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Landon Barker Faces Backlash for Comparing Taylor Swift to Dominic Fike

Landon Barker faces massive backlash following his comparison of Dominic Fike and Taylor Swift.



Landon Barker Faces Backlash for Comparing Taylor Swift to Dominic Fike

With a musical lineage that traces back to his famous father, Travis Barker, Landon Barker has embraced his musical roots and seamlessly transitioned into social media influence. 

Following his father’s footsteps, he’s embarked on a musical journey taking him to new heights while amassing a devoted online following. 

A quick scroll through his Instagram feed, where he goes by the username @landonasherbarker, reveals a world of aesthetic allure, genuine connections, and a staggering two million followers. 

But as Barker basks in the limelight, recent events have highlighted the nuances of his influence. A seemingly innocuous comparison between two musical artists – Taylor Swift and Dominic Fike – has unexpectedly plunged him into the depths of controversy. 

The waters are heating up, and fans and critics are voicing their opinions, leading us to question: How did a simple musical parallel create such a storm?

Landon Barker compared Taylor Swift to Dominic Fike in his Instagram story

A seemingly innocent Instagram story from Barker ignited a firestorm of controversy. He chose to walk a fine line by comparing two distinct musical forces in a single breath.

As the hype machine whirled around Swift’s #erastour, his bold declaration caught attention: “Dominic Fike > Taylor Swift.” But as word spread like wildfire, the story vanished from his profile. 

Enter Tea to Talk, the Instagram page that specializes in stirring the pot of celebrity gossip. It took no time for fans to flood the comment section, each keystroke dripping with unabashed criticism. 

A disgruntled fan minced no words: “who gives a fuck about his opinion.” Another echoed the sentiment, pointing out his potential craving for the limelight: “he obviously enjoys the attention bc there was no reason for him to post that.”

Landon Barker with his girlfriend Charlie D'Amelio, who is a Taylor Swift fan.

Landon Barker with his girlfriend Charlie D’Amelio, a Taylor Swift fan (Source: CT Insider)

Some fans couldn’t help but draw parallels between actions and allegiances. His attendance at Swift’s concert became scrutinized despite his stated preference. 

A notably sardonic fan noted, “his gf being a swiftie and him going to her concert makes this funnier.” 

The criticism turned toward his motivation, with one cutting remark emphasizing the essence of Swift’s success: “Wtf, this nepo baby couple days ago was singing and dancing at Taylor’s concert and now doing trash talk.”

“Landon, for your information, she is successful because of her talent, not because of her dad.”

Yet, in this sea of discord, loyal supporters of the Barker clan rallied behind him, offering a counterpoint to the digital abuse. A defender’s plea emerged: “i love taylor but leave my boy Landon alone it’s his opinion.” 

In the kaleidoscope of opinions, it’s evident that his Instagram story had effectively tapped into a rich well of emotions and perspectives, illustrating the power of words in the age of social media.

Dominic Fike and Taylor Swift’s concert happened simultaneously in LA

Los Angeles, renowned as the playground for the entertainment industry’s elite, bore witness to an intriguing overlap that left music fans torn between two magnetic forces – Fike and Swift. 

With their respective concert tours tracing vibrant arcs across the calendar, fate whimsically led them to a shared moment of spotlight in the City of Angels.

Both dominos of destiny were poised to fall on the exact dates, yet separated by the sprawling landscape of Los Angeles. 

Taylor Swift performing on The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift performing on The Eras Tour (Source: British Vogue)

On the 8th and 9th of August, the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles resonated with Fike’s soulful tunes, captivating hearts under the open sky. 

Simultaneously, in a larger-than-life spectacle, Swift’s harmonious symphony enveloped the SOFI STADIUM, echoing through the vast expanse of her adoring fans.

And as the calendar flipped to August 9th, the repercussions of the stadium bore witness to a continued harmonious dance, this time with HAIM and GAY completing the ensemble.

As the nights unfurled and the melodies merged, Los Angeles found itself a dual recipient of artistic brilliance. 

