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Singer Mario Is Single Again! What Happened To His Girlfriend Kris Stephens?



Singer Mario Is Single Again! What Happened To His Girlfriend Kris Stephens?

Mario Barrett, mononymously known as Mario, is a well-known American singer-songwriter and actor out of Baltimore, Maryland. Since 14, the R&B singer has been involved in the industry and released multiple songs and albums that have given him fame.

His most recent album Dancing Shadows was released in 2018, and it was his first one in around a decade. It was a direct follow-up to his 2009 album D.N.A. Similarly, one of his most recent works is an EP titled Closer to Mars — which was released on October 16, 2020.

Coming over to his personal life, Mario was recently in a relationship with his fellow singer girlfriend, Kris Stephens. But it doesn’t seem like the couple is together anymore. Have they broken up? Here is a look!

Are Mario Barrett and Kris Stephens still together?

Alas, it seems like Mario and Stephens have already moved on with their lives and aren’t together anymore. Their breakup could also be proven by the fact that there are no traces of their relationship in recent times, either on their interviews or social media handles.

And if you think that’s enough to confirm the couple isn’t together anymore, then the answer is yes. It’s so because when the two confirmed their relationship, Stephens had showered quite the love for her boyfriend on social media.

To divulge more details, Mario and Stephens went public with their relationship on the latter’s 34th birthday on January 21, 2021. The birthday girl had shared multiple Instagram stories tagging her boyfriend, which Mario later reshared.

In those Instagram stories, Stephens thanked Mario for surprising her with a grand birthday and expensive gifts in the middle of the pandemic. Speaking of gifts, Mario had sent a big diamond ring and a cross diamond necklace.

Stephens thanked her partner for those beautiful gifts by calling him “King.” In another Instagram story, she wrote, “He [Mario] is so sweeeeeeet! Like, wow babe, you really did all this?! Surprised me with this beautiful flower balloon bouquet, a chef, a trip, gifts… I love you so much!!!”

“Babe you really did your thing in the middle of a pandemic… Thank youuuu for your thoughtfulness, sweet words, and beautiful gifts. I just love you so much,” Stephens’s love for her partner continued in another story.

Similarly, Mario had also posted a picture with his girlfriend in which he kissed her cheeks, and he had written “Love u!” over the photo. Likewise, Mario had talked a bit about his relationship with Stephens in his interview with Page Six in early February 2021.

Mario Barrett with his then-girlfriend Kris Stephens

Mario Barrett with his then-girlfriend Kris Stephens (Photo: Instagram/the Jasmine Brand)

The outlet had mentioned the couple going public with their relationship. And as Valentine’s Day was near, Mario said some of the things he deemed perfect as the best gifts.

He said, “I think a good gift right now is to pay for a whole year of a person’s favorite app. A full tank of gas in the car, a pack of hair, groceries for a couple of days. Just find out how to make the person in your life’s [daily routine] a little easier and pleasant while you’re in it.”

After that interview, there were no follow-ups about their relationship. Moreover, with the stint Mario pulled during his girlfriend’s birthday by sending her expensive gifts, many even said that Stephens was dating Mario for his fame and money only.

However, those allegations don’t seem true, as Stephens has made a name on her own as a Grammy-nominated songwriter. Additionally, she has worked with renowned artists such as Pitbull, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, LeToya Luckett, Kendrick Lamar, and more.

And now, it seems clear that Mario and Stephens aren’t together anymore. As of now, Stephens is more focused on her career and raising her son Syhre, whom she welcomed from her former relationship.

Who is Mario Barrett dating now?

Mario’s present relationship status seems to be single as there have been no reports of the R&B singer dating anyone as of this moment. It might be possible that he has been following one of his previous styles; going on casual dates.

The singer had mentioned his casual dates way back during his interview with Essence in October 2018. In the interview, he talked about his album, Dancing Shadows, and how becoming a pescatarian allowed him to spend more time in the kitchen.

And he also talked about using those kitchen skills to impress the ladies in his life. He said, “Being a pescatarian — more so on the vegetarian side — but being a pescatarian you have to find ways to be creative with cooking.”

Mario then noted that one of his recent dates included a relaxing home-cooked meal in nature. He continued, “I don’t have a lot of time to spend so when I do go on dates, I try to get a lot in on one date.”

The outlet then claimed that these dates weren’t serious and the singer was single. “I don’t even know what my type is because I’ve dated so many types of women,” Mario told the outlet.

“Some are just friends, we’ve never done anything intimately — but one keeps me wild, one I’m connected to on a soul level, and one is like in the middle of both of those. I’m finding myself. It’s really about finding ways to express love in different ways.”

