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Bella Poarch Filed for Divorce from Her Husband of Four Years

Bella Poarch said she was single in a 2021 poadcast.



Bella Poarch Filed for Divorce from Her Husband of Four Years

If you use TikTok, you might already know her. For those who don’t, Bella Poarch is a social media sensation and Filipina-American singer.

On August 17, 2020, she posted the most loved TikTok video, in which she lip-syncs to British rapper Millie B’s song ‘M to the B.’ She released her debut song, “Build a Bitch” in May 2021.

She has the most TikTok followers in the Philippines. She has over 90.8 million followers on TikTok as of July 24, 2022, making her the third most-followed individual on the app behind Khaby Lame and Charli D’Amelio. 

In 2021, she secured a record deal with Warner Records. Recently, Bella’s life has appeared on display to her 92 million followers, but her marriage is her best-kept secret – until now because she has filed for divorce. It took all her fans by surprise to find out Bella was married all this time. 

Bella Poarch has been married for four years

According to court documents acquired by TMZ, Bella filed papers in Los Angeles County to break her almost four-year marriage to Tyler Poarch. On November 2, Bella filed a petition for divorce from her husband.

The TikTok singer cites “irreconcilable differences” as the basis for her split from her husband of four years. Notably, there are no photographs or videos of the pair on Bella’s TikTok or Instagram sites, and there are no photos of her wearing a wedding ring.

According to the divorce papers, she and Tyler married in January 2019. And, if social media indicates, she appeared to be in excellent spirits two days before the wedding, posing for an Instagram mirror flip.

She does not want either to pay spousal support because the couple did not have children.

Fans have found out the supposed pictures of Bella Poarch and her husband 

Since the news of Bella’s divorce, fans have dug out many pictures of her with a man that is supposedly her soon-to-be ex-husband, Tyler. The images have gone viral online, and many tea pages are also seen using them. 

“Is Bella Poarch married to this man?” a fan asked, posting pictures of the TikTok star and the man the internet has assumed to be Tyler. 

However, many fans still cannot believe that the singer was always married and kept it secret all this time. “Miss Bella really knows how to have privacy. No one ever suspected she was married,” said a fan, following many others who had similar reactions. 

We can see the internet being taken over by Bella’s fans, who are surprised by the fact she’s married and, not only that, getting a divorce. 

However, Bella does not appear to have officially acknowledged having a husband. Aside from some allegations about her and Tyga last year, her public love life has been very quiet.

However, Bella previously stated on the H3 Podcast in 2021 that she had been single for nearly a year. She recalled two relationships in the Navy, the second of which ended when he found out she was leaving the service for mental health reasons.

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Sienna Mae Gomez’s Pregnancy Rumors – Is She Having A Baby With New Boyfriend Cole Hosman?

Sienna Mae Gomez addressed the rumors of her pregnancy.



Sienna Mae Gomez’s Pregnancy Rumors – Is She Having a Baby with New Boyfriend Cole Hosman?

American social media personality Sienna Mae Gomez is rumored to be pregnant after she posted a picture of her boyfriend kissing her stomach on Snapchat.

Gomez shared a Snapchat photo of herself wearing a white two-piece on January 4, 2023. In the picture, her boyfriend, Cole Hosman, was kissing her stomach while she was taking a mirror selfie.

As soon as she posted the photo, it went viral, and many fans assumed she was pregnant. Similarly, TikToker Amanda Christine reposted the photo on her TikTok.

Following the TikTok video, one follower commented, “awww hopefully she is, she’s been so happy with him,” while another said, “I feel like it’s more of a body-positive thing like kissing on her stomach idk.”

Sienna Mae Gomez debunks pregnancy rumors.

Sienna Mae Gomez debunks pregnancy rumors. (Source: Instagram)

After a few days, Gomez herself debunked the pregnancy rumors. On January 12, 2023, she posted a video stating that she was not pregnant and instead promoted her swimsuit merchandise with the promo code “notpregnant” for a 20% discount.

Following Gomez’s post, some of her followers thought it was funny, while others thought it was cringe.

“Lord, I almost had a heart attack,” one social media user wrote, while another said, “Best promotion ad ever.”

