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What Happened to Royce Reed and Ex Boyfriend Dwight Howard’s Son Braylon?

Royce Reed stated that she was not arrested in connection with the child neglect case.



What Happened to Royce Reed and Ex Boyfriend Dwight Howard’s Son Braylon?

American TV star and dancer Royce Reed is well known for her past relationship with famous basketball player Dwight Howard. As of now, Reed has been embroiled in a child neglect case involving her son, Braylon Howard, whom she shares with Dwight.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida charged Reed on March 10, 2022, with a third-degree felony of child neglect. But what exactly happened? As per court documents acquired by The Shade Room;

“Royce Reed’s young son has an alleged history of inappropriate sexual conduct with minors, that came to a head last year when he allegedly made the minor son of Royce’s boyfriend perform a sexual act while the two boys were at Royce’s home.”

And when investigators interviewed Braylon, he recalled his actions, saying he made the minor child [name withheld] “masturbate me because” he was angry at him. He also revealed that this type of incident had already happened two times.

“Elsewhere in the interview, Royce’s son said that ‘anger triggers him into acting out sexually,'” The Shade Room further added.

As a result, Reed is being held accountable for child neglect because a judge previously forbade Braylon to be allowed near children two or more years younger than him without adult supervision.

“Her son and the minor child had been together multiple times throughout the last year, despite him being required not to do so,” the report from The Shade Room stated.

Royce Reed addresses child neglect charge

Reed recently addressed turning herself in to the police on a felony child neglect charge. She claimed her now-viral mugshot was not the result of an arrest.

She stated on Instagram, “This is something I should not have to deal with or address. I was never arrested, and I had no choice but to surrender. Regarding the photo, I was terrified and cried like a baby. I don’t like that life, but I did it, and we’ll get through it.”

Likewise, the actress captioned the post, “I’m eager to resume doing comedy reels and TikTok, but first, I need to consult with my attorney, Andrea Black.”

Moreover, she took to Instagram to discuss Howard’s behavior toward his son. She wrote on Instagram about how Howard constantly ignores their son.

She said, “I raise him with love, not money.” Reed continued, explaining how Braylon was disappointed when Howard did not see him even when he was in town.

Braylon has a sour relationship with his father Dwight Howard

In the same interview conducted by Police, Braylon was asked when he last saw his father. And Braylon reportedly said the last time he saw him was “when he was in town for a basketball game, which was a while ago.”

Dwight Howard traveling with his son Braylon.

Dwight Howard traveling with his son Braylon. (Source: Twitter)

Braylon claimed he had spoken with his father since their fight. As of this writing, Dwight is yet to make any comment on this disturbing controversy involving his child.

Previously, Reed and Dwight have been in the spotlight as they fought over custody and child support. In 2014, it was reported that the basketball star had whipped his son with a belt, leaving him with bruises on his leg.

In 2020, Braylon again spoke against his father and mentioned Dwight had neglected him. He said, “As of right now, I hate you. And I’m not saying this because someone told me to. I actually hate you. You don’t talk to me at all. You don’t ever play with us.”

To those accusations, the basketball star replied, “I’ve never been that type of person. I lost one of my son’s mom…passed away earlier this year, and I was given the responsibility of having my son with me full-time. And he really has changed my life.”

“He was one of the biggest reasons why I was able to go out there and help this team win the championship. There’s no way I could be the person that people say I am,” he added.

Dwight also stated that he had not contacted his son to clear things up. He said, “It’s a lot of things that are going on, but it’s personal, and I’d rather keep that side out.” In the end, he publicly said that he loved Braylon.

Sumila is a Nepal-based freelance content writer and lifelong learner with an ongoing curiosity to learn new things. She writes on various topics by combining her curiosity with experience from her profession. She has recently completed her Bachelor's in International Business Management from Herald College.

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Who Is ‘Married to Medicine’ Star Anila Sajja? Meet Her Husband

Anila Sajja is living in a $2.5 Million house with her husband!



Who Is ‘Married to Medicine’ Star Anila Sajja? Meet Her Husband

Anila Sajja is a prominent Indian-American figure in the world of fashion blogging, influencing, and reality television. Currently based in Atlanta, United States, Sajja gained widespread recognition when it was revealed that she would be part of the cast for Season 8 of Married To Medicine, which premiered in March 2021.

