Frank Kern is the creator of Behavioral Dynamic Response and Intent-Based Branding, which are automated marketing methods that shorten the sales cycle.

Frank has been married to his wife, Natalia Kern, for ten years. The two got married in 2012.

They had a simple wedding in the presence of their family and friend. The couple’s love and trust for one another is the reason why they have been together for so long.

He rarely expresses his feelings for his wife in person or interviews, but his social media posts make it abundantly clear that he adores her. 

On October 28, Frank posted photos commemorating their 10th wedding anniversary with the caption, “Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary! This is one of my favorite important dates. Thank you for being my home and the best partner in raising our wonderful family.”

Following the post, many well-known people, including Neeta Bhushan, Jarrod Glandt, and Sarah DeAnna, congratulated them on their anniversary.

Likewise, one of the followers commented, “Soulmates on a beautiful journey, I love your family mucho!”

Frank Kern and Natalia Kern are parents of four children

Mr. and Mrs. Kern has not revealed the names of their children. However, they have posted many pictures of their children on social media.

Frank posted a photo of Natalia on Mother’s Day with the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day to our sweet. Best mother ever. You’re the glue that holds everything together. We adore you.”

Likewise, Natalia posted the photo of Frank and their children and captioned, “Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for providing a solid foundation for our children to grow up on, as well as the expectations you’re setting for them in the future about how to commit to their families, show up for their children, spouses, and each other, and love unconditionally.”

“We appreciate everything you do and adore and love you.”

Frank Kern and Natalia Kern with their four children.

Frank Kern and Natalia Kern with their four children. (Source: Instagram)

Mr. and Mrs. Kern posted a picture of themselves on Father’s and Mother’s Day on behalf of their children, indicating that their children do not have social media accounts.

Moreover, on August 31, 2021, Natalia shared her experience raising children on Instagram. She believes that if you want to keep your children grounded, give them some responsibilities.

Her goal is not to present a president or a doctor but to teach them to be self-sufficient, manage their fears, and find the courage to be themselves regardless of popular opinion or comfort zone.

Frank Kern’s wife is a model and Nutrition Consultant

Natalia began her modeling career at the age of 24. She quickly rose to prominence as a bikini competitor, winning several major titles, including Ms. Bikini Universe ad Fitness Model World Champion.

She has also worked with several magazines and has appeared on the covers of nearly 30 magazines worldwide. Furthermore, she is genuinely interested in health and fitness, and her enthusiasm can be seen on social media, where she has given talks and taught people how to stay fit.

Natalia has also written health and fitness content for 12 magazines on every continent, and her work has been translated into many languages worldwide.

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