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Eva Marie and Husband Jonathan Coyle Celebrated Their 8th Wedding Anniversary in 2022

Eva Marie might return to WWE as of 2022.



Eva Marie And Husband Jonathan Celebrated 8th Wedding Anniversary

American actress, model, and professional wrestler, Eva Marie married Jonathan Coyle on August 23, 2014. Recently, the couple celebrated their eighth anniversary.

On December 3, 2022, Marie posted a throwback photo of her wedding with the caption, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”

“Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.”

Following the post, many people wished them a happy anniversary. Similarly, Coyle responded, “You are God’s greatest gift to me! Thank you for being such a wonderful wife to me.” The post and comments show that even though Marie and Coyle had been together for many years, their love remained constant.

Furthermore, the couple is open about their feelings for one another on their social media accounts and frequently posts pictures of themselves there.

Coyle posted a picture of him kissing Marie on her birthday. He wrote alongside the post, “Happy Birthday to my incredible wife @natalieevamarie! Your drive, work ethic, and focus are inspiring to witness, but your kindness and loving heart are what makes you exceptional.”

Coyle concluded the post by writing, “I’m beyond proud of you , not only for all your accomplishments, but because of who YOU are as a person and who you continue to become.” 

Eva Marie married Jonathan Coyle

Coyle and Marie first met while working out at CrossFit. He proposed to the actress after only a few months of dating her. They dated seven years before their wedding. 

Both Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle are fitness experts.

Both Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle are fitness experts. (Source: Instagram)

The couple married in Napa Valley, California, on August 23, 2014. Their wedding was the focus of the 2014 season of Total Divas. Likewise, several members of the Total Divas cast attended the wedding ceremony.

Marie revealed on an episode of Total Divas after their wedding that she parted ways with Coyle after her parents and brothers disapproved of her decision to marry Coyle. She said that the men in her family were reluctant to communicate with her and that she had to persuade them.

On the other hand, Coyle stated in his social media wedding post that he was unaware of Eva’s age before becoming engaged.

Eva Marie returns to WWE

Marie’s heelish character made her one of the most talked-about WWE stars. She signed a contract with WWE in 2013 but was released from her contract in 2017. After three years, Marie returned in June 2020 episode but didn’t compete in the ring. 

However, the 38-year-old was included in the company’s November 2021 mass release due to budget constraints. After the release, the former actress kept herself busy. She even appears in a few films, but her interest in wrestling never faded.

Marie posted a video of herself attempting to throw a Lily doll into an open bin on October 14, 2022, claiming that if she succeeds, she will return to WWE. However, it is still being determined whether Marie is just having fun with the fans or if she has been chosen to be the latest return under Triple H.

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Dan Levy Does Not Have a Partner Now despite Having a Great Dating History

While Dan Levy has experienced romantic connections in the past, he is currently embracing the single life.



Dan Levy Does Not Have a Partner Now despite Having a Great Dating History

Since publicly coming out as gay in 2015, Dan Levy has become an influential figure in the LGBTQ+ community. While he has had a noteworthy dating history, fans have been curious if he thinks about dating anytime soon.

As viewers witnessed Levy’s character, David Rose, exchange vows with Patrick Brewer (played by Noah Reid) on the hit show Schitt’s Creek, speculation arose about whether the actor himself had found his perfect match.

In this article, let us discuss his love life, exploring the possibility of a potential partner, a wife perhaps, and shedding light on his journey towards a marital relationship.

Dan Levy has publicly admitted he’s gay

While Levy’s character in the beloved series Schitt’s Creek, David Rose, also identifies as gay, his own experiences also parallel his on-screen portrayal. In 2015, he publicly came out as gay to the public.

In a candid interview on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, he appeared alongside his father, Eugene Levy. During the interview, his father revealed that it was his mother, Deborah Divine, who bravely approached the topic of his sexuality during a lunch date.

Dan Levy posing for GQ

Dan Levy posing for GQ (Source: Instagram)

Without hesitation, Dan affirmed his truth with a resounding yes. His father also shared that his mother had a keen intuition about his sexuality and fully supported him even before he openly came out.

During his high school days, he experienced bullying due to his sexuality. The prejudice and mistreatment he faced undoubtedly left a lasting impact.

Dan Levy’s current relationship status is single, with no partner in the picture

As of now, Levy has chosen to remain single, focusing his energy and attention on his career and various creative projects. In interviews, he mentioned that the demands of his work had limited his ability to prioritize his dating life.

Also, Levy has not married anyone yet and might one day find the perfect partner for him.

