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Details About Rita Daniela’s Baby Birth, Pregnancy Moments, And Baby Daddy

Rita Daniela enjoyed every moment of her pregnancy.



Details About Rita Daniela’s Baby Birth, Pregnancy Moments, And Baby Daddy

Filipino actress and singer Rita Daniela surprised everyone in June 2022 when she announced her pregnancy.

Daniela revealed her pregnancy to the public via her Instagram account on June 26, 2022. She stated — shortly after her pregnancy announcement — that motherhood has always been a part of her plan.

The singer said, “I’m very excited and happy, this is a new chapter in my life na hindi matutumbasan ng kahit ano. Ever since I was a kid, my dream was to be a mom.”

Following the announcement of her pregnancy, many of Daniela’s fans inquired about the baby daddy. To answer the question, she revealed that she has been dating someone for quite some time.

In an interview with Nelson Canlas, the singer shared, “It’s my decision not to share anything about him or us with anybody because he’s not a showbiz personality. He’s a private person, and our relationship has always been personal.”

Giving Birth To Son Juan “Uno” Andres (December 22, 2022)

The actress finally gave birth to her son Juan “Uno” Andres on December 22, 2022. She took to Instagram to share the good news.

Her post consisted of a black-and-white picture of Daniela carrying her baby boy inside the hospital room.

She wrote, “Hi, my son. You’re the greatest Christmas gift that God has given me. You’re such a blessing to us. Your Tatay and I are so joyful to have you. Can’t believe I’m celebrating Christmas this way.. with you.”

Below is a collection of Daniela’s Instagram posts showing her beautiful pregnancy moments!

Pregnancy Announcement (June 2022)

Daniela posted a picture of herself showing the baby bump. She wrote alongside the picture, “My child, You came just in time. You are God’s greatest gift to me.”

“You give me hope to make more dreams COME true. I shall do anything and everything that’s best for you. Always. Nanay will always make sure that you have a heart for people and joy in the Lord. I can’t wait to meet you, anak.”

Following her pregnancy announcement, many of Daniela’s followers congratulated her.

One social media user commented, “I came back to this repeatedly just to hear your baby’s heartbeat, and it made me cry just now; our baby is having a baby, naaa.”

First Stage Performance While Pregnant (July 2022)

On July 13, Daniela gave her first stage performance since she announced her pregnancy to the media. 

She wrote alongside a photo of herself singing in a red dress, “My first baby bump as I sing onstage with my queendom ladies.”

First Gala Night After Her Pregnancy (August 2022)

The singer shared a photo of herself in the glamorous black glitter outfit on August 1, 2022. It was the first time she had dressed up since her pregnancy.

Likewise, Daniela has also posted the reel showing off her black dress. Following the post, many of her followers complimented her look. 

Revealed Her Child’s Gender (September 2022)

Daniela revealed that she was expecting a boy from a photo of herself holding an ultrasound image. She also announced the baby’s name, Juan “Uno” Rafael. The singer considers herself fortunate to be able to welcome her child into the world.

Rita Daniela is going to have a baby boy.

Rita Daniela is going to have a baby boy. (Source: Instagram)

After seeing the post, many of her followers commented sweet things. One user wrote, “congrats, Rita welcome to motherhood,” whereas another commented, “Stay healthy, mommy Rita.”

Pregnancy Skincare Routine (October 2022)

Daniela posted the skincare routine video for pregnant women on October 22. In the video, she used a product from beautedermcorporation.

The singer also stated that the products are safe for pregnant women. Moreover, she went on to say that it is her favorite product.

Enjoyed The Last Few Months Of Pregnancy (November 2022)

Daniela shared a mirror selfie in a black outfit on Instagram on November 15. She appears to be adaptable in her pregnant body. 

Rita Daniela showing off her baby bump.

Rita Daniela showing off her baby bump. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, she went to @novawellnessstore for the first time and said there are so many healthy goodies to buy for yourself and your family!

Latest Picture Flaunting Her Baby Bump (December 2022)

The singer had her maternity photoshoot in December. She kept the shoot’s theme simple and elegant. Daniela posted the picture of her showing her baby bump and captioned it, “my son, u make me bloom.” 

Daniela’s friend and close one praised her looked and noted how glowy she has been since her pregnancy after seeing the photos from her photoshoot.

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Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham Seen Together amid Dating Rumors

Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham’s complete relationship timeline (so far).




Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham Seen Together amid Dating Rumors

Singer Phoebe Bridgers, who is known for projecting a melancholic persona, has reportedly been seen on several occasions with comedian Bo Burnham.

While we hope she is content in her new relationship, it raises the question: has love lost its magic? It seems like rumors circulated only a while ago about Bridgers and the internet’s beloved Paul Mescal being engaged, but it appears that this ideal match is now a thing of the past.

Here is a comprehensive timeline of the reported relationship between Bridgers and Burnham. It ranges from a cryptic lyric that alluded to a potential split to a sighting at an airport that supposedly confirmed their romance.

Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham first sighting

In late 2022, the Instagram page DeuxMoi, which is notorious for sharing unsolicited and anonymous updates about celebrities, shared a post that suggested the enchanting romance between Bridgers and Mescal may have come to an end. 

