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Malcolm Matthews AKA LXST! Faces Allegations of Misconduct with Minors

Matthews Malcom has faced many allegations during his journey as a rising star.



Malcolm Matthews AKA LXST! Faces Allegations of Misconduct with Minors

LXST!, known by his real name Malcolm Matthews, is a 20-year-old rapper rapidly gaining recognition for his music. However, behind his rising fame lies a tumultuous journey that has shaped him into the artist he is today.

At 17, he experienced a family dispute that led to him being thrust into an independent life. He was expelled from school and forced to make ends meet by bussing tables, so he discovered a deep passion for recording music during this challenging period.

 During these formative years, his artistic journey began to take shape. His talent has been acknowledged by notable platforms, including a feature on SoundCloud’s prestigious Fresh Pressed episode and an appearance on the cover of Amazon’s Emo Rap playlist. 

Additionally, he has garnered a dedicated following through Spotify. His songs, such as the locally beloved WYA, along with popular tracks like Last Time and Exhausted from his EP titled ‘Lost,’ have resonated with listeners.

As Mathews continues to evolve and grow as an artist, he remains focused on working on new projects set to be released—however, allegations of misconduct involving minors that have been levied against Matthews in recent times.

LXST! was accused of texting underage fans

The recent events surrounding Matthews have brought serious allegations to light. It has been reported that Matthews, who is associated with the Sturniolo triplets’ friend group, has been accused of engaging in inappropriate communication with underage fans.

Two fans who attended the Sturniolo Triplets’ tour came forward and exposed him for allegedly sending them messages of an inappropriate nature. Furthermore, these fans also revealed allegations of him engaging with other minor fans. 

Another underage fan close to the triplets also defended Kait and Jazz (The fans who spoke out), affirming the accusations. It remains uncertain whether the triplets are aware of these accusations. Matthew Sturniolo and Christopher Sturniolo have posted stories featuring LXST! and continue to follow him on social media platforms.

Malcolm Matthews is a close friend of Sturniolo triplets and accompanied them on their tour

Malcolm Matthews is a close friend of the Sturniolo triplets and accompanied them on their tour (Source: Instagram)

Initially, the Sturniolofandom shared their concerns through a story, stating that they had noticed Malcolm flirting and hitting on multiple fans through his “Fxmily” account. They suspect his decision to rebrand the account was an attempt to exploit his power as an upcoming artist for harmful purposes. 

The fans noted that the girls he interacted with were known fans of the Sturniolo triplets, and they felt it was essential to bring this information to light. They also mentioned that he had unfollowed all the girls he was flirting with, which raised suspicions. 

One of the alleged minors, Kait, shared her experience, stating that she started following him during the tour and enjoyed watching his performances. Although she was not a hardcore fan, she casually conversed with him. However, she eventually felt uncomfortable as he seemed cocky and treated her more like a fan than an individual.

Even after she stopped talking to him, he liked her photos, including ones in bikinis and more provocative poses. This behavior, combined with his interactions with other fans, raised concerns about the potential abuse of power and the possibility of him taking advantage of girls.

Malcolm Matthews released a statement regarding the allegations

In response to the recent allegations against him, Matthews has released a statement addressing the matter. In his Instagram story, he shared a message to clarify his position on the accusations. 

He insisted that he never had any flirtatious correspondence with the minors. Although he did have some mutual communication through DMs, it was with of-age girls. He has had a difficult journey to reach where he is today, and for that, he is thankful, which was the only reason he was trying to be interactive.

Malcolm Matthews is active on Instagram with the username iimlxst

Malcolm Matthews is active on Instagram with the username iimlxst (Source: Office Magazine)

He also pleaded that he would never offend his supporters intentionally. Furthermore, he clarifies that his intention with his second account was to foster interaction and appreciation for his supporters. Matthews apologized if his actions offended anyone but emphasized that he never intended harm.

