Elizabeth Debicki is an actress from Australia. She made her film debut in the Australian comedy A Few Best Men after studying theater at the Victorian College of the Arts. 

While many Australian actors spend decades in the local television and film industries before making the big jump to Hollywood, it took Debicki her very first film to be recognized by one of the industry’s most legendary directors, securing her stardom.

She starred as Ayesha in the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and received praise for her work in Steve McQueen’s heist thriller Widows.

And her most recent role is sure to catapult her to new heights of fame, with the local talent recently signing on to play the late Princess Diana in the fifth and final sixth season of the semi-biographical Netflix royal drama, The Crown.

Here are more details on the talented actress Debicki’s early life, ethnicity, parents, and more. 

Elizabeth Debicki has a mixed ethnicity 

Debicki was born in Paris on August 24, 1990, to a Polish father and an Australian mother of Irish ancestry. Therefore she has a mixed heritage from both of her parents.

Even though the actress was born in France, her family relocated to Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia, when she was five. 

Her parents were ballet dancers who met while dancing together in performance. She is the eldest of three siblings, with a younger sister and a brother. No information on her parents and siblings is available, and their names have not been disclosed.  

Debicki was drawn to ballet at a young age and trained as a dancer before deciding to pursue a career in theater. She was a student at Huntingtower School in eastern Melbourne, receiving two perfect study scores in Drama and English and graduating as the school’s dux in 2007.

Elizabeth Debicki at the premiere of Netflix's The Crown Season 5

Elizabeth Debicki at the premiere of Netflix’s The Crown Season 5 (Photo: Instagram)

She graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a degree in drama in 2010. She was awarded a Richard Pratt Bursary for outstanding acting students in their second year of training in August 2009.

Elizabeth Debicki had a different career in mind as a young girl 

While acting and dancing have always been a massive part of Debicki’s life, she almost ended up doing something completely different. “It was quite a thespian ‘thespy’ sort of household,” the actress once shared.

“My mum had a dance school, and my dad now works in a theatre, so I spent a lot of time going to see dance as a young child — it was just a part of who we were,” she added.

Despite her parents’ encompassing occupations, Debicki originally dreamed of becoming an archeologist as a youngster so she could “dig for stuff and wear khakis.” Still, she finally immersed herself in the world of acting and dancing.

“I kind of mucked up the family tradition,” Years later, she joked with news.com.au. “I loved ballet, but when I got older, I moved more towards contemporary dance and then I transitioned into acting school.”

“It felt seamless. My whole training had been around theatre. I really didn’t know anything about working in TV or film,” she explained to the publication.

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