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Mackenzie Ziegler Seemingly Shades JoJo Siwa and Fuels Beef Speculations

Mackenzie Ziegler might be seeking beef with JoJo Siwa.



Mackenzie Ziegler Seemingly Shades JoJo Siwa and Fuels Beef Speculations

Mackenzie Ziegler and JoJo Siwa, two incredible young stars, have taken the industry by storm, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts of many around the globe. While both have experienced immense success individually, their unique connection sets them apart.

 Ziegler, the radiant and multi-talented artist, has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with. She quickly became a rising star with a passion for dance, singing, acting and an innate ability to connect with fans.

But what makes her story even more fascinating is her bond with Siwa. She is not just a friend but also Ziegler’s former dance mate and fellow reality television star. 

Together, they have shared an incredible journey, growing up side by side in the spotlight while simultaneously inspiring a generation of young fans with their infectious positivity and boundless creativity.

Mackenzie Ziegler liked a TikTok throwing shade at JoJo Siwa

Recently, Ziegler found herself at the center of a storm when she was spotted liking a TikTok video that threw shade at her former friend, Siwa. 

This unexpected turn of events sparked many fan discussions, leading to questions about a potential feud brewing.

The incident, which involved her liking a video that referred to Siwa as “weird,” did not go unnoticed by keen-eyed fans and Instagram gossip pages. One such page, Tea To Talk, quickly picked up on her like and shared it with a caption that seemingly implied her agreement with the video’s content. 

JoJo Siwa and Mackenzie Ziegler together at iHeart Radio Music Awards.

JoJo Siwa and Mackenzie Ziegler together at iHeart Radio Music Awards (Source: Younger Hollywood)

The post garnered attention, and fans flocked to the comments section, offering mixed reactions to the beef. Supporters of Ziegler rushed to her defense, stating that her like did not necessarily indicate alignment with the video’s sentiment. 

Some fans even agreed with TikTok’s statement, sharing their belief that Siwa’s uniqueness might be a topic of discussion. However, not everyone sided with her, as critics voiced their disappointment, citing previous incidents and accusing her of being a “mean girl.”

As the speculation continued circulating, she intervened by commenting on Tea To Talk’s post. She clarified that liking the video did not equate to her agreement with its contents, suggesting that her action may have been taken out of context. 

Her response aimed to end the brewing controversy and dispel any notions of a potential beef between her and Siwa.

Mackenzie Ziegler supported JoJo Siwa coming out

In January 2021, Siwa courageously came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She was met with great support and admiration from her fans and former Dance Moms co-stars, including the empathetic and supportive Ziegler.

She stood firmly behind her friend and former co-star during this significant milestone in her life. In an interview, she expressed her immense pride for her revealing that she reached out to her immediately after the announcement.

Mackenzie Ziegler was supportive of JoJo Siwa when she came out

Mackenzie Ziegler was supportive of JoJo Siwa when she came out (Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

The TikTok sensation shared how she commended Siwa for her bravery and the positive impact her coming out would have on young people. She recognized her as an inspiration for children worldwide.

She expressed her gratitude that Siwa chose to share her truth, which would undoubtedly encourage more girls and boys to embrace their identities and have open conversations with their families.

Ziegler’s unwavering support for her coming out journey highlights their genuine friendship and is a powerful example of acceptance and solidarity within the entertainment industry. 

JoJo Siwa was pulled into controversy after fueling pregnancy rumors

Siwa found herself at the center of controversy after rumors spread across the internet suggesting she might be pregnant. The speculation began with photos of her holding her stomach, which circulated on social media, leading to discussions about her personal life and past relationships. 

She addressed the rumors on her Snapchat, stating that she had no plans to have a child until she was older and that, as a gay woman, she might consider adoption. 

However, some of her subsequent Snapchat posts seemed to mock the pregnancy rumors, causing criticism from people who felt it was insensitive to those facing fertility or pregnancy issues. 

She posted images of herself pushing her belly out and shopping for baby clothes, further fueling the speculation. Some social media users expressed surprise and concern, while others defended her, pointing out that she had previously stated her lack of attraction to men.

 The controversy sparked heated discussions online, with individuals sharing their opinions on the matter, highlighting the sensitivity surrounding pregnancy-related topics and the potential impact of such pranks or jokes on individuals who have experienced difficulties with fertility or pregnancy.

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Lil Mabu Took Nessa Barrett To Prom – Here Is How Fans Reacted

Lil Mabu is a promising young singer.



