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The Supportive Parents behind Anthony Contreras: A Look at His Family and Siblings

Anthony Contreras is a young talent in the football world, stunning people with his improved performances.



The Supportive Parents behind Anthony Contreras: A Look at His Family and Siblings

Anthony Contreras has been making headlines in the sports industry since his entry in 2015. The Professional footballer who had been playing for the local club Herediano also plays for the Costa Rican national team.

The world got to know about his football skills after his appearance in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. With this popularity, people are curious about his personal life.

The world wants to know where Contreras came from and what kind of parental background he has. Let us find out more about his parents and family details in this article.

Who are Anthony Contreras’ parents?

Contreras was raised by his parents, Don Anthony Contreras (father) and Mildred Enriquez (mother). Although not much is known about them, it is clear that they played an instrumental role in Contreras’ upbringing.

Anthony Contreras' parents supporting their son at his game.

Anthony Contreras’ parents supporting their son at his game (Source: Imgur)

Born and raised in Lomas de Pavas, San Jose, Costa Rica, Contreras has had a passion for football since childhood. His family recognized his potential as a player early on and provided both financial and emotional support to help him pursue his dreams.

Despite their son’s success as a footballer, his parents are not public figures and prefer to keep their personal lives private. As a result, there is limited information available about their background, professions, or other details about their family.

Anthony Contreras is not an only child

Contreras wasn’t raised alone, he has a brother named Ruben Contreras. While not much is known about Ruben, it is clear that he is a supportive sibling who attends his brother’s games to cheer him on.

Despite the lack of information available about Ruben, it is safe to assume that he shares a close bond with his brother. Growing up together, the two brothers likely shared many experiences and supported each other through various stages of their lives.

Costa Rican footballer Anthony Contreras has an athletic build

Contreras is not only a talented footballer but also boasts a fit and athletic physique. He stands at 5’11” and weighs 159 lbs, with a body that he maintains for optimal performance on the field.

Anthony Contreras with the Super Copa trophy

Anthony Contreras with the Super Copa trophy (Source: Instagram)

As a professional athlete, it is essential for him to maintain his body in top condition to ensure he can perform at his best.

In addition to his impressive physicality, Contreras also has attractive facial features. He has brown hair and brown eyes, which complement his overall appearance.

Anthony Contreras has a high net worth

Contreras has made a name for himself in the world of football and has amassed a significant net worth as a result. According to, his net worth is estimated to be around $275 million.

As a professional footballer, the majority of Contreras’ earnings come from his salary as a player. His impressive performances on the field have helped him secure contracts with various clubs, allowing him to accumulate substantial wealth over time.

Given his young age and impressive track record on the field, it is likely that Contreras’ net worth will continue to increase in the future.

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Does NFL Player Ambry Thomas Have a Wife or a Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History

NFL cornerback Ambry Thomas is private about his dating life.



Does NFL Player Ambry Thomas Have a Wife or a Girlfriend? Inside His Dating History

Ambry Thomas serves as a cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL). His college football journey took place at Michigan before the San Francisco 49ers drafted him in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft. 

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Thomas attended Martin Luther King High School, where he played both cornerback and wide receiver. He was part of the 2017 U.S. Army All-American Bowl. His commitment to playing college football led him to the University of Michigan.

For those who are curious about the NFL player’s personal life, dating history, marriage, and other details, below is some information about his wife, girlfriend, and more.

Who is Ambry Thomas dating?

As of this writing, Thomas, the standout player for the San Francisco 49ers, is not currently in a relationship. Despite his success on the field, there is no indication of him being married to a wife, and he is reportedly not dating a girlfriend as well.

While he is open about his family over his social platforms, his lips are sealed when it comes to relationships. His dating life is not publicly known, and he is rarely active on social media platforms and there is no other evidence of his dating history.

It is possible that he chose to keep his dating life away from the public eye. However, the star NFL player is not married to a wife and has no record of being engaged to a girlfriend either. So, it’s safe to assume that his present relationship status is single.

Ambry Thomas has always had a passion for football

Ambry, born on September 9, 1999, in Detroit, Michigan, is the son of Jermaine and Carmen Thomas, as per Yeb Score. He is 24 years old as of 2023. He shares a close bond with his parents, who have been supportive throughout his life, regularly attending his matches to cheer him on.

While details about his siblings are not explicitly mentioned, Ambry did acknowledge having a brother and sister in an interview, though their names remain undisclosed. Besides these details, there isn’t much info about his parents, siblings, and his family life.

