American actor Thomas Everett Scott, aka Tom Everett Scott, is well known for his work as drummer Guy Patterson in That Thing You Do!

He also played the protagonist in An American Werewolf in Paris and roles in Because I Said So, Danger One, Boiler Room, Dead Man on Campus, One True Thing, The Love Letter, La La Land, and Clouds.

Scott has established a reputation as one of the industry’s most versatile performers, appearing on the big screen, small screen, and stage.

The talented actor has been married to his wife, Jenni Gallagher, since 1997. A marriage lasting over 2 decades is a rare sight in Hollywood. Here are more details on the pair’s long-lasting marriage. 

Tom Everett Scott and Jenni Gallagher have been married for 25 years 

Scott met his wife, Gallagher, at Syracuse University. Their wedding took place on December 13, 1997. Steve Zahn served as best man at their wedding. The pair have been together for almost 25 years, as of 2022.

Gallagher is an American actress best known for her River Red and Peak Practice roles. Gallagher is from Los Angeles, California, according to Filmifeed. However, there is very little information available on the actress’s life. 

The married couple has also chosen to keep much of their personal life away from the glitz and glam of the media and internet world.

Nonetheless, it’s no secret that the pair shares two children. They have a daughter named Arly Scott and a son named Finn Scott. Arly was born in 2001, and Finn, their second kid, was born in 2005.

The actor often shares pictures with his wife and children on his Instagram handle. And although Scott might have a busy schedule, he usually takes his time to post adorable birthday wishes to his children.

A throwback picture of Tom Everett Scott's wife, Jenni Gallagher, with their children

A throwback picture of Tom Everett Scott’s wife, Jenni Gallagher, with their children (Photo: Instagram)

On his son’s 18th birthday, he posted a picture of Finn with the caption, “Happy Birthday, Finn! 18?! Already?! I am not sure where the time has gone, but so proud of who you’ve become.”

“We love you so much. The world is your oyster. Which is good because you actually like oysters! Have a great day, bud,” he added.

Likewise, he wished his 21-year-old daughter on her birthday by sharing her picture. Arly is an upcoming singer, and her YouTube bio describes her as “Arly Scott is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Her style draws from indie rock with elements of pop, folk and alt-americana.”

Tom Everett Scott started his acting career in 1993

Scott was born on September 7, 1970, in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, as the son of insurance sales agent Cynthia “Cindy” and civil engineer William Joseph “Bill” Scott. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1992, studying communications before switching to acting.

After starring in an episode of Law & Order and a Crest toothpaste commercial in 1993, Scott’s first prominent role was as Matthew on the television situation comedy Grace Under Fire for several seasons. He portrayed the main character’s illegitimate son, whom she had adopted.

Scott was cast as Guy Patterson in the 1996 film That Thing You Do! He was almost passed over due to his likeness to the film’s director, actor Tom Hanks, but Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson, persuaded Hanks to put Scott in part.

The 52 years old actor has played several roles in Hollywood drama and series in his long career. 

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