Pastor John Gray is a well-known author who was admitted to the Coronary Care Unit after a saddle pulmonary embolism.

Gray had a saddle pulmonary embolism, which is a rare type of artery blockage in the lungs that can be fatal.

According to Gray’s wife, Aventer Gray, his condition was life or death. She also stated that if the embolism had moved to Gray’s left side, it would have harmed his heart, whereas if it had moved to his right, it would have harmed his lungs and blood flow.

What does Aventer Gray have to say about Pastor John Gray’s health?

Pastor John’s wife shared a heartfelt Instagram message after he was admitted to the hospital. She wrote, “My family and I are in desperate need of a miracle. Please remember to pray for my husband.”

She also revealed that he is currently in the Coronary Care Unit and will require two types of surgeries due to heart pressure.

Likewise, the doctor stated that people died after walking into the hospital in the same scenario he did. The doctor also thinks that God has to keep him awake all night because he can’t move, not even go to the bathroom.

Following a near-fatal saddle pulmonary embolism, the Relentless Church leader returned to his South Carolina pulpit on August 14 with gratitude and an apology.

Supporters of Pastor John Gray share hopeful social media messages.

Following the news of Pastor John’s hospitalization, Fast & Furious actor Tyrese Gibson posted a lengthy statement alongside a photo of Pastor John holding his newborn daughter Soraya.

He wrote, “My brother, my Pastor, my selfless man of God is critically ill, but I know that Jesus Christ can cover and heal you from any condition. He added, “This man of God will get through this, thanks to every surgeon, nurse, and anesthesiologist.”

Tyrese Gibson wished for John Gray's quick recovery.

Tyrese Gibson wished for John Gray’s quick recovery. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, DeVon Franklin, a producer, responded to Aventer’s post: “Lord, please perform a miracle for your son John!! We need him, and he needs you right now! Heal him in the name of Jesus!”

Moreover, others expressed their support for Pastor John’s recovery by posting emoji prayer hands or writing that they were praying.

Pastor John Gray gets a Fresh perspective on life 

Pastor John’s hospital stay gave him a new perspective on life and faith. He preached about the church’s brokenness and spiritual blood clots that stymie spiritual efforts, such as bitterness, unforgiveness, and envy.

He stated that despite the rush of emotions that accompanied his return home, he felt at peace. He said, “My soul is at peace. I am aware that heaven exists.”

“Having a theoretical construct of what you believe in is one thing; having a strong internal compass that confirms it is real is another; and still another is actually seeing it with your own eyes and consciousness. It confirms to me that what I’ve dedicated my life to is genuine.”

Furthermore, his wife told the congregation at Relentless Church that her husband was making significant progress because of them. She also told churchgoers, “Your prayers touched heaven, and God is doing some miraculous things. We have a long journey ahead of us.”

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