Malcolm Matthews started as a SoundCloud artist

Matthews initially gained recognition as a SoundCloud artist. Around two years ago, he found himself in a difficult situation—homeless, expelled from school, and struggling to make ends meet in Arizona. 

However, despite these hardships, he consistently pursued his passion for music. Initially, his focus on music intensified after meeting his manager, G, less than a year ago. He began writing daily, striving to establish a living place and balancing multiple jobs. 

Malcolm Matthews started his career on SoundCloud while he was still in high school

Malcolm Matthews started his career on SoundCloud while he was still in high school (Source: Instagram)

During this time, Matthews wrote two popular songs, Exhausted and Last Time. After quitting his job at PF Changs, he released Last Time, unexpectedly reaching the SoundCloud charts and ranking in the top 14 without any label support. 

As an artist rising through SoundCloud, Mhe faced stereotypes and criticisms associated with the platform. He encountered remarks such as being labeled a “SoundCloud rapper,” particularly during high school. 

He mentioned that SoundCloud had shown interest in interviewing him, further solidifying his connection to the platform. Through his perseverance, Matthews has begun to make a name for himself and continues to evolve as an artist inspired by his musical idols.

Aayushree Chaulagain is a part of the content writing team at GB Issue. She has previously worked on various blogs writing content on celebrities, sports, and relationships. Although it may seem a little mainstream, she loves books.

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Did Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos Get Secretly Married?

Sarah Shahi might be secretly married to Adam Demos.



Did Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos Get Secretly Married?

The world of celebrity relationships is always abuzz with speculation and rumors, and the latest topic of interest is the dynamic duo of Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos.

Shahi is an actress and model known for her captivating performances. She has garnered fame through her roles in popular TV series such as The L Word, Fairly Legal, and Person of Interest. Her personal life has also captured public fascination. 

Previously, Shahi married actor Steve Howey, with whom she shares a beautiful family. However, their marriage ended in 2020, and the couple finalized their divorce in January 2021, leaving fans wondering about her romantic endeavors.

In a twist of fate, Cupid’s arrow struck Shahi once again on the set of Sex/Life, where she crossed paths with Demos. While neither she nor Demos has made an official statement regarding their marital status, the buzz surrounding their rumored marriage has reached a fever pitch.

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos dropped clues suggesting they are married

Shahi, 42, and Demos, 37, have ignited a whirlwind of speculation and excitement among their fans with recent clues suggesting that they may have tied the knot in secret. The co-stars of Sex/Life were recently spotted together in Demos’ hometown of Wollongong, Australia.

It was his choice of accessory that sparked fans’ curiosity. Observant onlookers noticed a band adorning his wedding finger. Photographs from their outing captured the duo exuding a relaxed and casual vibe. 

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos spotted at an outing in Demos' hometown

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos spotted at an outing in Demos’ hometown (Source: Extra TV)

Demos sported black shorts, a sweatshirt, and a hat, while Shahi turned heads with her vibrant attire, wearing colorful pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and heart-shaped glasses. As the couple strolled along the coast, capturing the breathtaking ocean views, their easy camaraderie only fueled the rumors swirling around their potential marital status.

In addition to the intrigue, she had previously been spotted wearing something similar to an engagement ring in April. However, during this outing, she kept her hands tucked away in her sleeves, leaving fans eagerly speculating whether she might be concealing a wedding ring.

While the couple remained tight-lipped regarding the nature of their relationship, the hints they’ve dropped through their choice of attire and subtle gestures have sparked an exciting wave of speculation. The undeniable chemistry they share, coupled with their recent appearances and the enigmatic presence of a ring, has fans buzzing with anticipation.

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos met on the set of ‘Sex/Life’

The on-screen chemistry between Shahi and Demos in the hit Netflix series Sex/Life is undeniable, but their real-life connection began to take shape behind the scenes.