While concluding the topic of the casual dates, Mario told the outlet that there wasn’t one person in his life at the time that made him consider or feel that he really loved that person.

Mario Barrett’s dating life explored

Mario hasn’t always been the open-minded person he is now when it comes to sharing things about his personal life. Due to that, there is little to no information about his dating history and former girlfriends.

However, some details on his personal life were included during his above-mentioned interview with Page Six. During the interview, the ‘Let Me Love You’ song singer firstly opened up about losing his virginity at a young age.

He said, “I won’t tell you the age, but I was very young. My first time having sex is when I fell in love. I was young though.”

After saying that, he admitted that he eventually realized he wasn’t entirely in love with his mystery woman. “It was incredible and I thought I was in love, but I wasn’t,” he added.

Mario then talked a bit about his first real love, which happened when he was 17 and in high school. “I would say 17; that’s when I first felt like I could trust her with everything.”

He talked more about his high school sweetheart, “We talked about everything; she was my best friend. I was in the business, so I didn’t really have real friends, and I have been with her beforehand, so she knew me differently; I felt like that was my first time falling in love.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between Mario and his high school sweetheart as they broke up for some reason. For now, those reasons and Mario’s high school sweetheart’s identity remain unknown.

Dipesh is an entertainment writer who has dedicated the last two years to cover the industry stories. His work has been featured in HollywoodMask and Glamour Buff.

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Jonah Hauer-King Isn’t Married to a Wife but Dating Girlfriend Ellie Fenn

Jonah Hauer-King and Ellie Fenn have been dating for years!




Jonah Hauer-King Isn’t Married to a Wife but Dating Girlfriend Ellie Fenn

Jonah Hauer-King is a rising English actor who came into the limelight after his portrayal of Eric in the 2023 movie The Little Mermaid. In it, he co-starred alongside American actress Halle Bailey, who played the role of Ariel.

Currently, he is starring in the BBC’s World War II-era drama series World on Fire, where he plays the role of Harry Chase. Hauer-King first took on the role of Harry in 2019 and has been a part of the show since then.

Due to his rise in popularity, people have taken a keen interest in different aspects of his life, mainly his dating life. People are eager to learn if the actor is married to a wife or is dating a girlfriend. So, without further ado, let’s dive into his love life and dating history!

Is Jonah Hauer-King married?

One of the burning queries among the fans is, “Is Jonah Hauer-King married?” “Jonah Hauer-King wife,” and “Jonah Hauer-King fiance.” And the answer to these queries is: Hauer-King is neither married to a wife nor engaged to a fiance.

That’s right, folks! The 28-year-old actor is yet to share the wedding vows with a significant other and start calling her his wife. Furthermore, there have been no reports of him tying the knot with a partner in the past. So, till now, he is unmarried and doesn’t have a wife!

Jonah Hauer-King is dating a girlfriend

While Hauer-King might not be married to a wife, he does have the presence of a partner in his life who might ultimately end up being his wife if things pan out well in their relationship. And the name of his significant other is Ellie Fenn.

Fenn is a new name in the entertainment industry who has worked as a second assistant editor in Amazon Prime’s Red, White & Royal Blue and as an assistant editor in the 2022 movie Empire of Light. She has two more projects – Argylle and Mail Man – lined up as an editor.

Her birthday falls every year on March 27, but her age remains unknown as she hasn’t disclosed her birth year. Likewise, her personal Instagram handle is in private mode, but it can be seen that Hauer-King is following it.

Jonah Hauer-King and his girlfriend, Ellie Fenn

Jonah Hauer-King and his girlfriend, Ellie Fenn (Photo: Twitter)

Coming back to Hauer-King’s relationship with Fenn, the London native actor first revealed he was dating a girlfriend in May 2023 while he was playing a BBF test with his co-star Halle Bailey for BuzzFeed UK.

During the BFF test, Hauer-King was asked if he knew Bailey’s zodiac sign. He wrote “Aries” on the board and said, “I have to say, this is a bit of a cheat because, as you know, Halle has the same birthday as my girlfriend, so that’s why I remember.”

Besides that, the actor didn’t provide any other details about his girlfriend, and the two co-stars went on with the rest of the test. Fans were shocked to hear about Hauer-King having a girlfriend and wanted to learn more about who she was.

As the netizens began digging, they found a report from DailyMail, where the outlet mentioned that Hauer-King and Fenn were first linked in 2019. So, there is a slight possibility that the love birds have been dating since 2019 and keeping things secret.