Moreover, many people thought the couple looked cute together and were curious about their love life.

Inside Sienna Mae Gomez and Cole Hosmans’ relationship

Gomez first posted a photo of Hosman on August 25, 2022. She took to Instagram Stories to share a mirror image of herself lying in bed with her boyfriend on top of her. Since then, the social media personality has been posting stories and posts about her dating life.

She also wrote her heart out on her blog, ‘How I Fell for My Boyfriend’ on September 29, 2022. In the blog, she stated that when she met Hosman for the first time, she felt at ease, as if they had known each other for a long time.

Sienna Mae Gomez is madly in love with her boyfriend, Cole Hosmans.

Sienna Mae Gomez is madly in love with her boyfriend, Cole Hosmans. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Gomez believed she was at ease because she took the time to figure out what she wanted after ending her previous relationship. The social media personality stated that she did not fall in love with her new boyfriend but chose to love him.

Sienna Mae Gomez’s net worth and earning

Gomez has a net worth of under $1 million. The primary source of her income is from TikTok and Instagram. She is mainly known for her dancing and body positivity videos on Tiktok.

As of this writing, she has 13 million followers and 1.1 billion likes on Tiktok. She is also well-known on Instagram, where she has 1.1 million followers.

Sienna Mae Gomez is the owner of Siennaswim.

Sienna Mae Gomez is the owner of Siennaswim. (Source: Instagram)

Gomez is not only a well-known figure on the internet but also the owner of Sienna Swim. Siennaswim has an Instagram account with 35.5k followers and is all about high-quality swimwear for women of all sizes. Her company is expanding daily, and her products receive numerous positive reviews.

Furthermore, Gomez has a merchant shop for her fans where she sells fashionable quality t-shirts, phone covers, backpacks, and others. She might also generate additional income from her merchant shops and swimsuit business. As a result, the social media influencer’s net worth may increase significantly in the near future.

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How Did TikTok Star theylovesadity Die? Cause Of Death And More Discussed

All you need to know about theylovesadity’s death.



How Did TikTok Star theylovesadity Die? Cause Of Death And More Discussed

TikTok star Asia LaFlora, also known as theylovesadity on the internet, passed away on January 5, 2023.

According to Distractify, theylovesadity’s dead body was discovered in California, United States. Her aunt confirmed the news of her death and created a GoFundMe page.

The post read, “It’s with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we have to share the unexpected passing of Asia LaFlora on 1/4/23. Asia was a loving, beautiful, smart, and intelligent person. A life so beautifully lived and deserves to be beautifully remembered.”

As of this writing, theylovesadity’s GoFundMe page has raised $12,758.

Following the news of theylovesadity’s death, many of her fans were curious to learn what caused the TikTok star’s death.

Theylovesadity’s cause of death 

The investigation revealed that theylovesadity allegedly shot herself in the head with a gun. As no evidence of foul play was discovered, the cause of the tiktok star’s death was determined to be suicide. 

Theylovesadity committed suicide on January 5, 2023.

Theylovesadity committed suicide on January 5, 2023. (Source: TikTok)

Before her passing, theylovesadity frequently shared videos about loving oneself, maintaining a positive body image, and sharing personal details about her relationships and life. She had over 551,000 TikTok followers and nearly 50,000 Instagram followers before her account was deleted.

Theylovesadity last shared a tiktok of herself miming the song titled, ‘Misunderstood till I die’ on January 2, 2023. She was always full of joy and positivity and never mentioned her depression or personal issues in public.

Fans mourn Theylovesadity’s death

After learning of Theylovesadity’s death, fans were left speechless and could not believe the news of her death. One user wrote: “Nah, waking up and finding out theylovesadity aka Asia, passed, just hurt that girl. Tiktoks actually helped me when I was so unsure about my body.”

Likewise, people quickly recalled some of her videos and how she influenced their lives. One person said, “The news of theylovesadity really broke my heart because she’s literally been such a confidence booster and inspiration to many people. she took her life and was fighting battles. that shows you never know what’s going on with loved ones. pls check on y’all ppl. RIP, pretty.”