Moving onto Ambry’s passion for football, he always had a thing for the sport, harboring dreams of playing in the NFL since childhood. His early years at the University of Michigan, from 2017 to 2018, saw him in a backup role, accumulating 16 tackles and one interception during that period. 

In his junior year, he demonstrated exceptional performance as a defensive back and special teams player, starting all 13 games. Throughout the season, he accumulated impressive statistics, recording 38 tackles, 3.0 for loss, seven pass breakups, three interceptions, and two fumble recoveries.

These outstanding contributions earned him his third varsity letter. Ambry received multiple recognitions from Pro Football Focus College’s All-Big Ten Team as a cornerback after standout performances against Iowa, Illinois, and Maryland.

He was also named co-defensive Player of the Game for his contributions against Michigan State. Notable highlights from the season include a start at cornerback against Middle Tennessee State, where he made significant contributions with one tackle for loss, one interception, and one fumble recovery.

Ambry continued to showcase his skills in various games, making key plays and earning the team’s trust. Choosing to opt out of the 2020 season, he subsequently entered the 2021 NFL Draft to pursue his professional football career.

Ambry Thomas was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in 2021

Ambry was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round, securing the 102nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Subsequently, on July 26, 2021, he inked a four-year rookie contract with the 49ers.

In a notable career moment on January 9, 2022, during the last game of the regular season, he achieved his first career interception by intercepting a pass from Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford in overtime.

This pivotal play contributed to the 49ers’ 27–24 lead, securing their spot in the 2021–22 NFL playoffs. As for his physical stats, Ambry possesses a stature of 6 feet and weighs around 83 kg. Furthermore, he sports black hair and black eyes.

Ambry Thomas’ coach and family are impressed by his hard work 

According to multiple reports, Ambry’s coach and family are happy with his hard work. Coach Mike Zordich said, “Ambry is a real competitor. He is very feisty and another one of our players who I can’t wait to get on the field. He is very athletic and played both ways in high school.”

“He was an excellent receiver on offense in high school, so he is an exciting individual. We are glad to have him at Michigan and look forward to working with him,” he concluded.

Similarly, here are some of the comments by his family about the NFL cornerback. “Ambry has been so dedicated to himself and his goals these past two or three years. He enrolled in classes while maintaining a workout schedule, attending team practices, and taking care of his home and social lives.”

"I don’t know where I’m going… I just know imma Win" - Ambry Thomas

“I don’t know where I’m going… I just know imma Win” – Ambry Thomas (Source: Instagram)

“With hard work and dedication, Ambry was able to enroll early at the University of Michigan, becoming part of a top-notch football program and a phenomenal academic institution. He’s a mild-mannered, monotone individual who plays an aggressive sport, and that has resulted in his transformation to a driven, devoted, confident but not cocky individual.”

“Ambry is a well-rounded, caring, responsible individual who is protective, humble ambitious, and dedicated but is also respectful, mild-mannered, and driven. On the field, he is a skilled player but is also a team player. He is a leader and has no fear of competition.”

“Ambry displays awareness and vision as a player, and he is always focused. Bry is a humble man who sets a great example for his younger siblings and peers. These great examples are set by his excellent grades at school, his achievements in sports and the way he takes initiative at home and on the field,” they concluded their statement.

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Josh Giddey’s Dating Life — Does the NBA Player Have a Girlfriend?

Josh Giddey has stayed away from social media since his rumors about dating a minor.



Josh Giddey’s Dating Life — Does the NBA Player Have a Girlfriend?

Joshua James Giddey, aka Josh Giddey, is an Australian basketball pro currently playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was chosen as the sixth overall pick by the Thunder in the 2021 NBA draft.

He notably holds the record as the youngest player in NBA history to achieve a triple-double, accomplishing this feat at the age of 19 years and 84 days. Additionally, he made history as the first rookie since Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson in 1961 to secure three consecutive triple-doubles.

As of now, Giddey is making headlines for a nefarious reason. Reports have emerged suggesting that the NBA star may have been pictured with a high school sophomore who happens to be underage.

The images were initially shared by an anonymous source, but despite being swiftly removed, they had already been viewed by other accounts. The existence of these photos raises concerns, and his bright professional career could be at risk.

This has also led many to wonder if the young player is dating anyone at the moment. So, is Giddey dating a girlfriend? Here are all the details regarding the NBA player’s dating history!

