American actor and singer Dyllón Burnside is best known for his role as Ricky Evangelista in the FX television series Pose and Ronald Flowers in Netflix’s mini-series Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

He has a lot of experience playing characters exploring their sexuality, but the actor has been learning self-acceptance. He discussed his sexual identity as a queer in an interview with Dr. Drew Ramsey, M.D., but he wasn’t always sure how to refer to himself.

He grew up in a household where gender binaries were the norm. He heard a lot of negative comments about queer people in the community, including being told that LGBTQ+ people would be damned to hell.

The actor felt he couldn’t truly express himself for a long time. Later in life, he realized that his life had been the opposite of what everyone had predicted. He had the most blessed life and felt God’s presence.

The Catholic Church has said that same-sex relationships cannot be blessed, but he believes that if God is love and the way to heaven, then love is heaven. Burnside told Gay Time, “I truly believe that love in my life has opened the pearly gates.”

Dyllón Burnside with Zaria at Bloody red carpet event.

Dyllón Burnside with Zaria at Bloody red carpet event. (Source: Instagram)

“Love is not prejudiced, and that is also true for queer love. That has been my experience with gay love; it has been a blessing to me and has brought heaven to Earth,” he added.

Similarly, the actor spoke to MTV News about her queer dating experiences. He said, “I found myself in this place where I was using dating or sex, or connecting with people in intimate relationships as a way to self-soothe….”

“…and distract myself from things that I was dealing with personally or things that I wasn’t dealing with. It’s similar to a drug. I needed a quick hit of validation, some validation of my beauty, worthiness, or value.”

Moreover, Burnside and Daley have released a new single called ‘Heaven.’ The song is about queer love; he believes having a counter-narrative to affirm people in who they are and their loving relationships is essential.

Dyllón Burnside’s dating rumor with Ryan Jamaal Swain

Ryan Jamaal Swain is rumored to be Burnside’s partner after the two shared the screen as a couple in Pose. Since the show’s debut, Burnside and Swain have frequently appeared on each other’s social media pages, along with heartfelt comments and messages about how much they both mean to each other.

Swain posted photos of himself and Burnside and captioned “Love Love.” This could be a cute exchange between friends, but there is more evidence to suggest otherwise.

Following the post, fans commented, “I hope you guys are a couple because you’ll are too cute not to be.” Likewise, another person wrote, “I think they are a real couple.”

Swain has also tweeted, “Watching Ep 2 with BAE, isn’t he so handsome @dyllonburnside @RyanJamaal #POSEFX” to add to the speculation.

Burnside has also tweeted the phrase, “When bae is watching, and you tryna show out! about a scene in which Burnside attempts to impress Swain. Swain has even returned the favor by tagging Burnside in a “When you see BAE” meme.

However, neither Burnside nor Swainhas used the words boyfriend online, so it is unclear whether the duo might be dating or they are just friends.

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