In addition to her fans, one of Theylovesadity’s friends, Kalarene, stated, “I love you so much, Asia.. blood couldn’t make us any closer. Words can’t explain… why you have to do this. I’m broken, I’m hurting, I’m angry. I wish you knew how much you mean to the world .. how much you mean to me. forever your world.. I can’t even fix my fingers to type it, but yk it’s forever you; never forget my baby. I love you, sis.”

Theylovesadity’s age and family 

Theylovesadity was only 18 years old when she passed away. Her family was devastated after hearing the news of her death. However, no one in her family has addressed the situation or suggested possible explanations for her suicide.


Anws .,, Yt link in bio babies❤️

♬ What you heard – Heavystrike

In terms of her personal life, Theylovesadity did not appear to have a boyfriend at the time of her death, at least not publicly.

But she had made a few videos about relationships, such as the tiktok lipsyncing video to the song ‘What You Heard,’ which she posted on December 11, 2022.

Along with the post, she wrote, “Getting into a relationship and losing yourself by letting shyt slide.” This implies that she was once in a romantic relationship.

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Inside Devon Lee Carlson and Rumored Boyfriend Duke Nicholson’s Relationship

Devon Lee Carlson had a six-year relationship with Jesse Rutherford.



Inside Devon Lee Carlson and Rumored Boyfriend Duke Nicholson’s Relationship

American fashionista and YouTuber Devon Lee Carlson has found love in Duke Nicholson.

Carlson is dating Nicholson after splitting up with The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford, who is also rumored to be dating Billie Eilish.

The YouTuber and Nicholson’s romance rumors emerged when they were photographed sitting next to each other at a Burberry dinner in New York City. Sometime later, they were also spotted cuddling around Los Angeles at the launch of Carlson’s Réalisation Par collaboration.

People began to take the rumors seriously after Carlson posted a photo dump soft launch of herself and Nicholson on Instagram. She was posing next to him in a don’t judge a Girl by her clothes mini dress in the photo. However, she had yet to show the face of Nicholson at that time.

She posted a selfie with Nicholson again on December 18, 2022.

This time, she revealed her boyfriend’s face. Following the post, many renowned personalities, including Sophia Roe and Rachael Maurer, said they look great together.

Meet boyfriend Devon Lee Carlson’s boyfriend, Duke Nicholson

Carlson’s boyfriend Nicholson is a significant part of the Hollywood family. His grandfather is three-time Oscar Award-winning actor Jack Nicholson.

He is also the son of Jennifer Nicholson, a fashion designer. Similarly, Carlson’s boyfriend followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and became an actor.

Duke Nicholson is the grandson of Oscar Award-winning actor Jack Nicholson.

Duke Nicholson is the grandson of Oscar Award-winning actor Jack Nicholson. (Source: Instagram)

Nicholson starred his acting career in The Dandy Warhols: Cather in 2016. Later, in 2018, he co-starred in the short film The Great American Mud Wrestle with Uncut Gems breakout Julia Fox.

He was also seen in the 2019 horror film Us, directed by Oscar winner Jordan Peele, as Danny/Tony.

Nicholson is a rising star but is not active on any social media platform, including Twitter and Instagram.

Devon Lee Carlson’s dating history

Carlson previously dated Rutherford before meeting Nicholson. Rutherford and Carlson began dating in 2015. The couple frequently discussed their relationship on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. They inspired many people, from their love to their fashion sense.

Similarly, the ex-couple was dubbed “2019’s most 2019 duo” by GQ.

However, Carlson’s TikTok profile was changed in November 2021, sparking rumors about their alleged split. The bio that once said  “Jesse’s girlfriend” was removed from her account. Carlson also removed a few of the singer’s images and videos from her page, exacerbating the situation.

Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson were the internet favorite couple.

Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson were the internet favorite couple. (Source: Instagram)

They had amassed a sizable fan base by the time they split in 2021, and the news of their split impacted that fan base.

Carlson discussed her breakup with Rutherford on the Call Her Daddy show and described it as the most mutual breakup ever. She also joked about seeing someone “exclusively” for a while.

Carlson and Rutherford have moved on and are now dating, respectively.

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