The American reality television series Married to Medicine made its debut on Bravo TV on March 24, 2013, and has since become a prominent franchise. The show offers an intimate look into the lives, both personal and professional, of several women within the Atlanta medical community.

The eighth season, renewed on January 13, 2021, and premiered on March 7, 2021, introduced Sajja as one of the main cast members. A new chapter unfolded on May 12, 2022, as the show was renewed for a ninth season, which premiered on July 10, 2022.

Meet ‘Married to Medicine’ star Anila Sajja

According to Bravo TV, Sajja hails from Savannah, Georgia, and proudly embraces her Indian-American heritage. After graduating from Mercer University, she made a significant impact in the corporate realm, particularly in the cosmetic and fashion industry, securing a global executive position. 

Sajja has not disclosed any specific details about her date of birth, due to which her age and birthday remain unknown. That said, she identifies as an American with Indian heritage and proudly embraces her Indian-American ethnicity.

Born to Mahesh Bihari Mathur and Manjula Mathur, Indian immigrants settled in Savannah, Georgia, Sajja celebrates her roots. Besides these, there isn’t much info about her parents and if she has any siblings. She keeps her family life a secret.

According to The Famous Info, the reality TV star stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) and weighs 58 kilograms (127 pounds). She pursued her education at Mercer University, earning a degree in Computer Information Systems.

While she started in a different field, she eventually transitioned to make her mark in the fashion industry. Despite her success, Sajja decided to pursue her true passion for fashion, leveraging her creative vision to transform it into a thriving career as a fashion blogger and social media influencer.

Her portfolio includes collaborations with various fashion and beauty brands, where she has contributed her expertise to craft innovative content. The source also mentioned that Sajja ventured into entrepreneurship by teaming up with ‘Private Label’ to establish her hair and beauty retail showroom.

In her personal life, Anila found love with Dr. Kiran Sajja, an accomplished oculofacial plastic surgeon, and they recently celebrated nine years of marriage. Together, they are proud parents to two lovely children, 7-year-old Aryana and 5-year-old Avir.

Beyond her professional pursuits, the beauty blogger cherishes her spare time, indulging in family and friends, engaging in Bollywood dancing, exploring new destinations through travel, maintaining a fitness routine, and, of course, indulging in her love for shopping.

Meet Anila Sajja’s husband Dr. Kiran Sajja 

Milan Eyecare Center describes Dr. Kiran as a distinguished Board-Certified ophthalmologist specializing in the medical and surgical treatment of the eyelids, face, orbit, and lacrimal system.

His professional focus at Milan Eye Center is on reconstructive and aesthetic oculofacial plastic surgery, where he has dedicated his practice.

Originally from the Midwest, Dr. Kiran grew up in St. Joseph, Michigan, actively engaging in academic, volunteer, and sports activities within the community. He pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, concentrating on biopsychology and cognitive sciences. 

His medical journey led him to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he earned his medical degree. Dr. Kiran’s postgraduate training included a competitive transitional internship at Northwestern University, followed by an ophthalmology residency at the Illinois Eye & Ear Infirmary at the University of Illinois at Chicago

After residency, Anila’s husband, Dr. Kiran, underwent a highly selective two-year fellowship in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery at the Illinois Eye & Ear Infirmary, mentored by Dr. Allen Putterman.

Dr. Kiran gained extensive expertise in the medical and surgical management of eyelid, facial, orbital, and lacrimal conditions in both adults and children during this fellowship. His proficiency extends to cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery, where he employs advanced and minimally invasive techniques.

Dr. Kiran’s peers recognized his excellence by designating him as one of the “Best Doctors in America” in both 2013 and 2014. Outside of his professional commitments, Dr. Kiran finds joy in spending quality time with his wife, Anila, and his family.

Anila Sajja lives in a $2.5 million mansion with her family

Regarding Anila’s financial status, there are conflicting reports. Republic World suggests her net worth falls within the range of $100,000 to $1 million, while The Famous Info estimates it to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Anila Sajja (Source: Instagram)

Anila Sajja (Source: Instagram)

As for her husband’s net worth, it has been reported that Dr. Kiran has an estimated net worth of between $5 million and $10 million, which means he was probably on the hook for the payment of their huge house.