Lil Mabu Took Nessa Barrett To Prom – Here Is How Fans Reacted

Lil Mabu is a very popular singer, musician, and social media influencer who has been growing in his career over the years. He became famous after his first album, The Power of Music, went viral, which made him one of the most promising singers to watch out for in the future.

Despite being just 17 years old in high school, Mabu has started to generate a huge social media following of people who love his music and want to know about his day-to-day life.

Currently, he has almost 9,50,000 followers on Instagram, where he receives tons of interactions and comments on every social media post.

Recently, he went viral after posting pictures of him going out on a date with popular TikTok star Nessa Barrett.

High schooler Lil Mabu took Nessa Barrett on a prom date

In a recent Instagram post, Mabu revealed the bombshell news that he went out on a date with the hottest TikTok star Barrett, and fans went crazy.

After the news went viral, the fans also started speculating if they were also dating each other, but neither of them has revealed it.

Lil Mabu and Nessa Barrett on prom date

Lil Mabu and Nessa Barrett are on a prom date. (Credit: Instagram)

He captioned his Instagram post, “Two 5s don’t equal a 10,” and shared multiple posts about them going on a date and enjoying themselves.

They got multiple nice and adorable comments, but most people were not comfortable that she was going out on a date with people who were almost two years younger than her.

Fans have mixed reactions to Lil Mabu and Nessa Barrett’s age gap

In a recent Instagram post, Mabu and Barrett went on a prom date, which at first made fans go crazy.

There was a mixed reaction from the fans, as some were very happy that they might be dating, but other fans were not quite sure because of their age gap.

The musician Lil Baby commented with a fire emoji, and Barrett herself also commented, “Slay,” but the comments started to get a little more serious.

One fan commented that she is 21 and he is 18, which is weird, and he received tons of replies explaining how another TikTok star, Mads Lewis, also dated a guy 10 years older than him, but nobody cared.

Some more comments accused her of being a clout chaser and gold digger, as she only wants to date boys with money, but her fans defended her immediately.

There is no confirmation if they are dating, but if they are, then it is advisable for them to get ready for the reaction that could get even worse.

Lil Mabu was criticized for tagging Nessa Barret’s exes on TikTok

Mabu released a TikTok video showcasing he is on a date with TikTok star Barrett. However, in the post, he also tagged her ex-boyfriends, Jaiden Hosslier and Josh Richards.

After fans began to realize what he did, they criticized him for using their names for their views. One fan commented he is just using her for views, and they feel embarrassed for her.

Fans of the tagged TikTok star also joined the comments section to criticize him and let him know how embarrassing he was.

However, his fans are also encouraging him by letting him know that it was a huge deal to take one of the biggest TikTok stars on the prom date, and if they are serious, then they will be a good couple.

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Popular Indian YouTuber Tanmay Bhat YouTube Hacked as He Pleads with for Help

Tanmay Bhat started his YouTube channel in 2019.



Popular Indian Youtuber Tanmay Bhat YouTube Hacked as He Pleads with for Help

Tanmay Bhat is a popular YouTuber, comedian, scriptwriter, and businessman who is also the founder of AIB, known as All India Bakchod. He became popular mostly for his dark humor, comedy skits, and comedy drama.

He has over 4.5 subscribers on his YouTube channel. However, recently, he has reported his account to being hacked.

His YouTube channel is now replaced by the name Tesla Corp, and now it continuously shows Elon Musk’s presentations. When he appealed his YouTube was hacked on Twitter and informed Team YouTube of it, people were surprised to find out it was Musk who has hacked his YouTube.

The Team YouTube Twitter has not responded to the appeal just yet, at least publicly.

Tanmay Bhat reveals his YouTube being hacked 

June 5th, 2023, could be the day comedian and YouTuber Bhat will never forget, as he has revealed on Twitter that his YouTube has been hacked.

He posted two yweets urging Team YouTube to look into the matter, and when fans cross-checked his channel, it was replaced by the channel name Tesla Corp.

Tanmay Bhat's Youtube hacked

Tanmay Bhat’s Youtube was hacked. (Credit: Twitter)

Furthermore, the now hacked channel has been streaming Twitter CEO Musk’s live presentation and was gifting various cryptocurrencies to the audience who are watching the stream.

Despite the urgency, the YouTube team on Twitter has not responded to his tweet by him, but they might be talking in private, and his problem will be sorted quickly now there is no change in his hacked YouTube channel.