Dominic Fike has a tour itinerary of four months

Fike unveiled a tour itinerary that stretches across a vast expanse of time and space.

The Don’t Stare At The Sun Tour emerged as a four-month odyssey, a journey that paints a vivid picture of his sonic pilgrimage through some of the most electrifying corners of the world.

The tour’s inception in July launched Fike into a frenzy of music and motion, igniting the stage at the TCU Amphitheater in Indianapolis, IN. 

Dominic Fike performing during a concert

Dominic Fike performing during a concert (Source: The Panther News)

From there, the rhythm of his travels matched the rhythm of his melodies, syncing up with stages that bear names like Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Skyline Stage at the Mann in Philadelphia, and Prospect Park in New York City. 

The bustling energy of cities like Boston, Baltimore, and Raleigh was graced by Fike’s magnetic presence, with an intimate dance between artist and audience each night.

His sonic expedition found its crescendo across oceans, reaching the UK and Europe. In September, he has plans to carry his melodies across the Atlantic, in Glasgow, London, and Paris, providing new stages for his stories. 

October marks the grand finale of this musical escapade, where Fike’s journey reaches a closing crescendo.

Aayushree Chaulagain is a part of the content writing team at GB Issue. She has previously worked on various blogs writing content on celebrities, sports, and relationships. Although it may seem a little mainstream, she loves books.

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Pregnant Whitney Cummings Reveals Baby Gender and Boyfriend

Originally published on June 29, 2023.



Pregnant Whitney Cummings Reveals Baby Gender – But Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Whitney Cummings, celebrated for her audacious humor, recently captivated the public with a personal revelation. Adding to this joyous occasion, she confirmed that her loving partner in this journey is her boyfriend, Alex Barnes.

On the memorable occasion of June 20, 2023, Cummings, radiant with joy, graciously shared the heartwarming news of her pregnancy, joyously anticipating the arrival of her first child. 

This monumental announcement has sent waves of excitement surging through the hearts of her ardent admirers, who find themselves both delighted and curious.

As the world eagerly awaits the arrival of her baby, an inquiry inevitably arises: who is her boyfriend? and as she embarks upon the exhilarating journey of motherhood, her followers eagerly anticipate the next chapter in her remarkable life.

Whitney Cummings did a baby gender reveal on Instagram

In a delightful continuation of her pregnancy journey, the radiant Cummings once again graced Instagram to share a meaningful update with her followers. 

On Tuesday, June 27, the talented comedian chose this popular social media platform as the stage for unveiling the long-awaited revelation of her unborn baby’s gender.

Whitney Cummings shared this sonogram on her Instagram to do her baby's gender reveal

Whitney Cummings shared this sonogram on her Instagram to do her baby’s gender reveal (Source: Instagram)

With an air of anticipation lingering among her eager fans, she fearlessly embraced the opportunity to do the gender reveal of her baby. Accompanied by a new ultrasound image, she revealed with sheer joy and excitement that she was expecting a baby boy.

Eager to engage her followers in the beautiful journey she is embarking upon, she accompanied the captivating ultrasound image with an endearing message.

In her Instagram post, she playfully shared, “My favorite pic of my baby’s face so far. This just in: it’s a BOY. Help me name this monster. Rusty? Dusty? Bill?” 

The charismatic comedian’s words resonated with a delightful mix of affection, humor, and anticipation, inviting her adoring community to participate in the joyous act of naming her little “monster.”

Whitney Cumming’s baby daddy is Alex Barnes

The question of who holds the title of Cummings’ baby daddy has captivated fans and admirers’ curiosity. 

The renowned comedian’s heart found solace and affection in the arms of Barnes, a remarkable individual with a passion for veterinary medicine, ultimately forging a loving bond between them.

Amidst the upheaval and challenges brought about by the pandemic, Cummings defied the odds and discovered a kindred spirit in Barnes, who hails from the picturesque city of Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Following in his father’s footsteps, Barnes, a distinguished veterinary surgeon, nurtured a deep-rooted affinity for animals from an early age. He wanted to heal and care for creatures, great and small, so he pursued a path toward becoming a veterinarian.

