Brandon Jones was a contestant on ABC’s The Bachelorette’s 18th season, where he was the runner-up. He later returned to the same franchise’s Bachelor in Paradise season 8, where he won.

Coming over to his family life, Jones’s parents have been his rock throughout his life journey. He was born to his parents, Drew Davis and Lara Luna. His family consists of his parents, siblings, and grandmother, whom he calls nana.

Interestingly, his father graduated from the same university as Jones and went on to work as an MP for the institution. On the other hand, there are little to no details about his mother; but she seems to be a cheerful person.

According to his Instagram, The Bachelorette star is close to his family, particularly his siblings, with whom he enjoys spending time. He has a younger brother named Noah Jones and a sister who goes by the name of Destini Luna on Instagram.

On his sister’s birthday in 2017, the television personality posted a photo with her. He captioned the picture, “The little sister finally turns 21. I love your cheese! I’m looking forward to partying with you tomorrow.”

Similarly, Jones shared a photo of himself with his grandmother in 2019 with the caption, “Nana wanted a cute pic under her favorite sign.” The image depicts a close relationship between the two.

After seeing the grandmother-grandson duo, one Instagram user commented, “How cool is your nana! Loved you on the bachelorette! Maybe the most genuine guy I’ve ever watched on there.”

Jones’s father and mother are also active on Instagram, but they have set it to private. His mother and grandmother appear to be Caucasian. However, because Jones seems to have a mixed heritage, we believe his father is of Black or Asian descent.

Brandon Jones’s parents’ role during his ‘Bachelorette’ affair

Jones’s parents appeared on The Bachelorette on November 30, 2021. The show was digging deeper into the suitors’ relationships. His parents guided his romantic journey long before viewers met them.

According to the traveling nurse recruiter on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, they told him to ask for his potential fiancée’s hand in marriage. His mother also made Michelle Young that adorable bracelet.

Similarly, in an emotional moment during The Bachelorette‘s November 23 episode, Jones expressed his wish for Young to meet his late grandfather. However, there was also a few awkward moments between Jones, Young, and their parents.

In one episode, Young took Jones to her house when her parents were absent. They enjoyed a romantic moment in a jacuzzi when her mother and father entered. He later had a one-on-one conversation with Young’s parents, which none of the bachelors had the opportunity to do.

Jones appears to have won both Young’s and her family’s hearts when he asks for their approval if she chooses him in the grand finale.

Is Brandon Jones and Michelle Young still together? 

No, Jones and Young are not together. They split up in The Bachelorette season 18 finale, and Jones later found his new love in Serene Russell in Bachelor in Paradise season 8.

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell are finally engaged.

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell are finally engaged. (Source: Instagram)

Jones and Serene Russell got engaged on an episode of the ABC reality show. Jones revealed to Parade in an interview with Zoon that he has moved in with Russell. 

The couple also stated that they have not set a wedding date but are considering one in 2024. Likewise, they haven’t decided whether they want a traditional church wedding or something unique.

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