Laura Kavanagh is the 34th Fire Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department. Mayor Eric Adams appointed Kavanagh to the office of Fire Commissioner on October 27, 2022, making her the first woman to occupy that position.

Prior to joining the FDNY, she worked as a Special Assistant to Mayor Bill de Blasio and as Deputy Director in Pennsylvania for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign during the 2012 United States presidential election.

Being the commissioner of one of the busiest cities in the world, people are invested in knowing more about Kavanagh’s life, husband, and more. So here are all the details we can find on the fire commissioner of New York City, Laura Kavanagh.

Is commissioner Laura Kavanagh married?

People are intrigued about Kavanagh’s love life and marriage, as she has been the subject of several headlines in the news and on social media.

The fire commissioner has led a private life and has not revealed personal information to the media or the general public. There is little to no information regarding her marital life.

However, a Facebook post revealed that Kavanagh is married to her spouse, Ross. Kavanagh and Ross married in July 2019 after exchanging vows, according to the Facebook post made by the page named Katie Kav Photography — the page is operated by Kavanagh’s older cousin.

The post was captioned, “Laura Kavanagh and her husband Ross, she’s my younger cousin, as she’s so fond of reminding me, but they were married last weekend and we had such an amazing time, I’m still not over it! There’s nothing like a family wedding!”

She married in an intimate family wedding, wearing a Tracey Bridal floral gown and adorning herself with Loulerie Jewelry.

Laura Kavanagh with her husband, Ross, on their wedding day

Laura Kavanagh with her husband, Ross, on their wedding day (Photo: Facebook)

That said, it still remains a secret as to the couple’s connection and how they fell in love with one other. Furthermore, there is no available information about her children either, so it’s unknown whether or not the couple has any kids.

Laura Kavanagh wanted to become a veterinarian

Kavanagh’s mother was a teacher, and her father was a phone company employee. Her parents raised the New York Commissioner as an only child in San Francisco, and Kavanagh had initially planned to become a veterinarian.

After graduating from Whittier College in California, Kavanagh, who characterized herself as an introvert, purchased a one-way ticket to New York to pursue a master’s degree in public administration at Columbia University.

She began her career in the non-profit sector before joining many municipal, congressional, and presidential campaigns before becoming a special assistant to former Mayor de Blasio, as per her Wikipedia bio

Kavanagh is the first female fire commissioner of New York City

Kavanagh joined the FDNY in 2014 as Assistant Commissioner for External Affairs. Two years later, in 2016, she was named Deputy Commissioner for Government Affairs and Special Projects.

She was named the first Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department on January 31, 2018. After Daniel Nigro’s resignation on February 14, 2022, she was appointed as temporary Fire Commissioner.

Commissioner Kavanagh is an enthusiastic runner who has finished two New York City Marathons and is a regular participant in stair climbs honoring slain first responders and their families.

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