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TikTok’s ‘Blackout Challenge’ Accused for Leon Brown’s Death

The Blackout Challenge is taking away young children’s life.



TikTok’s ‘Blackout Challenge’ Accused for Leon Brown’s Death

One of the famous social media platforms, TikTok, is now being accused of Leon Brown’s death after attempting a viral trend, Blackout Challenge.

Brown, 14, passed away at his home in Cumbernauld after attempting the challenge that is thought to have killed Archie Battersbee and many other young children.

The Blackout Challenge is a frightening challenge that urges people to restrict their breath until they fall unconscious. This challenge can result in low levels of oxygen in the brain, which may induce seizures, severe injuries, or even death.

As per People, it has been around since 2008 under many names, such as the “choking game” and the “pass-out challenge,” and it has recently resurfaced on TikTok.

Experts have been warning young users not to try the trend as it had already caused the death of over 80 people when it first emerged.

Even so, parents find it challenging to keep up with all the temptations that make it onto their children’s screens.

Leon Brown was found dead after taking part in the viral Blackout Challenge

The deceased’s mother, Lauryn Keating, found her son Brown cold and unresponsive in his room on August 25, 2022.

Keating also said that her son was participating in the life-threatening TikTok challenge called Blackout Challenge. Later, she learned that the same terrifying trend was the reason behind her son’s death.

Keating has been devastated by her son’s untimely death and has warned other families about the risky challenge.

She claimed her son’s friends were watching him attempt the challenge via Facetime when tragedy struck, and he lost his life.

“One of Leon’s friends told me he had been doing the challenge on Facetime with them after seeing it on TikTok,” she told Daily Mail. She also explained that the children thought he would wake up, but Brown did not. “It went horribly wrong,” Keating expressed.

A group of Leon’s friends and family members met to release balloons in his honor. A Celtic strip t-shirt hung on a railing at their neighborhood park contained heartfelt notes from his friends.

A TikTok spokesperson also expressed their condolences and sympathies to Brown’s family. Further, they added that the community’s safety is their top priority. “Content of this nature is prohibited on our platform and would be removed if found,” said the spokesperson.

Keating first heard about this challenge because of what happened to 12-years-old Battersbee, but never in her dream did she think about her child trying out this trend and losing his life.

Battersbee was another victim of the same challenge who died on August 6. He was also discovered unconscious by his mother, Hollie Dance, at their home in Essex in April.

Archie Battersbee, one of the victim of the Blackout Challenge.

Archie Battersbee is one of the victims of the Blackout Challenge. (Source: Twitter)

The boy was rushed to the hospital as he experienced a brain injury and was placed on life support. He passed away in the hospital after his family failed to continue the treatment that was keeping him alive.

Brown and Battersbee are the only ones who became the victim of the challenge. A year ago, in 2021, 8-years-old Lalani Erika Walton and 9-years-old Arriani Jaileen Arroyo died because of the challenge, as per The Verge.

The parents of Walton and Arroyo filed the lawsuit against TikTok, where they alleged that their children were not looking for challenges for the video. But, TikTok’s algorithm showed the challenge right on the app’s main screen.

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Where Is Dinah Jane Now? Former Fifth Harmony Star Talks About Debut Album

Dinah Jane started her musical career on the show ‘X Factor.’



Where Is Dinah Jane Now? Former Fifth Harmony Star Talks About Debut Album

Dinah Jane is a very popular singer, songwriter, and performer who was one of the members of the legendary girl band Fifth Harmony. The legendary girl band was formed in 2012 and consisted of superstar singers like Jane, Normani, Ally Brooke, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui. All these singers are now solo artists and have separate fans who often wonder where they might be now.

The band first started on the set of X Factor as all girls were auditioning as solo singers, but when they failed to progress to other rounds, they were bought back as the group, which turned out to be a masterstroke.

The group disbanded in 2016 when Camello left, and other band members follow suit which, included Jane, who was quite a talented singer, so fans are often asking a question about where she is now and what she is doing with her career.

Singer Dena Jane share where she is now

Jane was among the popular singer in the band Fifth Harmony which disbanded in 2016 when Cabello left the group. When the band broke, she did not immediately start her solo career but waited for the band to reform which never happened.

Dinah Jane in 2023

Dinah Jane in 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

She started her solo career in  2019 when she released her first album titled Dina Jane 1, which was not a studio album but was instead an EP. She released a couple of songs for her EP, such as Retrograde, Heard it All Before, which became decently popular.

The fans were quite excited to know that she was starting her solo career finally and had moved on from the band. She also released another single titled SZNS, along with announcing the world tour titled Dena Jane World Tour.

