Steven Whybrow is a lawyer and has one of the broadest practices at the ACT Bar. He is currently trending in the media as he handles Bruce Lehrmann’s case.

Whybrow worked as a prosecutor in the ACT Magistrates and Supreme Courts for over a decade. He has represented the Crown in approximately 40 Supreme Court trials and over 100 sentences and appeals.

Likewise, he appears in various courts and tribunals, including the High Court, the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and everything in between.

Throughout his career, he has served and continues to serve on numerous professional associations and committees. He has been asked to represent plaintiffs, defendants, businesses, government clients, and insurance companies in legal matters.

Steven Whybrow’s role in Bruce Lehrmann’s case

Whybrow is in charge of the high-profile case of Lehrmann, Australian Liberal Party senior advisor. He previously worked in the office of Senator Linda Reynolds. 

In March 2019, Brittany Higgins, a Liberal Party employee plus colleague, accused Lehrmann of raping her in the Parliament’s office. Higgins remained silent to defend the Liberal Party and herself and eventually decided to speak up and demand justice.

However, in the early hours of March 23, 2019, Lehrmann pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual intercourse without consent against Higgins.

Later, Whybrow requested that the trial begin on June 27 and stated that he had a lot of information to present, and he also said that warrants were required.

Likewise, Chief Justice Lucy McCallum agreed to hold the trial on Whybrow’s requested date, noting that Shane Drumgold SC, the ACT’s director of public prosecutions, expected it to last no more than four weeks.

On the other hand, Higgins was accompanied to court by her partner, David Sharaz, and Heidi Yates, the ACT Victims of Crime Commissioner. Shane Drumgold SC, ACT’s Director of Public Prosecutions and a high school dropout turned top prosecutor, is leading the prosecutions’ fight against the accused.

Is Steven Whybrow married? 

Steven Whybrow has not revealed his marital status, and no information about his wife has surfaced on the internet. As a result, we can assume Whybrow is single.

According to his social media handles, he has not posted anything about his girlfriend or wife. Likewise, there has been no online gossip about the lawyer dating other girls in the past.

Chief defender Steven Whybrow and junior counsel Katrina Musgrove.

Chief defender Steven Whybrow and junior counsel Katrina Musgrove. (Source: Twitter)

Whybrow currently seems preoccupied with his legal career and may not have time for relationships.

Steven Whybrow’s net worth in 2022

As Whybrow has been a lawyer for a long time, he may have a net worth in the millions of dollars, but he has yet to reveal his exact net worth.

The lawyer has won notable cases, including Derrick v. Westpac Banking Corporation in 2006, NSWIRComm 76, Derrick v. ANZ Group Limited in 2005, and The Clarke Inquiry into the Case of Dr. Muhamed Haneef in 2008. 

The average Personal Trainer salary in the United States was $151,586 as of September 26, 2022; however, the average compensation range is between $132,095 and $169,361. As a result, one can assume that Whybrow’s salary falls within the mentioned range.

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