Phoebe Bridgers and her ex-boyfriend Paul Mescal.

Phoebe Bridgers and her ex-boyfriend Paul Mescal. (Credit: whomagazine)

The singer was seen getting cozy at the Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles with Burnham; neither had commented on the rumors. Nonetheless, this was just the beginning of a series of events that would unfold.

Following the post, rumors about a breakup started to circulate, indicating that something was amiss in the dynamic between the trio.

Phoebe Bridgers’ cryptic breakup lyric

Bridgers contributed a suggestive verse to SZA’s highly acclaimed and popular album, SOS, on December 9, 2022. The verse was featured on the serene track ‘Ghost In The Machine,’ and it hinted at a major disagreement between her and Mescal. 

In the lyrics, she sings about a fight with an ex-partner, with lines hinting it was about Mescal.

Bridgers is known for her bold and thought-provoking lyrics, as seen in her verse on The 1975’s ‘Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America.’

Therefore, it seems plausible that these lyrics reflect a real-life experience. Additionally, in an interview, she disclosed that the feature was created quickly, which suggests that she could be referencing her recent split from Mescal in the song.

Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham seen together more often

Just before Christmas, Bridgers and Burnham were seen together at a comedy show called ‘KATE’ in New York. A Jezabel journalist reported that their behavior appeared to be flirtatious. This sighting occurred after multiple anonymous accounts of them engaging in intimate activities such as kissing, cuddling, and canoodling.

In January 2023, they were seen together at LAX, and a photograph showed Burnham putting his hands on Bridgers’ back.

Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham at LAX.

Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham at LAX. (Credit: justjared)

Naturally, since this was their initial ‘official’ sighting, complete with significant evidence, it seems as though they were dating. 

Fans not happy with Phoebe Bridgers dating Bo Burnham

After the news of Bridgers’ new boyfriend broke out, fans on Twitter labeled her and Burnham as Ireland’s enemies for hurting Mescal emotionally, and we can assume that everyone caught up in this love triangle feels the same way.

One fan wrote, “Saw pics of Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham at LAX, and now my fucking stomach hurts.” Another fan tweeted, “Bo Burnham and Phoebe Bridgers got lunch together today; how are all my depressed friends doing?” 

A third fan said, “Why does it make my blood boil that Phoebe and Bo are dating?”

It looks like Bridgers’ fans prefer Mescal over Burnham, but ultimately, it’s for her to decide who she chooses to date. 

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Adin Ross Gets Candid about His Struggle with Drug Addiction

Adin Ross disclosed that he had used drugs and advised his followers to avoid them.




Adin Ross Gets Candid about His Struggle with Drug Addiction

Adin Ross is a well-known Twitch streamer and content creator. He gained popularity by streaming a variety of games, including Grand Theft Auto V, Fortnite, and Among Us. Ross is also known for his collaborations with other popular streamers and celebrities.

In addition to his gaming content, Ross has shared personal stories and experiences with his audience, including his struggles with drug addiction. He recently disclosed to his audience that he had previously been addicted to opioid drugs known as Lean.

Adin Ross’s struggle with drugs use

In a Kick stream, Ross recounted the harmful effects that the drug had on his life and urged his viewers to avoid drug use. He talked about the negative impact that Lean had on him and how he had to depend on a friend to break free from the addiction. 

Twitch streamer Adin Ross.

Twitch streamer Adin Ross. (Credit: Twitter)

While cautioning his viewers against drug abuse, Ross remarked, “I realized how addictive it was, and I was misusing it. It’s not even cool, man.”

Although he has been embroiled in several controversies lately, this incident stands out because he addressed the subject matter during the stream. He admitted to becoming addicted to Lean after using it for five consecutive days. He said, “I was doing Lean, bro, for about five days straight. But I have been clean for a couple of days now.”

During his stream, Ross maintained a serious tone as he discussed the issue and criticized viewers who were mocking the situation, stating, “To anyone laughing and making fun of this, I swear to god, bro. Don’t even try it. That stuff is really messed up. I swear to god!”

Adin Ross answered viewers’ queries on drug addiction

When viewers questioned Ross about why he had taken the drugs, he responded that he had been influenced by negative individuals, suggesting that the company he had been keeping was not beneficial for him. 

He also acknowledged that he is easily swayed by the people around him, saying, “Why? Because there was a negative influence around me. Usually, I’m very easily persuaded by people around me.”

Ross explained that his friend and security guard, Ant, was the reason he stopped using the drug. He shared, “But when Ant checked me… Ant literally checked me right away. That is when I said, ‘I swear to God I am done’. Because he said, ‘You do it again, I’m gonna…’ He just gave me a talk. That’s all I needed.”

Despite only using the drug for a few days, Ross talked about how it had affected him, “As I said, Ant checked me quickly, and I stopped using it. But I noticed that it was having an impact on me. I care about you guys, but that stuff is incredibly harmful in all kinds of ways.”

Although he provided additional information about how he managed his drug addiction during the stream, some of his viewers were dissatisfied with the discussion. Ross reportedly became irritated with those who were not taking the topic seriously.