Following the documentation of Anila’s extensive home-building process in Season 8 of Married to Medicine, she revealed to in April 2021 that although the construction was completed, there were still a few pending tasks for her family. 

Over a year later, on the Season 9 premiere on July 10, Anila shared an exciting update, stating, “We are finally in our new house.” Reflecting on the challenging journey, she described building the house as a three-year struggle, emphasizing the difficulty.

Anila’s husband, Dr. Kiran, echoed similar sentiments about the 14,000-square-foot home. Using the word “regret” to sum up the construction process, he expressed remorse for overspending. Anila disclosed that the original budget was $1.5 million but ended up reaching $2.5 million. 

Despite the financial strain, Anila believes her partner is content with the outcome, stating, “Maybe he’s not happy about the overspending, but he’s happy that his wife and kids are in a beautiful home.” Kiran humorously added, “Yes, I’m happy for you guys.”

Anila Sajja leaving ‘Married to Medicine’

Married to Medicine star Anila has revealed that she will not be returning for the upcoming Season 10, opting to take a break from the show to pursue other opportunities.

The finale reunion special, which aired on November 6, 2022, featured multiple cast members attempting to settle the score. However, Anila, a main cast member in the eighth and ninth seasons, has decided not to continue with the show.

As Per Sports Keeda, Anila shared her reasons, saying, “I have been working on some projects that will give me the FULL opportunity to continue to share my life journey, family, and my Indian culture. My ‘story’ continues whether it is filmed or not.” 

She expressed gratitude to her loyal fans for their support and teased that she has a lot to share with them soon, encouraging them to stay tuned.

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Inside Chrishell Stause’s Family — Parents, Siblings, And Biological Father

Chrishell Stause lost both of her parents to lungs cancer with in a year.



Inside Chrishell Stause’s Family — Parents, Siblings, And Biological Father

Terrina Chrishell Stause-Flipo, known as Chrishell Stause, is an American actress and real estate agent. She gained recognition for her part in the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset, as well as her past television characters, such as Amanda Dillon in All My Children and Jordan Ridgeway in Days of Our Lives.

Acutely aware of the significance of homes, she draws from her own experiences of having faced homelessness in her younger years. Stause is no stranger to the celebrity lifestyle, openly sharing her personal life and consistently remaining in the public eye.

Apart from acting, she also works as a model and is a well-known personality in Hollywood. With such popularity comes fans who are eager to know about her family, parents, siblings, and more. So, here is what we know about her family!

Chrishell Stause comes from a mixed ethnic background

Stause has a very diverse ethnic background. The Selling Sunset star, who revealed on Bling Empire that she is 1/4 Japanese, shared highlights of her journey to Japan on her Instagram stories. 

Chrishell Stause in Brisbane (Source: Instagram)

Chrishell Stause in Brisbane (Source: Instagram)

Expressing sadness at leaving Japan from her recent trip with her boyfriend, she praised the country’s food, people, and efficient governance. Despite being only 25% Japanese, Stause expressed pride in connecting with this aspect of her heritage.

In a family photo, Stause shared more about her background, revealing that her biological father, who is half Japanese and half Spanish, was born in Kure and his mom was raised in Hokkaido. On her mother’s side, Stause is a mix of European and Irish heritage.

She said to PEOPLE, “My Bio dad who I met later in life was born in Kure and his mom was raised in Hokkaido. He is half Japanese and half Spanish. My mom’s maiden name was McCormick so I am a mix of European and Irish on her side.” 

Chrishell Stause revealed she is meeting her Biological father for the first time 

The Netflix series Bling Empire spotlights the lives of affluent East and Southeast Asian Americans residing in the upscale area of Los Angeles, often described as the real-life version of Crazy Rich Asians.

In the seventh episode, the Bling Empire house welcomed Chrishell, who experienced Hot Pot for the first time. The actress, who lost both of her parents to lung cancer in 2019 and 2020, discovered that her stepdad, Jeff, adopted her at birth, and her biological father was half Japanese and half Spanish.

Chrishell first disclosed her Japanese roots on an episode of Bling Empire in 2022, where she expressed regret about not learning more about Japanese cuisine growing up due to being raised by adoptive parents. She also announced her upcoming meeting with her biological father.