Jonah Hauer-King and his girlfriend, Ellie Fenn, at Soho House

Jonah Hauer-King and his girlfriend, Ellie Fenn, at Soho House (Photo: Twitter)

But what’s not secret is the couple’s rare public appearances. In May 2023, Hauer-King and Fenn appeared side-by-side at the Soho House during The Little Mermaid’s post-premiere cast and filmmaker reception.

The two were pictured together, where they looked very much in love as they held each other’s hands with smiles all over their face. During the event, he donned a whitish brown suit, whereas his partner in crime looked beautiful in a light green outfit with a small black handbag.

In the next month, June 2023, the boyfriend-girlfriend duo was seen together at the Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show during Milan Fashion Week. Their outfit choice was once again amazing as they donned coordinating navy outfits.

Besides these, there aren’t many details known about Hauer-King’s relationship with his girlfriend. They have been dating for a long time and have kept the details private. So, it could take a while before they start opening up about their togetherness.

Jonah Hauer-King’s gay rumors started due to his private dating history

Before Hauer-King’s relationship with Fenn became public, his dating life was very private. There were no details about his dating history. So, it was hard for the public to know if he was dating a girlfriend in the past.

Due to the lack of a girl in his love life, some fans began questioning his sexuality and wondered if he was gay. These gay rumors were further fueled after his amazing portrayal of a gay character named David in the 2018 movie Postcards from London.

But as we already know, Hauer-King is currently in a relationship with Fenn, and if reports are to be believed, they have been dating since 2019. So, as far as the gay rumors go, they are false, and Hauer-King’s sexuality is straight.

Now that his sexuality is cleared let’s clear up another rumor: his dating rumors with The Little Mermaid co-star Halle Bailey. After the two actors began working on the Disney movie, people liked their chemistry.

This likening became stronger after seeing their performance in the movie. And as Hauer-King and Bailey worked on the film for a long time, they grew closer and became good friends. But all of this resulted in rumors of them dating.

However, these rumors are nothing but hoaxes, and Hauer-King and Bailey are co-stars who became good friends. Hauer-King seems content with his relationship with his girlfriend, and there are no signs of a possible conflict or break up between the two.

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Brandon McMillan and Wife-To-Be Jessica Nicole Morris Are Getting Married

Originally published on September 4, 2022.



Brandon McMillan and Wife-To-Be Jessica Nicole Morris Are Getting Married

Brandon McMillan is going to get married to his wife, Jessica Nicole Morris, in September 2022.

McMillan often posts about his personal life on his social media. However, only surficial information is known about it.

When talking about the celebrity dog trainer’s love life, his relationship with his ex, Alanna Lynn Polcyn, pops up. This is mainly because he still has pictures with his ex on his social media, like Instagram. 

But it has been over five years since the pair broke up since it is reported that they parted ways in 2017. Since then, McMillan has been with his to-be-wife, Morris.

Here is everything we know about the couple.

Brandon McMillan and his wife

It is unknown when McMillan and Morris started dating one another. However, it is likely that they got together after the celebrity dog trainer broke up with his ex. 

The duo shares their love story on their respective Instagram. They often post pictures and videos of their dogs, vacation, or any activity they do together.

In the same fashion, the couple shared their engagement on Instagram. Through their social media, it is evident that McMillan and Morris love their furry babies.

So, it is no surprise that the reality TV star popped the question with the help of the dogs on November 21, 2021.

It seems like McMillan knelt on one knee in the backyard of their home. Morris sported an olive green jumpsuit, and the celebrity dog trainer wore jeans and a grey shirt.

Their three small puppies wore shirts that said “She,” “Said,” and “YES,” respectively. Their big dog also sported a similar shirt, but it is unclear what is written on it since Morris is hugging it while showing off her ring.

Since then, Morris has been posting various posts, sharing her excitement to be McMillan’s wife. The pair have not explicitly mentioned their wedding date.

However, on May 9, 2022, she mentioned in a post on Instagram how McMillan would be her husband in a matter of four months. This means that the pair will be tying the knot in September 2022.

Jessica Nicole Morris is a kidney donor

David Nicherie was in severe need of a healthy kidney donation after having kidney issues his entire life, undergoing surgery, and relying on dialysis for about six years. 

He did everything, from reaching out to strangers through the National Kidney Registry to launching a website connecting donors with possible receivers. Many members of his family were tested to see if they might be a match.

But unfortunately, nobody was a match. As a result, he turned to Craigslist and listed an ad there, asking for someone to donate a kidney to him. 

