Kristie Lu Stout is an American journalist and CNN International newscaster. She presently hosts Marketplace Asia as well as other feature shows.

She formerly presented the daily news show News Stream, which focused on technology news, and the monthly news debate program On China.

Stout is a household name and a day-to-day face in many houses in America and worldwide. Take a look into the famous CNN journalist’s relationship, married life, daughter, and more.

Kristie Lu Stout is married to a Malaysian-Chinese Man

Stout is a wife and mother. She has been married for more than two decades to a Hong Kong-based lawyer. Her husband’s name is Seung Chong.

Her husband’s ethnicity is Malaysian-Chinese.

There is not much information available about her husband on the internet, nor does she often post about him on her social media account.

According to Featured Biography, the pair exchanged vows on September 1, 2001. Given her public persona, the wedding ceremony remained a mystery.

They have a daughter together named Arabella. Their daughter, Arabella, was born on September 29, 2009. The journalist, her husband, and their almost 13 years old daughter live together in Hong Kong.

While talking to Phil Star in 2018, the newsreader mentioned that she does all her daughter’s shopping online.

“All my daughter’s clothes are from online shopping. I have a nine-year-old daughter (in 2018) so every couple of months, it’s like, what, you’re busting out of your shoes again? So thank goodness for online shopping,” Stout said. 

When talking about her daughter’s screen-timing, the journalist said that she does not allow her access to a cellular connection.

She said her daughter does not need an iPhone and even asked her teachers to give her assignments on paper rather than online to reduce Arabella’s screen time. But now she seems to have an Instagram account as Stout tags her daughter in their pictures.

The teachers responded, “Oh, but it’s optional. You don’t have to do it.”

Stout said she replied, “I am half tiger mom. My mother is tiger mom. I am half tiger mom, she will do the optional homework assignment, but I just want it off-line. And she said, “OK, understood,” in the interview with Phil Star.

Kristie Lu Stout is half Chinese 

Stout was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to a European American father and a Han Chinese mother; as a result, she grew up in a Chinese-speaking environment. Her mother was born in Taiwan to Guizhou-born parents.

The CNN anchor and journalist embodies the concept of a “global citizen.” Stout, born in Philadelphia and raised in California, made the bold choice to relocate to Beijing to regain her Chinese ancestors.

When asked why she relocated to china, the journalist replied to Verve, “I spoke fluent English but had a deep sense of shame that I couldn’t talk to my grandparents in Mandarin Chinese. I moved because I wanted to continue to learn my native language.”

“My professors thought I was crazy. My mother couldn’t understand why I would choose to go back, especially since our ancestors worked hard to leave the country. Now, people feel that I made the right decision and was able to predict the rise of China!” she expressed in her interview. 

“But I only followed my heart. I wanted to go to a place where I could find adventure, challenge myself, and report and encounter new things.”

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