In June 2021, news of their budding romance broke, surprising fans captivated by their electric performances on the show. While they had been open about their relationship on social media, it wasn’t until Sex/Life debuted that their love story made headlines.

Shahi shared her initial impression of Adam in an interview with People magazine when they first met on set. It was in the makeup trailer that an instant connection sparked between them. She was immediately drawn to his personality, sharing a similar taste in music, whiskey, and tequila. 

As season one of Sex/Life aired, viewers were enthralled by the intense dynamics between their characters. The gripping love triangle and the palpable chemistry between them left audiences eagerly anticipating the next twist in their story.

The meeting of Shahi and Demos on the set of Sex/Life not only brought their characters to life and sparked a real-life connection that has intrigued fans worldwide. Their journey from co-stars to partners has added an extra layer of fascination to their performances, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next on-screen collaboration and the unfolding chapters of their love story.

Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos were rumored to be broken up

After the initial buzz surrounding the rumored secret marriage between Shahi and Demos, another wave of speculation hit the media. Several months after the wedding, rumors began circulating; whispers started to spread that the beloved couple had allegedly parted ways after being together for several years. 

However, amidst the swirling rumors, a popular celebrity leak site called Deuxmoi stepped forward, providing a ray of hope for fans. The site claimed to have received information that that the pair was spotted together, enjoying a dinner outing. 

Sarah Shahi first met Adam Demos in the set of 'Sex/Life'

Sarah Shahi first met Adam Demos in the set of ‘Sex/Life’ (Source: Popsugar)

This revelation sparked a sense of relief among fans, as it suggested that the couple was still in each other’s company and that the breakup rumors may have been false. Fans eagerly clung to this piece of information from Deuxmoi, finding solace in the fact that there was evidence of the couple spending time together. 

The sighting of the couple enjoying a meal together contradicted the rumors of their alleged separation, giving hope to those who had invested in their love story. Ultimately, only they hold the truth about the state of their relationship. 

For now, seeing Sarah and Demos enjoying dinner together provides a semblance of reassurance that their relationship may remain intact. Fans remain hopeful and eagerly await future updates that shed light on the real story behind the rumors, seeking confirmation of their favorite couple’s status and continued journey together.

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James Charles Mocks Tati Westbrook Feud on His 24th Birthday

James Charles and Tati Westbrook were good friends before the feud.



James Charles Mocks Tati Westbrook Feud on His 24th Birthday

A popular YouTuber, makeup artist, and social media influencer James Charles has recently celebrated his 24th birthday. However, something about his birthday cake was quite iconic and funny for his fans, who remember the infamous feud with his former best friend Tati Westbrook.

He and his best friend engaged in a huge public feud where both decided to shade each other for scamming fans, after which the latter has been away from the internet.

After four years of the feud, he decided to remind everyone of the iconic line from the feud by writing on his birthday cake which fans seemed to find hilarious and cringe at the same time.

James Charles shares Tati Westbrook’s quote in birthday cake

The popular social media influencer Charles recently celebrated his 24th birthday but couldn’t help but poke fun at one of the most controversial times in his career.

James Charles mocks Tati Westbrook feud

James Charles mocks Tati Westbrook’s feud. (Credit: Instagram)

Just four years ago, he was involved in a huge online drama with his friend Westbrook and on his birthday, he shared the quote on his cake that she used, which became a huge meme and laughing matter for the fans.

Fans respond to James Charles mocking Tati Westbrook’s feud

In the feud, she made a video where she slammed Charles for talking dirty and quoted “You did it at my birthday dinner” which was the same quote written on his birthday cake.

He might have found some sense of humor from this demeanor, but his fans are still finding out to be quite cringy and blamed him for not letting the feud go.

One fan commented he wants to relive the whole drama again as he has not been relevant again, while another one commented that the whole feud was way too cringe.

Some of his fans tried to down the mocking part and claimed she was just having fun and that everyone in the comments section needed to calm down. However, most of his fans did not pay attention to the cake and just wished him a happy birthday.