Chrishell – raised by her mother Ranae and adoptive father Jeff Stause – endured the tragic loss of both parents to lung cancer. Despite having no contact with her biological father, she considered Jeff her dad and shared a close bond with him.

However, her curiosity about her origins prompted her to embark on a journey to meet her biological father for the first time. When asked about the questions she planned to ask him, Chrishell jokingly replied, “Um, ‘Where have you been all my life?'”

After the meeting took place, she confirmed that she had indeed met her biological father. She shared an update, revealing that the encounter was captured by Selling Sunset but had never been aired.

Despite this, she expressed gratitude for the support and inclusion she felt from those who knew about the meeting.

Chrishell Stause grew up with her two sisters 

Chrishell was born on July 21, 1981, in Draffenville, Kentucky. She pursued her education at Murray State University, where she earned a B.A. in theater in 2003. 

The origin of her middle name, “Chrishell,” is a unique story stemming from the circumstances of her birth. According to popular lore, her mother went into labor at a Shell station, and an attendant named Chris assisted in delivering the baby, leading to her name “Chrishell.”

However, in her book, Stause refutes the gossip surrounding her birth. She clarifies that her mother experienced car troubles and pulled into a gas station. While waiting at the station, she went into pre-labor, and the car attendant genuinely helped her reach a hospital.

Consequently, she was born in a hospital, dispelling the myth of her birth at a Shell station. Before learning about her pregnancy, her mother had separated from her biological father. Jeff, who eventually became Chrishell’s stepfather, played a significant role in her life.

The actress faced challenging circumstances during her childhood, including a period where she missed a full year of middle school and was forced to live in a tent. During this time, she washed her hair in the river, used food stamps, and concealed the hardships of her life from her classmates. 

Her parents struggled with addiction and mental health issues, and at one point, the family joined the Worldwide Church of God when Chrishell was 10 years old.

Chrishell grew up alongside her sisters, Shonda Stause and Sabrina Stause. Amidst the difficulties faced by the family due to the loss of both their parents, the actress found solace and support from her sisters, Shonda and Sabrina.

Shonda, a mom-of-three working as an esthetician, made appearances on Selling Sunset, particularly in Season 3. In Season 3, Shonda briefly housed her sister following the news of her divorce, becoming a fan favorite in the process.

Despite the challenges, staying with Shonda renewed Chrishell’s hope for a family of her own. Chrishell’s younger sister, Sabrina, hasn’t appeared on Selling Sunset, but she is often seen in photos with Chrishell.

While little is known about Sabrina, she shares a close bond with her sisters. The Stause sisters faced considerable challenges during their childhood, experiencing homelessness multiple times. 

In 2003, Chrishell moved to Los Angeles, and by 2005, she secured a role on the ABC soap opera All My Children, followed by joining the cast of Days of Our Lives in 2013. Despite achieving success in her acting career, Chrishell continued to grapple with financial worries, mentioned Distractify

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Is TikTok Star Lisa Mia Using Husband’s Death for Clout? Here’s What Happened

Lisa Mia was never married to her late partner Robert Brewer.



Is TikTok Star Lisa Mia Using Husband’s Death for Clout? Here’s What Happened

Lisa Mia, a prominent TikTok user, shared a devastating story on the platform about Remembrance Day, shedding light on her late husband, Robert Brewer, whose death has now gained attention on the video-sharing platform.

In the video, Mia entered a Starbucks, announcing it as National Remembrance Day for homicide victims. She expressed her desire to pay for the person behind her in line, using the opportunity to share the tragic story of her late husband.

She emphasized her intention to show love and let others know someone is always watching over them. The video ended with her in tears, receiving words of appreciation from the barista for her emotional openness.

The TikTok community had mixed reactions to the TikToker’s video, some deeming it inappropriate while others praised her bravery in sharing her emotions. This has catapulted Brewer into the spotlight, prompting many to inquire about him and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Who was Lisa Mia’s late husband Robert Brewer?

Brewer, the now-late husband of Mia, gained attention due to her recounting of his tragic death on Remembrance Day. Described in his official obituary as a “kind and trusting soul,” he had aspirations of becoming a professional musician and was known for his culinary skills.

Although not formally married, Mia and Brewer had plans to marry before his untimely death, as mentioned in HITC. Initially hesitant to label him as her husband due to the lack of official documentation, the TikToker eventually embraced the term, acknowledging the depth of her love for him.