He finally found success thanks to an advertisement in the Bay Area Craigslist “volunteers” section. The person was none other than McMillan’s wife, Morris. 

Morris told East Bay Times that she had been looking for a kidney recipient for almost three years. She was motivated to help others after seeing her father’s battle with cancer. 

Morris contacted two additional possible receivers, but one was too far away to visit, and the other didn’t reply. Around January, she came across Nicherie’s advertisement since it had been posted on a Facebook page for potential kidney donors. 

Morris stated that she wanted to get to know the individual who would be receiving her kidney. Nicherie was undergoing dialysis up to eight hours a day, three days a week, before meeting Morris. 

He was depressed after receiving an autoimmune illness diagnosis in 2012, contributing to his decline. He was not sure that anyone would even reply to his Craigslist ad, let alone meeting him.

He received multiple types of answers —  most of them were rude and prank. But Morris gave a different response. 

He thought she sounded sincere and assured him that she was serious. Nicherie was taken aback by her reaction because she had inquired about his life and the struggles he was through.

They exchanged emails before signing up for UCSF’s organ donor exchange program. They met each other when Morris visited the hospital to do some testing.

The results showed that they were compatible with one another, and soon, the surgery was scheduled. After the surgery, Morris spent time with Nicherie and his family before being released from the hospital. The surgery happened in 2018, and in 2022, Morris celebrated the four-year anniversary on Instagram. 

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A Look at KSI’s Secret Girlfriend and Dating History

Originally published on March 23, 2023.



A Look at KSI’s Secret Girlfriend and Dating History

KSI (real name Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji) is a British YouTube personality, rapper, boxer, and actor. He first gained fame through his YouTube channel, where he initially posted videos of himself playing video games, primarily FIFA.

Over the years, KSI has expanded his online presence to include music, vlogging, and comedy. Along with his expanded online presence came lingering rumors regarding his personal life, especially his love life. But, with him not addressing those rumors publicly, the street whispers continue.

KSI’s girlfriend: Who is he dating now?

When KSI’s documentary, In Real Life, was released on January 26, 2023, on Amazon Prime, it grabbed the media’s attention as he provided a glimpse into his personal life, which had been previously concealed from the public. 

One particular aspect that caught the attention of his fans was the news of KSI rekindling his relationship with his undisclosed girlfriend after he had previously mentioned their breakup in a YouTube video. 

A  screenshot from KSI's documentary of him kissing his secret girlfriend's hand.

A screenshot from KSI’s documentary of him kissing his secret girlfriend’s hand. (Credit: the sun)

However, KSI has taken measures to avoid any further disclosure of his personal life, having learned from his past experiences. In a previous YouTube video, he mentioned that his girlfriend preferred to keep their relationship a secret, and the couple has been successful in doing so, leaving no information about her identity for fans to discover.

For now, his fans should be happy that he is happy in his relationship and should respect his decision to keep it away from the public eye.

KSI’s brief dating history

Despite being a famous YouTuber, KSI has only ever had one serious relationship in the past. His most notable relationship was with Seana Cuthbert, whom he began dating in high school and reportedly ended things within 2014. 

KSi and his ex-girlfriend Seana Cuthbert.

KSi and his ex-girlfriend Seana Cuthbert. (Credit: thesun)

As their relationship coincided with KSI’s rise to fame, Seana was featured in numerous YouTube videos, making their partnership public and the subsequent split also public. 

It is believed that the fallout from their breakup is what has led KSI to keep his subsequent relationships private.

Was Anne Marie one of KSI’s girlfriends?

There have been speculations by some fans and sources that KSI may have been in a relationship with famous singer Anne Marie. This rumor arose from their collaboration on a song and their subsequent joint appearances on various shows. 

KSI’s fans took note of their apparent rapport, leading to suspicions that Anne Marie could be the anonymous girlfriend that KSI refers to. However, he cleared the air and confirmed that the two weren’t romantically involved and that they were only working together for a song.

KSI’s initial career as a YouTuber

KSI was born to Nigerian parents on June 19, 1993, in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. He attended Berkhamsted School, where he began making YouTube videos under the name “JideJunior.” KSI’s early videos featured him playing the FIFA video game, and he quickly gained a following for his entertaining commentary and gameplay.

KSI during an interview.

KSI during an interview. (Credit: Instagram)

In 2012, KSI created a YouTube channel named “KSIOlajideBT,” which became his primary channel. He continued to produce FIFA gameplay videos, as well as vlogs, sketches, and other content. 

His humorous and irreverent style of commentary, combined with his entertaining personality, quickly made him one of the most popular YouTubers in the world.

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