Elarica Johnson, best known for her role as Hailey in P-Valley, has been involved in the dating scandal with well-known rapper MC Harvey. 

Johnson’s career has been very successful, but her love life has been challenging. Her relationship drew much media attention because she was accused of interfering with Harvey and his wife’s marriage.

The actress dated Harvey in 2016 while the latter was going through divorce proceedings with his second wife, Ghamzeh Mahdizadeh. Harvey left his then-pregnant wife just two weeks into their marriage to be with Johnson.

The breakdown of their marriage was only recently made public when Mahdizadeh, who gave birth to their first child, vented about her estranged husband on Twitter.

In response to a tweet congratulating her on the birth of her daughter, Persia, Ghamzeh said, “thank you. I married in August, but already divorcing, lol. Once a cheater, you know the rest. But what matters most is that my baby girl is healthy.”

Moreover, Ghamzeh revealed the identity of the alleged wooer of her man. She wrote, ‘She knew we were married while I was pregnant, but she still [explicit] him.’ Harvey, on the other hand, denied the allegations made against him.  

MC Harvey ditches pregnant for Elarica Johnson.

MC Harvey ditches pregnant for Elarica Johnson. (Source: Twitter)

Whatever happened between Harvey and Johnson, things did not last, and they eventually split after dating for a while.

Is Elarica Johnson married?

As of 2022, Johnson is not married. Except for Harvey, she did not have any public relationships. She could be single because she has yet to meet the right person. The actress is currently concentrating on her professional development.

Johnson has been in the entertainment business since 2008. She made her film debut in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Her acting abilities enabled her to portray the waitress and keep the audience’s attention.

Similarly, the actress has appeared in T.V. shows such as EastEnders, Top Boy, 13 Steps Down, C.B. Strike, The Delivery Man, and Death in Paradise, among many others. She also worked with notable actors such as Robin Wright, Ryan Gosling, Sylvia Hoeks, and Harrison Ford on the film Blade Runner 2049.

Besides acting, Johnson is well-known for her modeling career. She has worked for Piers Nimmo Management, Magnolia ENT, and Public Eye Communications. Her Instagram account was also used to promote products such as Myla + Anais and Curls Like Us.

MC Harvey’s life

Harvey was planning his third wedding after proposing to his girlfriend, Mia. He was previously married to singer Javine Hylton from 2005 to 2006, and the couple divorced after it came to light that he had cheated on her.

As previously stated, he later married his pregnant girlfriend, Mahdizadeh, but they divorced just months after it was revealed that he had been secretly seeing Johnson.

According to the Daily Mail, Harvey has a 13-year-old daughter, Angel, with Javine, and a four-year-old daughter, Persia, with Ghamzeh. He also appeared to confirm that he and Mia have a son named Koa.

As of now, Harvey is spending time with Mia and his children. He also posted a photo of Mia and his children on Instagram with the caption, “Tour finished, Family time in Shropshire.”

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