The former Scottish international rugby union player Thom Evans is ready to settle down and start a family with his fiancée Nicole Scherzinger.

Evans and Scherzinger have been dating for more than two years. They met for the first time on the set of X Factor: Celebrity in 2019. Three months after the first meeting, in January 2020, Evans and Scherzinger publicly announced their relationship during a red carpet event.

With the love birds remaining relatively low-key, Scherzinger made a rare statement about her relationship with Evans in January 2021 during her interview with The Times. She told the publication, “I’ve definitely had my fair share of insecurities that I’ve fought through and battled.”

Moreover, she went on to say how lockdown helped her relationship with the rugby player, saying, “Now that I have a new perspective, everything is in order. And I’m grateful that lockdown has established a healthy, strong, and solid foundation for my relationship.”

Thom Evans is ready to start a family with Nicole Scherzinger

According to The Daily Mail, Evans proposed to Scherzinger on the Greek island of Mykonos after whisking her away for a romantic vacation. They want to start a family soon because Scherzinger knows that time is ticking due to her age.

Scherzinger stated: “Evans, in particular, is desperate for a child. He has always wanted to be a father and would love nothing more than to have children because he comes from a close family.”

However, the rugby player prefers to go traditionally and marry the brunette beauty first. He adores children and would make a great father, but he wants to do things properly.

Apart from the topic, Scherzinger believes Evans is the man of her dreams. She also stated, “I would like to have children when the time is right. It all comes down to timing. It’s difficult now because I’m supposed to tour next year, so it’s all about timing. I’ve always wanted to start a family.”

Thom Evans Dating History 

According to The Sun, Evans’s public relationship was with model and actress Kelly Brook. They dated from 2010 to 2013. During their relationship, the couple tragically experienced a miscarriage in 2011.

After that, the rugby player began dating US actress Jessica Lowndes. The couple announced their relationship to the world during a trip to Coachella, where they posted a picture of themselves kissing. After seven months together, the couple reportedly split up due to the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Thom Evans was photographed with his ex-girlfriend Jessica Lowndes.

Thom Evans was photographed with his ex-girlfriend Jessica Lowndes. (Source: Instagram)

As per the Daily Mail, their breakup was a mutual decision. Moreover, Evans and Lowndes have been on and off for quite some time. Lowndes primarily models in the United States, whereas Evans primarily models in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, they have realized that maintaining a relationship from opposite sides of The Pond is impossible. They remain friends and have not ruled out a future reconciliation if things turn out differently.

Furthermore, Evans allegedly dated ex-Made in Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop. They met at an event through mutual friends. Evans and Caggie also stayed in the same hotel; they dated for a few weeks before splitting up.

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