After the release of her first EP, she did not release other projects, and now she has revealed she went into crippling depression, so she had to quit music altogether. But now she is all healed up and focused on her rebirth and has promised her fans she will release more music as well.

Dena Jane’s start of her solo career

Jane’s solo career started quite early and even before when her Fifth Harmony band broke. She auditioned for the role of Moana in the Disney movie in 2015 however, the role was given to another actress.

After auditioning for one role, she was hooked on becoming an actress and decided to give acting a try which is why she said yes to being featured in the music video of Boom Boom.

In 2017, she was offered to sing the Tanguan national anthem in the Rugby League World Cup and also got featured in the song Christmas Medly with very talented singer Leona Lewis.

What is next for Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane?

Jane has started her second stint in her music career by releasing several new songs and a new EP. Her new world tour has also sold quite quickly, and she believes the future is bright for her career, and her mindset is quite clear.

In an interview, she revealed the new era of her career and life feels like a rebirth, and she can’t wait to release new songs and albums, go out on a tour and also rekindle with her former bandmates.

Despite breaking the band several years ago, she has revealed the girls are still in constant touch and always support each other in their careers. In May 2023, she shared a photo of meeting her former bandmate Jauregui for the first time after the hiatus. The fans were extremely happy to see their love in the comments section of the post.

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What Happened to Influencer Sanqiange? Cause of Death Explained

Sanquiange was found dead in his apartment by a friend.



What Happened to Influencer Sanqiange? Cause of Death Explained

In a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves through the online community, the untimely demise of Sanqiange, a popular Chinese content creator, has left many in disbelief. The 34-year-old influencer tragically passed away after participating in a live-streaming competition on Douyin, China’s renowned platform similar to TikTok.

The circumstances surrounding his death have captured the attention of netizens nationwide, making it a trending story on mainland social media platforms. The unfortunate events unfolded when he decided to participate in the live-streaming competition. 

However, what seemed like an ordinary online event turned dark as the competition progressed. Reports indicate that he consumed an alarming quantity of baijiu during the live stream, often called Chinese vodka.

It is believed that he consumed more than four bottles of the potent liquor, leading to unforeseen consequences that would ultimately claim his life. The news of his death has sparked discussions and concerns surrounding the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption and its impact on individuals, particularly those in the influencer industry. 

Sanqiange was found dead the morning after his live stream

Sanqiange, a well-known content creator on Douyin, tragically met his demise in the early hours of May 16 following a live-streaming contest. The events that transpired that day have since captivated Chinese social media, with a video of the streaming session quickly going viral. 

According to the reports, Sanqiange, hailing from Jiangsu province in eastern China, was discovered lifeless later that afternoon, seated at a desk in a friend’s home. Bottles of baijiu, a potent Chinese liquor, were prominently displayed on the desk before him, and he proceeded to consume each bottle without any respite. 

While the live-streaming contest was underway, more than 100 individuals joined the online chat room associated with the event.  

However, no one was alarmed or concerned about his escalating consumption. It was later revealed that a close friend of the influencer, Zhao, arrived at the scene after the streaming session had concluded. 

Shockingly, upon returning home later that day, Zhao found Sanqiange lifeless, lying face down and unresponsive at the desk where the drinking contest had occurred. The devastating discovery left no room for hope, as he had already succumbed to his excessive drinking. Tragically, emergency treatment was not even a possibility.

In an interview, Zhao shared his account of the events, expressing his uncertainty regarding the extent of Sanqiange’s alcohol consumption before he participated in the live stream. However, as Zhao watched the recorded video, he noticed Sanqiange finishing three bottles before opening a fourth. 

The influencer’s family discovered his lifeless body before any intervention could be made, further underscoring the gravity of the situation. The media report confirmed that Sanqiange’s cause of death was indeed excessive drinking, and he was cremated on the same morning.

Sanqiange had specialized in drinking competition-based content

Sanqiange, as revealed by his close friend Zhao, had developed a niche for himself in the realm of drinking competition-based content. Following a failed business venture four years ago, he turned to live-streaming as an avenue for creativity. 

Sanqiange was famous for creating alcohol themed content on the Chinese version of TikTok

Sanqiange was famous for creating alcohol-themed content on the Chinese version of TikTok (Source: Showbuzz)

Specializing in online battles where participants vied to outdrink each other using baijiu, he carved out a distinct presence in the digital landscape. His commitment to his craft becomes evident in a circulating video from a previous live stream. 

The footage captures him pouring two bottles of baijiu into a giant wine glass, which he then holds with both hands before consuming its contents in one go. Such displays of alcohol consumption became a trademark of his content, attracting attention and viewership from his dedicated following.