Josh Giddey of the Oklahoma City Thunder is the subject of an ongoing dispute

The Australian basketball player Giddey has found himself in hot water after a video surfaced online appearing to show him with an underage girl. The video, which quickly went viral, has led to calls for an investigation into Giddey’s relationship with the girl.

According to Youlaif, the girl in the video has been identified as Liv Cook, a 15-year-old high school student. Giddey, who is 21, has not commented on the allegations, but he has shut down his Instagram account.

The videos and photos were reportedly shared on social media, and they quickly went viral. In the video, the girl is seen saying, “Hey guys, I dated Josh, we don’t have to talk about it.”

Fans of Giddey have reacted with mixed emotions, with some supporting him and others criticizing him for his alleged relationship with Cook. Some fans have also sparked a debate about age rules in both the United States and Australia.

Josh Giddey’s release from NBC is a rumor 

The NBA is reportedly looking into the matter and is expected to release a statement soon. If the allegations are found to be true, Giddey could face serious consequences, including suspension or expulsion from the league. 

According to Sportskeeda, despite rumors of his release, Giddey remains a key player for the OKC Thunder. A tweet claiming that Giddey had been released from the Thunder gained traction online, but it was later revealed to be a hoax circulated by a parody account. 

The Thunder organization has not made any official statements regarding Giddey’s status, and he continues to play a vital role in the team’s success. As the Thunder’s primary floor general, Giddey has contributed significantly to the team’s current standing as the second-best team in the Western Conference. 

Oklahoma City Thunder coach Mark Daigneault also declined to discuss the matter. “Personal matter, and I have no comment on it. And that’ll be my comment on anything related,” Daigneault told reporters.

Josh Giddey was rumored to have dated ‘Overtime Megan’

Before all of this, Giddey was rumored to be in a relationship with Megan Eugenio, a prominent social media influencer and sports reporter. Their frequent appearances together and the sharing of photos on social media have fueled speculation about their connection. 

Despite the numerous rumors surrounding their relationship, neither Giddey nor Eugenio publicly confirmed their romantic involvement. However, it was almost evident that the two were a boyfriend-girlfriend duo.

For instance, after OKC’s victory against New Orleans, Eugenio posted a photo with Giddey on social media, expressing pride with the caption: “31!!!!! INSANITY!! super proud of you @joshgiddey.” 

However, a deleted comment from Eugenio responded with a simple “no” and added, “I don’t owe anyone tweets tbh because I know people are going to make everything weird. This is ridiculous because I’ve been in this industry since I was 18. Y’all just say things sometimes just to talk.”

It’s worth noting that Eugenio, also known as ‘Overtime Megan,’ is a 23-year-old TikToker and social media influencer from Massachusetts. She gained recognition through her TikTok channel, ‘overtimemegan,’ where she shares entertaining lip-syncs and dub videos.

Despite the speculations, both Giddey and Eugenio have chosen to keep their relationship status private, neither confirming nor denying the rumors. Besides this, there are no details on Giddey’s dating history and if he had any other GF in the past.

Josh Giddey’s early life and career explored

Born on October 10, 2002, Giddey spent his formative years in Yarraville and completed his initial education at St Kevin’s College in Melbourne, attending from Years 7 to 10.

His journey to becoming one of Australia’s standout basketball talents began at the NBA Global Academy, a renowned training center situated at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra.

Josh Giddey playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder

Josh Giddey playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder (Photo: Instagram)

Concurrently, he pursued his education at UC Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra while dedicating himself to full-time training at the AIS. In April 2019, Giddey showcased his skills at the Australian Under-18 Championships, where he impressively averaged 20 points, 8.3 rebounds, and six assists per game, ultimately leading VIC Metro to victory. 

His prowess on the court continued to shine in January 2020 when he played a pivotal role in the NBA Global Academy’s triumph at the Torneo Junior Ciutat de L’Hospitalet in Barcelona, earning him the prestigious Most Valuable Player (MVP) honors.

Further adding to his accomplishments, Giddey participated in Basketball Without Borders during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago the following month. Notably, he was recognized as an all-star of the camp, underscoring his growing reputation as a promising basketball talent on the international stage.

In a groundbreaking move on March 12, 2020, Giddey signed with the Adelaide 36ers of the National Basketball League (NBL) through the Next Stars program, aimed at nurturing NBA draft prospects.