Charles, on the other hand, has not stated anything about mocking Westbrook and why he did what he did. There is also no doubt that his former friend will not find the mocking part funny and may get back to social media to respond just like last time.

James Charles and Tati Westbrook’s online drama

In 2019, there was a massive drama in the online community when the social media influencer Charles feuded with his best friend and beauty expert, Tati Westbrook.

The drama started on 10th May 2019 when Westbrook shared the video titled “Bye Sister,” where she used all the allegations against him and announced she was cutting ties and is no longer friends with him.

She was mainly upset with him because he promoted some other vitamin brand instead of hers, so she exposed him for scamming his fans and also revealing his secrets and that he craves straight men because he was rich and famous and nobody would say anything to him.

In the same video, she used the quote, ‘You did it right in my birthday dinner,’ which became a meme at that point, and recently he used the same quote on his birthday cake.

At first, the fans turned on Charles, but he apologized for some of his mistakes and proceeded to expose her, revealing how much he did for her career, which fans saw right through. The drama created by her backfired, and she had to take hiatus from the internet.

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Jenna Ortega Slammed with Controversy for Smoking Cigarette

Jenna Ortega made a cameo in ‘Iron Man 3.’



Jenna Ortega Slammed with Controversy for Smoking Cigarette

Jenna Ortega is a very popular and promising young actress who became one to watch for the future for her amazing role in the Netflix show Wednesday. In the show, she played the role of the lead character Wednesday Addams which gained huge praise and accolades.

Normally the star actress keeps away from controversy, but recently she has been heavily criticized after her video of smoking a cigarette went viral.

 Female celebrities smoking cigarettes is not a strange fact in the TV industry or Hollywood, but she is quite young, and rightfully so, her fans are not happy as this new side was unknown to many fans.

In the past, she has also revealed that she took her diet seriously and do not smoke or drink, which could have been a lie.

Jenna Ortega’s smoking cigarette video went viral

The popular actress Ortega has landed herself into huge controversy after the video of her smoking cigarette went viral. In a video, she is seen having a relaxed conversation with her friend in a grey top and casually smoking the blunt, and one fan filming her from close range.

Jenna Ortega in Cannes Film festival

Jenna Ortega in Cannes Film Festival. (Credit: Instagram)

There is no information if she saw she was getting filmed but did not hide the cigarette and continued smoking while talking with her friend. She is very young but still legal to smoke a cigarette, but her fans are not happy as everyone knows the impact of having a cigarette for a long time.

After the controversy, fans are waiting for the response of the actress, but to date, she has not revealed any explanation or apologized to her fans.

Fans provide a mixed reaction to Jenna Ortega’s smoking video

After the controversial video was leaked, the fans created a huge uproar on Twitter and Instagram as they provided their opinion on the smoking video.

Some fans were genuinely upset that their favorite actress was involved in the unhealthy habit, while others were calm as they stated she is a person and also has problems, so she might be calming her nerves before filming or photoshoot.

One fan commented he is very disappointed as people who smoke cigarettes are disgusting, while another one commented they are also human and might need to calm their nerves before big filming.

Despite some mixed comments, fans that are disappointed with her are more in numbers as they state she is way too young to smoke, and she looks quite comfortable in the video, so she might have been smoking for some time.

Jenna Ortega speaks about her diet and quitting vegan

In February 2023, Ortega has given an interview about the challenges and stress she had to endure while filming the series Wednesday. The show was filmed in Romania, and at the time, she was vegetarian and was not having any kind of meat or fish products.

However, filming overseas was a huge challenge for her, and she had to include fish in her diet and also made a huge change in what to eat to remain healthy and ready for filming.

She stated that every Romanian meal included some type of meat which is why she had to adjust her vegetarian meal to be able to eat and film for the series. In the same interview, she revealed she doesn’t smoke, but her latest viral video shows she is used to smoking cigarettes.

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