Throughout his involvement in the hit series Schitt’s Creek, his commitment to his role as both an actor and a writer consumed much of his time and energy. His work obligations took over and left very little room for personal relationships.

He must have time on his hand now that his role in the series Schitt’s Creek has ended. However, we haven’t heard much from the actor about any new relationships or flings.

Dan Levy had a vibrant relationship history in London

During his early twenties, Levy spent time living in London, where he immersed himself in the city’s romantic atmosphere. While there, he went on several dates and embraced the opportunity to explore connections with others.

While he has had a relationship history in the past, his experience of dating in Los Angeles, where he currently resides, doesn’t quite match his personal preferences and expectations.

Dan Levy’s bio

Levy was born on the 9 August, 1983, in the capital city of Ontario, Toronto. He was born to his father, Eugene Levy, a professional actor, and his mother, Deborah Divine, a professional screenwriter.

Dan Levy with his family

Dan Levy with his family (Source: Instagram)

Dan was born and raised in a family of performers and also has professional actress Sarah Levy as his sister. He started his acting career in 2006 and is mostly famous for his role in Schitt’s Creek.

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Percy Hynes White Responds to Sexual Assault and Racism Allegations

Percy Hynes White has been facing major allegations from his fans.



Percy Hynes White Responds to Sexual Assault and Racism Allegations

Percy Hynes White, recognized for his notable performances in films like Edge of Winter and A Christmas Horror Story and his roles in television series such as Between and The Gifted, has found himself at the center of controversy. 

Best known for his portrayal of Xavier Thorpe in the popular Netflix comedy horror series Wednesday, the 21-year-old actor is currently facing a wave of serious allegations. 

Recently, multiple women have come forward to share their disturbing experiences, leading to a growing chorus of voices raising accusations against him. 

These accusations, primarily circulating through a Twitter thread, encompass a range of deeply troubling claims, including coercion of minors, sexual assault, and even instances of racially insensitive language and offensive memes.

Percy Hynes White was accused of sexual assault and racism

The controversy surrounding White intensified when a Twitter user known only as @milkievich made allegations against him, claiming that he had assaulted her and her friends during his time in Toronto, Canada when he was 17 years old.

A Twitter thread regarding Percy Hynes White assault allegations have been going around.

A Twitter thread regarding Percy Hynes White assault allegations has been going around (Source: Twitter)

This initial accusation was a catalyst, prompting other women to come forward with their unsettling encounters involving the actor. These additional stories were referenced and shared by @milkievitch in her now-deleted Twitter thread.

The accusations against him paint a picture of predatory behavior, suggesting that he had organized parties with the explicit intention of getting underage girls under the influence of drugs to take advantage of them. 

These gatherings, referred to as “basement parties,” were allegedly hosted by White and his group of friends, aged between 17 and 20, while the victims were as young as 13 and up to 17 years old.

On TikTok, another account surfaced, supporting the previous accusation against White. These videos were shared by Twitter user @newdiaryentry. 

Among these accounts, the latest reported victim revealed that she attended high school with White. One of the alleged victims had also attempted legal action against him, but no significant actions were taken. 

In addition to the sexual and physical claim against the 21-year-old actor, accusations of racist remarks and other problematic behavior are beginning to surface. 

A distressing video depicting him using a racial epithet and engaging in a racially insensitive roleplay set in a 50s American context has been circulating on TikTok. The video is uncomfortable to watch, portraying simulated violence against a person of color.

Percy Hynes White’s response to the allegations

In his long-awaited response to the allegations of sexual assault and racism, White took to Instagram to share his side of the story. With a heartfelt message on his Instagram, he expressed his deep concerns about the misinformation circulating.

He began by acknowledging that someone he had never met had started a misinformation campaign against him online earlier this year. He revealed the distressing consequences of these claims, including his family being doxxed. 

Percy Hynes White took to Instagram to respond to the allegations against him

Percy Hynes White took to Instagram to respond to the allegations against him (Source: Instagram)

 He further stated that underage photos of him were misused, and instances of him acting in character were falsely portrayed as hateful. 

He also mentioned that his friend Jane, who had tried to correct the record, had been ignored, but she had permitted him to include her in his message.

Asserting his innocence, he adamantly rejected the portrayal of him as a person with bigoted views or criminally negligent towards people’s safety. He emphasized that such baseless and harmful claims could lead to mistrust towards genuine victims.

Fans quickly reacted to Percy Hynes White’s response

The response from fans to White’s statement was swift and varied. When an Instagram gossip page shared his response, fans flooded the comment section with their reactions.