Barnes began his educational journey by earning a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science. He is the esteemed Emergency and Critical Care Director at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals in Pasadena.

As their relationship deepened over several years, Cummings openly expressed her fondness and admiration for her boyfriend. Barnes, being nearly nine years younger than her, proved that love knows no boundaries when it finds its rightful place.

The culmination of their love story now unfolds with the joyous news of Cummings’ pregnancy, a testament to the deep connection she shares with Barnes. 

As she eagerly anticipates the arrival of their precious bundle of joy, Cummings radiates with delight, grateful to embark on the extraordinary journey of motherhood alongside her partner.

Whitney Cummings was delighted to announce her pregnancy

With sheer delight and a touch of playful humor, the beloved comedian took to the vibrant realm of Instagram to share an exhilarating revelation. 

She announced her impending motherhood alongside her cherished baby daddy in captivating photos. Radiating happiness and embracing her pregnancy journey, she captured the essence of this momentous occasion through a carousel of images. 

The first snapshot portrayed her vibrant and glowing self, adorned in a bikini, baring her baby bump while engaged in a spirited game of fetch with her faithful canine companion. 

Whitney Cummings announced her pregnancy with this picture

Whitney Cummings announced her pregnancy with this picture (Source: Instagram)

The final image within this visual narrative unveiled a tender sonogram, a heartfelt glimpse of the precious life growing within her. Accompanying this delightful photo series, she playfully penned a caption that encapsulated her excitement and whimsy. 

She proclaimed, “In these pix I am with child. And there’s a baby in me too. Human pup coming December.” 

With her trademark wit shining through, she assured her followers that all their scheduled dates in 2023 would proceed as planned, humorously remarking that she might stumble a few times along the way.

Ever the entertainer, she continued to enchant her audience through her Instagram Stories, sharing more endearing moments of her pregnancy journey. 

The first story showcased a charming sonogram image, prompting her to jest that her baby appeared to be holding a microphone—a nod to her comedic roots and the anticipation of a future filled with laughter and joy.

In the amalgamation of these candid moments, it becomes abundantly clear that Cummings embraces her impending motherhood with uncontainable joy.

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Alabama Barker and Boyfriend DD Osama Reportedly Break Up

Originally published on April 20, 2023.




Alabama Barker and Boyfriend DD Osama Reportedly Break Up

Alabama Barker is Travis Barker, the drummer of the rock band Blink-182, and his ex-wife Shanna Moakler’s daughter.

The 17-year-old’s Coachella 2023 weekend ended on a melancholy note as she shared a photo on Instagram late Sunday night on April 16, 2023, which appeared to convey a sense of sadness. 

Although she was dressed up in a bodysuit, which could have been an attempt to strike a serious pose, the accompanying caption suggested that she was trying to communicate her gloomy feelings to her followers, along with her new relationship status — single.

Alabama Barker and her boyfriend DD Osama split up

Barker made it public that she is single. Her most recent Instagram post suggests she is currently not in a relationship, which makes it clear that she broke up with her boyfriend.

After learning about the breakup, fans wasted no time sending positive messages, expressing sentiments such as “Don’t worry, things will get better. Stay strong; you deserve better.”

One fan wrote, “At 17, just have fun, enjoy your teen years. Don’t worry about commitments until later in life.” Another said, “Sometimes that’s the best thing for right now. Focus on yourself ❤️.”

Alabama Barker's Instagram post.

Alabama Barker’s Instagram post. (Credit: Instagram)

It remains unclear when the pair split, but the fact that Barker spent the weekend at Coachella, where her father was performing with Blink-182 on Friday, has left some speculating whether the breakup happened during the event.

Perhaps the teenager had already ended the relationship before attending the festival but decided to announce it on social media after it ended.

Barker has managed to keep her romantic affairs out of the public eye despite maintaining an active social media presence, which is understandable, given her past experiences with older men. 