He became the first Australian player to be a part of this program, turning down offers from various NCAA Division I programs, including Arizona. Giddey’s exceptional talent became evident on April 26, 2021.

On that day, he recorded a triple-double with 12 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists in a game against the New Zealand Breakers, making him the youngest Australian in NBL history to achieve this feat.

His remarkable performance continued in the next game against the Brisbane Bullets on May 1, where he became the first Australian to record consecutive triple-doubles, finishing with 15 points, 13 assists, and 11 rebounds in a resounding 101–79 victory.

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5 Biggest College Football Controversies in History



5 Biggest College Football Controversies in History

College football is no stranger to controversies. It suffered a few big ones since its inception and people still talk about some of them today. From Ponzi schemes to violence, you name it, and college football has it.

It’s not a dig into college football’s reputation, but you have to admit that some of the controversies it has under its belt are just outright ridiculous.

In today’s article, we’ve taken some of the most significant controversies in college football history. Let’s start.

Dexter Manley

Since the NCAA is all about student-athletes, it’s not a mystery that for a student to become an athlete, they need to have good grades first. Sports are important, but education is more essential after all. The NCAA regularly grants scholarships to students worthy of education and to play in football.

However, since this article is about controversies, you should know this is not always true. Case in point: Dexter Manley. Manly was brave enough to tell the world that not only did he get into Oklahoma State undeservingly, but he also made it through four years of college courses without being functionally literate.

Because of this, countless investigations have been done, and a few players got snagged for cheating on their SATs. Of course, this is a big stain on the NCAA’s reputation since they are supposed to champion intelligent students and athletes who are good enough to play ball.

Slick Rick

Rick Neuheisel is known for his micro scandals. Throughout his career as a coach, he has been hit with minor slaps on the wrist for committing several minor violations. Of course, this was possible as his employer didn’t care as long as he was winning. However, when his results began tapering off at the University of Washington, the Huskies began to step away from him and his baggage.

The final straw for the university was Neuheisel lying about interviewing for the head coach position for the San Francisco 49ers. Still, they didn’t fire him for that, but they did right after discovering he was participating and winning in college bracket tournaments. Of course, the NCAA got wind of this and later found out that he was participating in gambling.

Army’s Honor Code

The Army was supposed to be an outstanding football program. In fact, during its peak, it was prevalent among fans and was relatively successful in college football and betting since many people are looking at their college football live betting odds. The Army finished the 1950 season with an 8-1, with its only loss against the Navy.

However, the 1951 season was an entirely different story. In the spring of 1951, it was discovered that 37 of the Army football players had violated the Army’s honor code. Of course, all of them were dismissed. Football became another thing for them then as they finished that next season with 2-7.

Woody Hayes

Woody Hayes is a hands-on coach. He was probably too hands-on since he was known to have violent tantrums whenever he lost. However, his best-known tantrum was when Charlie Bauman intercepted quarterback Art Schlicter. Because of this, Hayes punches Bauman in the throat.

He was so angry because of that play. So angry that he refused to resign after the incident as ordered. You can probably imagine his words when he was ordered to resign. But, as violence is a big no-no in college football, he was fired instead. Should’ve accepted the resignation order.

Nevin Shapiro

Of course, this wouldn’t be about college football’s most significant controversy without mentioning one of the most infamous Ponzi scandals in sports history. The NCAA faced heavy backlash for over-punishing USC after the Bush scandal. But that was ultimately nothing compared to their handling of the Nevin Shapiro case.

As if the Pell Grant fraud wasn’t enough, Yahoo! Sports dropped a huge piece of news. Shapiro, who was, during that time, currently facing a 20-year sentence for his role in a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, was found out to have spent hundreds of dollars in cash and gifts and, in some cases, prostitution on at least 72 Miami student-athletes.

Of course, the public expected a supposed “death penalty” for the Hurricanes. Still, despite all the smoke and mirrors, the NCAA botched their three-year investigation and let the Hurricanes light. In addition to a self-imposed 2011-12 postseason ban, the entire Miami athletic department received a three-year probation.

The football program itself lost nine scholarships and even faced minor on-campus restrictions. Two former assistant football coaches also received a two-year show-cause penalty. It’s pretty light if you ask us.

Final Words

Despite being one of the world’s second most popular football associations, the NCAA and college football in general is no stranger to controversies. Some of them are so big that they are still the topic of some debates today. From violent coaches to prostitution, it seems like college football is just as controversial as its professional counterpart, the NFL.

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