfo’s Boyfriend? Is She Dating Someone?

Jocelyn Shelfo is just 21 years old in 2023.



Who Is Jocelyn Shelfo’s Boyfriend? Is She Dating Someone?

Jocelyn Shelfo is a very popular American actress who has become really popular among US fans and other parts of the world due to her charming face, beautiful looks, and body, as well as her talented acting skills.

Shelfo has appeared in several popular movies and TV shows like The Summer I Turned Pretty, XO Kitty, Greener Pastures, and May-December. Apart from being a popular TV actress, she is also an equally well-known social media influencer with millions of followers.

She has a huge fan following and people like to know about her boyfriend, dating, and personal information. So if you are among the fans who want to know more about her love life, whether she is taken or still single, and other things, please keep engaging till the end.

Does Jocelyn Shello have a boyfriend?

No, Shello is, in fact, single and does not have a boyfriend. She is also not dating anybody, as there is no indication of it on her social media, and neither has she been seen with anyone in an intimate relationship.

Jocelyn Shelfo is still single

Jocelyn Shelfo is still single. (Credit: Instagram)

Furthermore, she is a very private person who does not like to reveal much of her personal life. However, if she was linked with anyone, it would be hard for her to hide it from the eyes of the media or her fans on social media.

Furthermore, she is more focused on her career than looking for her soul mate at the moment, so when she eventually meets someone, she will surely update her fans.

Has Joceyln Shelfo dated anyone before?

As mentioned above, Shelfo is currently single, as it appears she is not dating anyone currently. However, judging by her personal life and social media, she has not revealed if she has dated anyone in the past as well.


Everyone needs a friend like her, saving the day but also knows how to party, ae crashed n deleted the whole pjf so this was thé rushed version sorry #viraledit #xokitty #xokittyedit #xokittynetflix #xokittymadison #madison #foryourpage #fup #jocelynshelfo #jocelynshelfoedit

♬ original sound – Rosi

There is no doubt about the fact that she is a very shy and private person who does not like to share much apart from her career, current project, and upcoming appearances.

Hence, many fans are impatient to find out whether the lovely actress has been in a relationship, but the simple answer might be no. She does not have a record of any dating history, and it might be her choice not to reveal anything.

Where did Jocelyn Shelfo’s lesbian rumors arise?

Shelfo has not clearly revealed her sexuality to this date, which is why many fans believe that she might be lesbian and have a relationship with someone of the same gender.

The rumors also stated she might be hiding her sexuality and her lesbian partner not to ruin her career and not let the media get behind her.

Although this assumption can be true, we have to point out that this is just a fan’s assumption, which has no evidence.

How did Jocelyn Shelfo become a popular actress?

Shelfo started her acting career when she was just 17 years old. Her first TV show was titled Your Worst Nightmare,” which was released in 2017. Despite appearing in just one episode, she was attracted to acting.

In 2022, she appeared in another TV show, The Summer I Turned Petty, in a decent role. However, just a year later, in 2023, she got her biggest role in XO, Kitty, where she appeared in the first season.

There is no doubt that after the impressive first season, she will appear in the second and more seasons to come.

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Tom Berenger’s Extraordinary Relationship with His Spouses

Tom Berenger has been married four times so far.



Tom Berenger’s Extraordinary Relationship with His Spouses

Tom Berenger, the esteemed American actor known for his diverse performances, has a story beyond his on-screen endeavors.

While his talent has garnered widespread acclaim, there is another side to him that is equally extraordinary – his relationship with his spouse.

Beyond his successful career in acting, his personal life holds its own intrigue. It is in this realm that his extraordinary relationship with his wife unfolds. 

While he has been guarded about his private affairs, there is much to discover about the person who stands by his side, offering support and sharing in his journey.

Tom Berenger has been married four times

Throughout his life, Berenger has experienced the ebb and flow of love, having embarked on the journey of marriage four times. These unions have resulted in a beautiful tapestry of family, with six children uniquely enriching his life.

His first marriage was to Barbara Wilson, who played a vital role in the early chapters of his personal story. From 1976 to 1984, their bond flourished; during this time, they welcomed two children into the world. 

Tom Berenger pictured with his current wife Laura Moretti

Tom Berenger pictured with his current wife Laura Moretti (Source: Getty Images)

In the wake of his first marriage, his journey then led him to Lisa Williams. They exchanged vows in 1986, embarking on a new chapter together. 

Their love brought forth three beautiful daughters who added joy and laughter to their lives. Their marriage endured until 1997, when their paths diverged.

Subsequently, another significant chapter unfolded in his life, marked by his marriage to Patricia Alvaran in 1998. Their union brought forth a daughter, born in 1998. 

However, life had more in store for Berenger. In early September 2012, he found himself exchanging vows again, this time with Laura Moretti in the scenic surroundings of Sedona, Arizona. 

Their union signified a new beginning, a fresh chapter filled with hope and shared dreams. While the details of their journey remain private, their commitment to one another symbolizes his belief in their connection.

Tom Berenger’s second spouse Lisa Berenger is an actress

Berenger’s second spouse, Lisa Berenger (formerly Lisa Wilson), played a vital role in his life during their time together. 

While her presence in the acting world may not have achieved the same recognition as her husband’s, she made her own mark within the industry.

Tom Berenger with his ex-wife Lisa Berenger.

Tom Berenger with his ex-wife Lisa Berenger (Source: Getty Images)

Wilson, as she is known in her professional endeavors, has a notable credit to her name. According to IMDb, she is recognized for her role in the film Last Rites (1988). 

While the extent of her acting career may be relatively modest in terms of mainstream recognition, her contribution to the cinematic landscape should not be overlooked.

Following her divorce from Berenger in 1997, she transitioned away from the acting scene. Retiring from her acting pursuits, she consciously explored new avenues and embraced a different chapter in her life. 

While the specifics of her post-divorce journey may remain private, it is evident that she chose to move forward, seeking fulfillment and happiness beyond the limelight.

In 2014, she again found love and companionship, marrying Thomas Dodd. This marriage represents a fresh start, a new union that has allowed her to build a life separate from the spotlight. 

Tom Berenger is currently married to his spouse Laura Moretti

In Berenger’s personal life, his current marriage to Moretti is a significant chapter that brings together their shared experiences and the blending of their respective families. 

While their relationship has stood the test of time, the actor has chosen to maintain privacy around the details of their union, keeping their journey away from the public’s prying eyes.

Tom Berenger with his spouse Laura Moretti

Tom Berenger with his spouse Laura Moretti (Source: Hollywood Mask)

Berenger and Moretti’s relationship is unique because they have no children together. However, she embraces the role of stepmother to his six children from his previous marriages. 

Conversely, Berenger assumes the role of stepfather to Moretti’s daughter, Julia Spurlock. This interconnectedness between their families further solidifies their commitment to one another and strengthens the bonds they have built over time.

Despite their enduring relationship, he has chosen to keep his personal life relatively private, revealing very little about his wife to the public.

 His limited presence on the internet, coupled with his inactivity on social media platforms, highlights his desire to maintain a sense of privacy and separation between his public persona and his personal affairs.

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