Adin Ross' now deleted tweet.

Adin Ross’ now-deleted tweet. (Credit: sportskeeda)

In a tweet from his alternate account @AR15thed3mon, which has since been deleted, the streamer criticized those making jokes about the issue and expressed his desire that nobody, even his “biggest haters,” would have to endure addiction.

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Adrianah Lee Sues OTK for Defamation after CrazySlick Scandal

Lee took legal action by filing a defamation lawsuit on March 16, 2023.



Adrianah Lee Sues OTK for Defamation after CrazySlick Scandal

Adrianah Lee, a prominent figure in the online streaming community, has recently taken legal action by filing a defamation lawsuit against creators associated with the One True King (OTK) group. 

The suit comes after a series of events involving Lee and CrazySlick that unfolded last year, although the exact details behind the suit have yet to be revealed. With little information in the filing, speculation runs rampant about the motives behind her decision to pursue legal action.

As the situation unravels, criticism has been directed towards Slick, Mizkif, and Maya Higa, among others, for their alleged roles in the controversy. The unfolding events have shed light on previously unknown aspects of the situation, leaving many questioning the actions and motives of those involved. 

Amid the ongoing saga, Lee’s claim has further fueled the controversy and stirred curiosity about the underlying issues. The situation continues to evolve, with the online community eagerly awaiting further developments and details regarding the legal suit.

Adrianah Lee filed a defamation lawsuit against OTK creators

Lee took legal action by filing a defamation lawsuit on March 16, 2023, with the 200th District Court in Austin, Texas, against several creators associated with OTK and itself.

Adrinah Lee has stirred up the streaming community by suing OTK

Adrinah Lee has stirred up the streaming community by suing OTK (Source: Twitter)

The creators named in the suit are Mizkif, Higa, and Slick. Mizkif had previously been placed on leave from OTK on September 20, 2022, following allegations against the organization while a third-party investigation was conducted.

According to Dexetro, she publicly stated that she believes Mizkif should have been banned on Twitch shortly after his return to the platform on October 11, 2022, and has also shared a Twitter thread highlighting allegations against Slick. 

These events have been accompanied by several creators leaving the media organization, including BruceDropEmOff, who left in late January 2023 and called out Mizkif for messages sent to him after his resignation.

 Additionally, co-founder Rich Campbell resigned after sexual assault allegations against him surfaced on December 16, 2022, and has remained silent in the months following his resignation. 

Adrianah Lee sued CrazySlick for sexual assault allegations

The feud between Trainwreck and Mizkif on September 19, 2022, brought allegations against Slick out in public. Trainwreck had alleged that Mizkif was involved in covering up incidents of sexual assault among creators, one of which was Slick.

Lee had previously shared her uncomfortable experience with him in a TwitLonger post in July 2021. She further detailed the encounter in a Twitch stream on September 19, 2022. 

According to Lee, she was passed out when he entered her room and touched her chest inappropriately under the guise of checking her pulse. In response, Slick took to Twitter and deleted a thread where he refuted the claims. 

He claimed he had never sexually assaulted anyone and denied the accusations as unfair. He also mentioned that he would seek legal counsel and clarified that he had checked Adrianah Lee’s neck and wrist for her pulse, not her chest.

The situation has created a burst of allegations and counterclaims, with different perspectives and statements from the parties involved, adding to the situation’s complexity. 

As the legal proceedings unfold, the details behind the defamation lawsuit filed by Lee against the creators and the allegations against Slick continue to surface, generating attention and discussion within the online community.

Adrinah Lee accused Mizkif and Maya Higa of covering up after CrazySlick

Allegations of covering up sexual assault by Texas-based Twitch streamers Mizkif and Higa have surfaced following an online dispute regarding gambling on Twitch. 

Mizkif and Maya Higa were dragged into the defamation lawsuit after trying to cover up after CrazySlick.

Mizkif and Maya Higa were dragged into the defamation lawsuit after trying to cover up after CrazySlick (Source: Dexerto)

The debate over Twitch gambling streams has been contentious, with differing opinions on whether it should be allowed or banned. Mizkif and Trainwreck find themselves on opposite sides of this issue.

While details are still unclear due to ongoing developments, it appears that Mizkif, Higa, Lee, Slick, and others were at a birthday party in 2021 when she made a Twitlonger describing how Slick had made her uncomfortable by following her around and entering a room where she had passed out.

According to Lee’s account, Mizkif and Higa allegedly asked her to downplay the situation when she went public with her Twitlonger to preserve Slick’s reputation at the time.

A resurfaced clip from 2021 shows Mizkif acknowledging the incident as “sexual harassment” but attempting to downplay it. While some accounts from those involved or witnesses suggest that the allegations against the creators are factual, the severity of their actions is still being debated.

Higa has denied attempting to pressure her into downplaying the incident. Still, Mizkif has apologized, acknowledging that he should not have minimized what an “inexcusable” situation was, as per the Game Rant.

The situation continues to unfold, with discussions and scrutiny within the Twitch community as the allegations of covering up sexual assault involving Mizkif, Higa, and Slick continues to surface and evolve.

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