Regardless of the circumstances, we hope that she is doing well and wish her the best. 

Alabama Barker and DD Osama’s ex firing shots at each other

In early March 2023, Barker and DD Osama’s ex-girlfriend, Crystal, had a brief to and fro on social media. 

DD Osama's ex Crystal's TikTok post.

DD Osama’s ex Crystal’s TikTok post. (Credit: Instagram)

In one of her TikTok posts, Crystal said, “Been there, done that, I’m just giving you your turn, I could still have that.”

Fans quickly pointed out that it was a shade towards Barker, who just a day earlier had referred to Osama as her ‘husband.’

Alabama Barker's clap back to Crystal.

Alabama Barker’s clap back to Crystal. (Credit: Instagram)

After Crystal’s post went viral, Barker simply wrote, “Sorry, I don’t fight, guys. It’s giving miserable and stuck on him.”

This clearly showed that she was not interested in participating in Crystal’s drama.

Who is Alabama Barker’s ex-boyfriend DD Osama?

Osama, also known as David Reyes, is a young rapper and hip-hop artist from Harlem, New York, who has gained recognition for his singles like “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s.” 

Despite being only 16 years old, Osama has a remarkable ability to capture the essence of the drill sound in his music. His talent has earned him a substantial following, with over a million followers on his Instagram account.

His music is characterized by his rapid-fire delivery of intense and unfiltered lyrics in every verse.

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Inside Griffin Johnson and Girlfriend Macy Broyles’ Relationship

Originally published on April 21, 2023.



Inside Griffin Johnson and Girlfriend Macy Broyles’ Relationship

Griffin Johnson is a very popular TikTok star who has amassed 10 million followers on his official account. He is primarily famous for his unique dance and comedy skits.

Many fans are interested in his career and love life, as he seems to date very popular social media influencers and celebrities.

Recently he announced he was taking a break from a relationship after coming out of the latest love life; however, he might have been already dating someone.

His fans are relentless and are always keen to find out about his secret stuff, and lately, they have unearthed photos of him hanging out with another famous TikTok star Macy Broyles.

Griffin Johnson is dating his new girlfriend Macy Broyles

According to their fans, both Tiktok stars Johnson and Broyles are boyfriend and girlfriend and dating each other as they live together in Florida.

They have been in a relationship for over a month and may have bought a house.

Griffin Johnson and Macy Broyles are apparently dating

Griffin Johnson and Macy Broyles are dating. (Credit: Instagram)

The male TikTok star creates Snapchat of her every day, and their fans love every minute of it. The fans who follow them on Snapchat know about their relationship; however, other fans are genuinely surprised and happy to know they are dating.

However, the news has come up as surprising for some fans because TikToker has mentioned he would take a break from any relationship after his last breakup.

Some have even accused him of jumping into another relationship for clout and views.

Griffin Johnson and Macy Broyles were dating during high school

As the news of Johnson and Broyles dating went viral, fans worldwide wondered how they first met and how they became into a relationship.

They knew each other from high school and even dated back then, but they decided to break up to pursue their careers.

After so many years, both of them are single, and when he decided to move to Florida, he met her and immediately started hanging out with each other.

At first, they were just friends, but soon enough, they started dating each other but limited their interactions only to Instagram and have not officially revealed they are dating.

Since both are keeping their relationships down low, their fans have urged everyone not to harass them, while others are tired of their cringy love messages on Snapchat.

Griffin Johnson’s previous relationship ended roughly

Before his current relationship with Broyles, Johnson was in a relationship with the TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio. At first, the couple were very good friends but decided to date each other after some time.

This proved a bad idea as they had a rough public breakup and even accused each other of cheating. After time passed, the pair became calmer and announced moving on from each other.

D’Amelio mentioned in the podcast they should have never dated in the first place as they were so better off being just friends. She also stated the bitterness was gone; they were not friends but had no bad blood.

On the other hand, he also stated the breakup was rough, and he has moved on and will be taking a break from dating anyone, but it seems he has already found his next soulmate.

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