Fans react to Tanmay Bhat’s YouTube being hacked

When Bhat posted tweets confirming both of his YouTube channels were hacked, his fans became worried and started to check for themselves.

When they found out he was indeed being hacked, and his channel was playing Musk’s live stream, and it was renamed to Tesla Corp, they also started to urge YouTube to help him.

Fans suggestion to Tanmay Bhat

Fans suggestion to Tanmay Bhat. (Credit: Twitter)

They also started to send him moral support and hope that he will receive his YouTube channel sooner than usual. One fan commented that it might be someone close to him as they might have access to his email id and password.

Some other fans also provided some help by stating that another YouTube channel Linus Tech was similarly hacked, so he might want to consult with them, but he has not responded to any comment quite yet.

They have also revealed that it took the Linus Tech YouTube account up to two weeks to receive their channel back, so he might have to be calm and keep communicating with the YouTube authority.

Tanmay Bhat’s rise to YouTube and comedic stardom

Bhat started his career as a comedian in 2007 when he was a participant in the comedy show Champion Chaalbaaz where he entertained fans with his dark humor.

In 2009 he joined the Disney Channel and became a scriptwriter for the comedy show Kya Mast Hai Bhai, which became very popular among kids and teen children. He, along with other comedians, started a comedy group named All India Bakchod, which was mimicking a popular All India Radio at the time.

He started his YouTube Journey in 2019 when he created his first channel Tanmay Bhatt which gained huge popularity in India.

After seeing how much he affected the Youth of India, he started his second channel, Honestly by Tanmay Bhatt, where he started roasting political and social norms which do not make sense. 

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Where Is Dinah Jane Now? Former Fifth Harmony Star Talks About Debut Album

Dinah Jane started her musical career on the show ‘X Factor.’



Where Is Dinah Jane Now? Former Fifth Harmony Star Talks About Debut Album

Dinah Jane is a very popular singer, songwriter, and performer who was one of the members of the legendary girl band Fifth Harmony. The legendary girl band was formed in 2012 and consisted of superstar singers like Jane, Normani, Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui. All these singers are now solo artists and have separate fans who often wonder where they might be now.

The band first started on the set of X Factor as all girls were auditioning as solo singers, but when they failed to progress to other rounds, they were bought back as the group, which turned out to be a masterstroke.

The group disbanded in 2016 when Camello left, and other band members follow suit which, included Jane, who was quite a talented singer, so fans are often asking a question about where she is now and what she is doing with her career.

Singer Dena Jane share where she is now

Jane was among the popular singer in the band Fifth Harmony which disbanded in 2016 when Cabello left the group. When the band broke, she did not immediately start her solo career but waited for the band to reform which never happened.

Dinah Jane in 2023

Dinah Jane in 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

She started her solo career in  2019 when she released her first album titled Dina Jane 1, which was not a studio album but was instead an EP. She released a couple of songs for her EP, such as Retrograde, Heard it All Before, which became decently popular.

The fans were quite excited to know that she was starting her solo career finally and had moved on from the band. She also released another single titled SZNS, along with announcing the world tour titled Dena Jane World Tour.

After the release of her first EP, she did not release other projects, and now she has revealed she went into crippling depression, so she had to quit music altogether. But now she is all healed up and focused on her rebirth and has promised her fans she will release more music as well.

Dena Jane’s start of her solo career

Jane’s solo career started quite early and even before when her Fifth Harmony band broke. She auditioned for the role of Moana in the Disney movie in 2015 however, the role was given to another actress.

After auditioning for one role, she was hooked on becoming an actress and decided to give acting a try which is why she said yes to being featured in the music video of Boom Boom.

In 2017, she was offered to sing the Tanguan national anthem in the Rugby League World Cup and also got featured in the song Christmas Medly with very talented singer Leona Lewis.

What is next for Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane?

Jane has started her second stint in her music career by releasing several new songs and a new EP. Her new world tour has also sold quite quickly, and she believes the future is bright for her career, and her mindset is quite clear.

In an interview, she revealed the new era of her career and life feels like a rebirth, and she can’t wait to release new songs and albums, go out on a tour and also rekindle with her former bandmates.

Despite breaking the band several years ago, she has revealed the girls are still in constant touch and always support each other in their careers. In May 2023, she shared a photo of meeting her former bandmate Jauregui for the first time after the hiatus. The fans were extremely happy to see their love in the comments section of the post.

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