The tragic incident leading to Brewer’s death occurred at a drug party in Brandon, Texas, according to the Tampa Bay Times. He fell victim to a brutal assault involving multiple stabbings, gasoline dousing, and setting on fire.

Tragic death of Lisa Mia’s husband Robert Brewer

The incident occurred long before the TikToker shared it on her instagram. According to sources, Brewer was killed on May 4, 2010. The attacker responsible for Brewer’s death, led by Kasey Ackerman, initiated the assault at a gathering where Xanax and marijuana were being used, as per The Sports Grail. 

The motive behind the attack stemmed from Ackerman’s belief that Brewer was making inappropriate advances towards his ex-girlfriend. Driven by anger, the attackers subjected Brewer to multiple stab wounds. Despite the severity of his injuries, Brewer, astonishingly, remained alive.

Subsequently, they placed him in a duffel bag and discarded him in the garbage. To conceal their crime, they set the garbage ablaze. Brewer’s lifeless body was discovered by the Brandon Fire Department amidst the aftermath of the fire.

It wasn’t until August 2023, almost over 12 years after the incident, that Mia decided to use TikTok to uplift and inspire others in the wake of her husband’s tragic passing. In September 2023, she paid tribute to her late husband by spreading love and light and giving back to those in need.

Lisa Mia’s post divided her TikTok fans 

Mia’s video on TikTok has generated a divided response among users, leaving some confused. Opinions on the platform were split, with some finding it inappropriate and others commending Mia for her courage in sharing her raw emotions.

One user expressed disapproval, stating, “Absolutely not the time or place,” while another empathized with her situation but advised against sharing such personal emotions with strangers working in a public setting.

They wrote, “I’m so sorry and can’t imagine what that’s like. But do not do that to literal strangers while they’re working.” A questioning tone was echoed by someone else, asking, “Why would you do this to a stranger?”

Likewise, a comment emphasizing concern for the worker read, “The poor worker.” On the other hand, some offered support. One user appreciated her authenticity, writing, “Your giggle laugh turned into a full-on cry and I’ve never wanted to hug someone so badly. Thank you for being you.”

Another user expressed sympathy, saying, “Girl this was so raw. I’m so so sorry.” A comment noted the emotional impact of her video, stating, “The voice crack in ‘she’s watching you’…. Made me bawl.”

Many accused Lisa Mia of using Robert Brewer’s death for views

After the post went viral, the internet did its thing, and people started finding out that she was never married to the deceased. Reddit posts shed light on TikToker Mia.

The post raised concerns about inconsistencies in her story, such as discrepancies in dates and a lack of mention in the deceased husband’s obituary. The people expressed discomfort with the tiktoker’s frequent “trauma dumping” on service workers and questioned the authenticity of her claims.

The post details included finding the alleged husband’s obituary and a Facebook page dedicated to his memory, both of which lack mention of Mia as a wife. The writer also highlighted the misinformation spread by her and questioned the credibility of an article she referenced to defend herself.

One person commented on the Reddit thread, saying, “To be clear, it was uncovered that she dated this man briefly – from February to May – and was Rob’s upstairs neighbor. It was also found in a news article that Anne Marie Brewer – Rob’s girlfriend – was quoted as calling him Romeo because he used to climb up to her window in high school.”

“Cue the outrage when people made the connection that she was stealing the sentiment and posting it in videos hocking her trilogy of books called ‘Juliet Lives.’ Super weird, and, as so many have said, the family is pissed. I have a lot of screenshots, but as I said – she keeps blocking & scrubbing her account, so it’s hard to keep up,” they continued. 

It was way later, after her TikToks went viral when Mia shared that at the time of Robert’s death, he wasn’t legally her husband. Despite this, in the years following Robert’s tragic passing, Mia and his family have been dedicated to sharing his story. 

On September 6, 2023, she posted another video addressing the mourning process for the man she deeply cared about. In the video, she acknowledged that she and Rob weren’t legally married at the time of his death, but they had plans to obtain a marriage certificate before his untimely passing. 

Mia revealed that the absence of official paperwork initially made her hesitant to refer to Rob as her husband. However, after reflecting on the profound love they shared, she decided to embrace the term despite the lack of legal documentation.

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