To accommodate his growing audience and address noise complaints from his neighbors, he had recently relocated his live-streaming activities to a room provided by a friend. Despite the challenges associated with conducting live streams involving alcohol, the program reportedly ran smoothly, with no immediate concerns raised by participants.

According to Mr. Zhao’s account during an interview with Shangyou News, these live-streaming challenges often involved one-on-one battles between popular content creators. The primary objective was to attract gifts and rewards from viewers, incentivizing participants to outperform their opponents.

In some instances, these battles also incorporated punishments for the loser, adding excitement and engagement to the competitions.

Sanqiange’s dinking video is no longer available online

Following the tragic incident involving Sanqiange, it has been observed that his drinking-related video, which was a part of his live stream, is no longer accessible online. This development aligns with the strict guidelines enforced by Douyin regarding drinking during live streams.

After losing a challenge, the man, known as Brother Three Thousand on Douyin, recorded a livestream where he drank at least seven bottles of baijiu, a Chinese liquor that can contain between 35% and 60% alcohol. #influencer #man #drinking #alcohol #china #challenge #chinese #livestream #fyp #edutok #learnontiktok

♬ original sound – Almost – Almost

Douyin has implemented stringent rules and regulations to discourage and prevent alcohol consumption during live streams. These guidelines ensure the safety and well-being of content creators and viewers alike. 

Violations of these rules can result in various penalties, ranging from warnings to restrictions on participating in live-streaming competitions. In some cases, the profiles of offenders may even be subjected to shadow banning, limiting their visibility on the platform.

The removal of Sanqiange’s drinking video indicates that Douyin has taken swift action to enforce its policies and maintain the integrity of its platform. The platform aims to discourage unsafe behavior and protect its user base by eradicating content that violates its guidelines.

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TikTok Idol Group Sorb3t Announces Break After Being Doxxed

Sorb3t group consisted of three young girls.



TikTok Idol Group Sorb3t Announces Break After Being Doxxed

Recently a new TikTok group Sorb3t has started to become famous on social media for their dance and skit videos. The group consists of three fifteen years old girls who were not as popular before, but after creating a group and collaborating with other TikTok stars, they started becoming successful and started amassing fans.

But recently, they are having a hard time after getting doxxed, which has created huge mental pressure on these teenagers. The group created their first TikTok video that did not go according to the plan, and fans from Twitter and TikTok criticized them heavily.

TikTok group Sorb3t quit after getting doxxed by fans

The new TikTok idol group Sorb3t started their TikTok career by posting a cringy but introductory video of themselves, but never in their biggest nightmare, they have thought the video would bring so much hate.

Popular TikTok group Sorb3t doxxed

Popular TikTok group Sorb3t doxxed. (Credit: Instagram)

This Tiktok group consists of three fifteen years old whose names are Alice, Berry, and Ashe, who introduced themselves being leaders of the green, pink, and red gangs, respectively. They spoke English, but their accent was mostly Chinese, Japanese, or Korean linguistic, which made TikTok fans think they were mocking the culture or language and criticized them heavily.

To clarify the misunderstanding TikToker Berry apologized and stated she have stayed most of her life in Korea, so her English is not as good, but it was way too late. Recently the group stated they were getting doxxed and were only three young girls trying to chase their dreams, but the abuse, trolling, and doxxing have started taking their toll.

The group has announced they are taking the break but will return when they are mentally healed and will provide more content.

Sorb3t fans react to group quitting

The TikTok group Sorb3t recently announced they are now taking a break after getting doxxed, and it is not what they wanted. After the news went viral, the fans started to show support for the girls and also vilify social media platforms that don’t think twice before doxxing someone.

One fan commented even though they were cringy, they do not deserve to get doxxed. Hope they do not quit on their dreams. Another fan also pointed out that the criticism Berry received for her Japanese was misguided as she used proper Japanese.

Overall, Sorb3t might be relieved that they have a huge fan following who are still supporting them however, the damage might have already been done, and if they return, there might be a chance of getting doxxed again.

Will Sorb3t return in the future?

The TikTok group Sorb3t took Twitter and TikTok by storm, amassing huge support and fans along the way, but after getting criticism from the latest deleted video, they have now announced they are getting doxxed, so will be taking a break from TikTok.

Many fans are quite upset that young girls had to endure such harsh responses and are begging them not to quit their dreams and come back after being mentally prepared.

So the question is if the group will ever return, and the basic answer is highly unlikely. Since they are only fifteen years old, it might have taken huge mental pressure of getting doxxed every day and also receive abuse daily for their one mistake.

They might re-group and change their group name, but fans believe they have seen the end of Sorb3t.

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