Some fans expressed confusion regarding the situation, as they referenced the presence of what they believed to be substantial evidence against him. They questioned the validity of his denial, with comments such as, “There was so much proof I’m confused.” 

They added things like, “Didn’t the girl say she made it all up? I believe she said it on Twitter. I’m not sure, though.” These fans seemed uncertain about the veracity of the contention and sought further clarification.

Percy Hynes White has been backlash from his fans

Percy Hynes White has been backlash from his fans (Source: IMDb)

On the other hand, some fans remained skeptical of his response and perceived it as a facade. They pointed out that even his mother had liked tweets suggesting that he had made mistakes and changed. 

These fans expressed their disbelief in comments like, “his mother liked tweets saying that he made mistakes and changed. So, this is bs to me.” 

It was followed by “Percy was accused of abusing underage girls at the house where he threw parties amid the pandemic, supporting racism, homophobia, pedophilia, insulting women. 

Soon after, he closed all accounts, deleted likes, and went into hiding. Five months later, he came back with this speech that says nothing and still blames the victims.”

Moreover, fans questioned the timing of his response, as they noted that he chose to address the allegations only after his show Wednesday had premiered.

This raised suspicion among some fans, who commented, “wait, wait, wait… he’s just NOW speaking on this? Wasn’t this earlier when ‘Wednesday’ came out?”

Overall, the fan reactions to White’s response showcased a range of emotions, including confusion, disbelief, skepticism, and scrutiny regarding his statement’s evidence, timing, and perceived authenticity. 

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Amanda Diaz Is Not ‘Ready’ to Talk about Her Break Up with Kio Cyr

Amanda Diaz and Kio Cyr started dating in 2021.



Amanda Diaz Is Not ‘Ready’ to Talk about Her Break Up with Kio Cyr

Amanda Diaz and Kio Cyr were among the most beloved couples on the internet before their infamous breakup rumors went viral on social media.

Recently, Diaz confirmed that the team has separated but does not want to talk about what happened between them or what was the main reason behind the breakup.

Diaz is one of the most recognized makeup artists, social media influencers, and YouTubers. She has a YouTube channel titled Amanda Diaz, where she shares tricks and tips surrounding makeup and beauty products.

On the other hand, Cyr is also a popular social media star who is regarded as one of the most handsome influencers in the world. Their relationship was loved by their fans, and now the breakup rumor has made everyone sad.

Amanda Diaz still getting over Kio Cyr break up

In her recent live video, Diaz revealed that she and her boyfriend, Cyr, have separated and are no longer together. She has revealed that she was moving alone after fans asked her questions on whether they were moving together.

Amanda Diaz reveals breaking up with Kio Cyr

Amanda Diaz reveals breaking up with Kio Cyr. (Credit: Pinterest)

She has also stated that she is not ready to go into complete details on why the pair broke up but confirmed that they are still very close friends and that she still loves her.

She also gave him compliments, thanked him for her personal and professional growth, and acknowledged him for making her the woman she is now. However, she has revealed that when the time comes, she will reveal everything about why they decided to break up.

Fans provide a mixed reaction to Amanda Diaz’s break up

After the news went viral of Diaz and Cyr breaking up, fans started sharing their opinion, and the response is quite mixed.

One comment stated their break up was mainly due to him flirting with Sabrina Quesada and making TikToks with her. They also blame him for moving on without any remorse.

On the other hand, some other commentators questioned why she was hiding their separation for a long time since it was public news for a few months.

Previously, Diaz was adamant that they were best of friends and that nothing had changed between them. However, recently they have stopped making TikToks together, so the relationship is definitely sour behind the scenes.

Kio Cyr responds to break up rumors about Amanda Diaz

Cyr has not responded to the latest live stream of Diaz confirming their breakup; however, before, he used to comment on her Instagram posts to debunk any breakup rumors.

When the rumors started circulating of the internet couple breaking up, he commented ‘gorgeous’ on her post, which was followed by her love emoji, proving they were still together and on good terms.

Now, fans are eagerly waiting for Cyr’s response to the breakup confirmation, but he might have already moved on. The social media fans are quick to point out that he is making steamy TikToks with Quesada, which might mean he has moved on.

When did Amanda Diaz and Kio Cyr first start dating?

Diaz and Cyr first met each other in 2020, however, the details have not been known yet. They started making YouTube videos and became very close friends.

A year later, they started dating as they grew closer. She was very lovable on social media, however, he had several allegations of dating underage girls and even being racist, which is why it was controversial.

The couple used to share each other’s adorable photos on social media, but now they have gone their separate ways.

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