American actress and journalist Natalie Morales was best known for her brief appearance as Wendy Watson on the ABC Family comedy series The Middleman in 2008. She is married to Joe Rhodes, and they are proud parents to their two sons, Josh and Luke.

Morales married Rhodes on August 22, 1998. Rhodes founded Stockton Road Capital LLC and currently serves as its Managing Partner. 

In 2004, Morales gave birth to her first child, Joseph Stockton Rhodes, after a six-year marriage relationship with Rhodes.  It’s no surprise that Rhodes based the name of his company, Stockton Road Capital LLC, on the name of his first son.

Later, On September 9, 2008, they were blessed with another baby boy, Luke Hudson Rhodes. Both boys were born via c-section, and Morales admitted that their birth made her reconsider her idea of being the perfect mother and doing everything perfectly.

Similarly, the actress has spoken openly about her struggles with her mom’s guilt. She admitted to feeling guilty because she worked too much or over-scheduled herself, preventing her from spending quality time with her children.

Although Morales has been open about the complicated emotions that come with being a mother, she has shared the fun, and unique experiences motherhood has brought her.

Natalie Morales left NBC News to spend more time with her family 

Morales announced her departure from NBC News in an internal memo to colleagues, saying she was looking forward to a new adventure.

In her memo, she wrote, “The first half of my life has been filled with challenges, travel, way too many early wake-up calls, opportunities to witness history unfold, and yes, the chance to tell moving and impactful stories that will live on in my highlight reel forever.”

Natalie Morales and her family at her elder son's graduation.

Natalie Morales and her family at her elder son’s graduation. (Source: Instagram)

“I watched my family grow up alongside so many of your own children, and as my oldest son prepares to spread his wings and head to college soon, I feel the time is right before the second half of my life to spread my wings and embark on a new adventure,” Morales added.

Moreover, the actress captioned a photo of herself with her husband on the beach, “To new beginnings! A toast to anyone embarking on a new adventure, and remember that good thing will come when you least expect them!”

Following the post, Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie commented on the post, saying, “So happy for you. We will all miss you terribly, but we are proud of you.”

Morales has also shared glimpses into the boys’ lives on Instagram, particularly for significant events such as birthdays and achievements. On May 28, the actress posted a graduation photo of Josh and wrote, “So proud of you! You deserve the best in life, so go get it!”

Natalie Morales had lost her child 

Morales is now a happy mother, but happiness is not all she has. She had to deal with something very tragic before the birth of their two sons.

Today has also shared a video of Morales discussing her miscarriage. She stated that she had a miscarriage during her first pregnancy, and the actress got emotional talking about her first child.

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