English actress and model Elarica Johnson is best known for her appearances in movies and TV shows like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, EastEnders, My Brother the Devil, AfterDeath, A Discovery of Witches, and Six Days of Sistine.

As of now, she is in the spotlight for her performance in the Starz show P-Valley. In the drama series, she portrays the role of Hailey, aka Autumn Night. Speaking more of it, Johnson has spoken about the colorism she encounters inside and outside the show.

The actress is of mixed ethnicity and holds British nationality — she isn’t from the Southern United States. She grew up in a multicultural area but lived in less cosmopolitan areas. As a result, she has experienced colorism in both the Black and White communities.

Similarly, both Black and White people have commented on the actress’s lighter skin tone. She’s been called a variety of things. Even when Johnson was on the set of P-Valley and heard the dialogues, she knew how it felt, which was not pleasant.

As a result, Johnson found playing a mixed-race woman appealing. In an interview with Brief Take, she was asked about her thoughts on colorism, to which she replied, “It depends on how the person defines themselves; we all have different perspectives on who we are, where we come from, and how we were raised culturally.”

Elarica Johnson’s character address color bias in ‘P-Valley’

One of the more contentious aspects of P-Valley has been its willingness to address color bias. Autumn Night, Johnson’s character, is the central figure who exemplifies the conflict between skin tone and sexual attractiveness in stripper culture.

Speaking to the Meaww, Johnson mentioned that Katori, one of P-Valley’s characters, has done an incredible job of flushing out many of these colorism-related conversations. She added, “Autumn and Miss Mississippi, for example, are both affected by it in different ways.” 

Moreover, Brandee Evans, who plays Mercedes on the show, revealed that she had been turned down for acting jobs because she is ethnically ambiguous.

Johnson claims that the cast did have conversations and that everyone was very open. It gives her hope to see how the rest of the world is debating similar issues.

Elarica Johnson portrayed Autumn Night in P-Valley.

Elarica Johnson portrayed Autumn Night in P-Valley. (Source: Instagram)

She also hopes that the audience will relate to the entire show and all the characters and that people will help drive conversations around questions like, “Oh, that’s not a polite way to refer to somebody” or “that’s not kind.”

And given that we’re discussing skin color right now, what does your skin have to do with who you are as a person and human? What does it have to do with what you can offer society?

Elarica Johnson exits P-Valley

Johnson has left the hit STARZ show P-Valley after two seasons as Autumn Night. The actress told Entertainment Weekly, “I made the decision. It’s something I talked about with Katori. Looking at the scripts this season, the characters’ journeys, and where the Pynk was going, Autumn’s journey seemed to be coming to an end.” 

When she announced the news on social media, the British actress captioned it, “WHAT A RIDE. Proud to have stepped foot into the world of @pvalleystarz. It’s been an insane 3 year journey in the shoes of Autumn Night.”

“Thank you, @katorihall & @starz. I always take a little bit of my characters away with me, and Autumn has left quite a mark. It was my biggest pleasure working with the cast and crew….I’ll save that for a longer post, but for now…,” she added.

Johnson concluded her caption with, “Thank you, everyone, for all the #love (and hate lol) the support for this show is quite incredible. For Autumn Night, this is a #goodbye.”

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